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  1. I found and installed EAM and I like it. It says to expire in 22 days or so now. that's to bad. I like to keep it right where it is and allow it to continue monitoring my system for any malwares or ad-ons that some programs sneak in behind my back. This is not the only program I run. I have a few other ones that are compatible with what Microsoft gives us for win64x 7 systems. we all know not EVERY program ever catches EVERYTHING. That is why i run multiple things to protect myself. I thought i read it still continue to run after the 30 trial expires. I hope so. I like being warned about adware being loaded into my system. lots of programs from giveawayoftheday do that. pisses me off. but hey I like to try new programs for free and a lot i do sand-boxed but it still finds workarounds to get past me and loads into my browsers or whatever. Grrr.... anyways enough of my rambling. I like to say I like EAM and I hope maybe i could get the full version and act like an outside evaluation guy. I'm pretty educacted in computers, I run some Linux servers in my past, I had some unix programming classes at Berkeley back in the late 70's. So I think Im a valuable resourceful guy.