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  1. I have the firewall running in advanced mode. I have attempted to connect to my rdp over the internet, which didn't work out. I am currently trying to have the open port checker tool-- http://www.canyouseeme.org-- recognize the fact that I have allowed the incoming connection on port 3389, and it fails.
  2. I am attempting to allow incoming rdp and that doesn't work. What I am attempting is to explicitly allow either just incoming or both directions on port 3389 for all programs, while, of course, enabling incoming remote connections on windows itself and it doesn't work. Windows 7 x64 with Emsisoft Internet Security (consisting of Online Armor and Anti Malware However, on checking whether the port is indeed allowed through http://www.canyouseeme.org does not show port 3389 as open. Please advise how to properly allow incoming rdp.