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  1. Yes!!!! Kevin, things are going great. I would say like they used to be before "someone" started visiting websites that "she" did not have to. The Emsisoft Anti Malware is also doing a great job by blocking all Malware and creating new rules every time something new comes up, in particular I noticed it with Chrome; not so much with Firefox. Everything is running great thanks to your intervention and expect not to bother you guys any more. I really appreciate you help. Sincerely, Luis.
  2. Hello Kevin, Here are the log files required. Thank you.
  3. Hello Kevin, Attached the files requested for your analysis. I followed the instructions and there were not problem; everything run as listed. Please let me know if there are additional steps to follow. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Luis.
  4. Kevin, Attached the files required for the analysis. Thank you for your time and consideration. Luis
  5. Thanks Kevin and I apologize for not having read the instructions before. I will follow the link you sent and will post the results on this same thread. Regards. Luis.
  6. I have attached the scan log of my last scan. I hope this will help how to eliminate this annoying malware that does not allow me to run Firefox any more. Thank you. Luis
  7. Hello, long time user of Emsisoft but first time user of the forum. After scanning my Windows PC (8.1), this time Emsisoft was not able to remove this malware and suggested to look for help here in the forums. Can anyone reccomend how to remove this malware? I will appreciate any input. Thank you in advance. Luis.
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