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  1. Hello, may I know if there is any follow up on this? This has not been resolved till now, more than a month after reporting and your acknowledgement. I expected it to be a tiny glitch that is totally non-technical.
  2. Thanks a lot for updating with me, it's glad to see Emsi managed to track it down, hopefully a fix will be available soon.
  3. Another possible cause, just in case it helps, is that when you installed it, you were using a standard user account with UAC on. That said, your Admin account would then have the software activated, but not the user account, that's why when you boot up again and start the program as a standard user that happens. *in fact this should happen to each account each, the only way is to input the key to that account and activate that. I had only 1 user 1 admin, so I am not really sure about the case, but I vaguely remember it happens both on my 2 windows computer.
  4. Yes, the internet is bad down here, but then an easy solution is to auto login back The point here would be if I didn't do the login myself, my phone is not connected again to the anti-thief network and all those features become useless, auto login would be very helpful in case of loss of internet temporarily. However, I don't think that's the cause, because it happens even I am at home - the WiFi is perfectly strong, with cellular network available. Finally, I am using my personal google account. Now I am wondering if the 2-step verification can be a problem, but whenever I am reconnecting, I didn't have to give any verification code. And if I am connected, I can definitely send message and lock my phone by using the page you gave. Please let me know in case any further information would be useful in tracking down the cause.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I just logon with my Google Account on the page and my Nexus 4 is there (as the only Android device I have at this point). 1. Nexus 4 2. 4.4.4, but the same happens since it was 4.4.3 3. Yes, I found it under the security tab in setting 4. [email protected] 5. No, Emsi's is the only one on the phone now I fully understand that it may take some time to figure out the cause and fix it; the point is really whether this is being handled. Simply let me know when there is any update
  6. I didn't mean to push you, but it just happens almost everyday, and is quite annoying, is there anyone looking into this?
  7. Hi, I always set password to protect from authorized access like disabling protection, but occasionally I will type the password and disable protection for like 10 or 30 mins for some reasons. However, I found that after say 10 mins when it tries to restore the protection, it will ask for password AGAIN, and if not provided, the protection won't be restored. The same didn't happen on Kaspersky, while disabling protection did ask password, restoring is transparent. Hope there will be follow up soon.
  8. Sorry that if I actually missed about the pausing protection fix, that's weird. I did have some experience Emsi blocking without any notification, and that happens when I was using Online Armor and set it to advanced mode. Did you leave everything default? Some manual setting could lead to a more serious protection that turns out to be annoying, anyway I hope you would find a fix soon.
  9. This really happens from time to time and annoying. The worst case is it appears that the phone was disconnected from the anti-theft network, if that's the case this would be a big issue that I sincerely hope you can take care of.
  10. Not sure if it's good to mention, but I did get a discount with "SMARTPON" anyway, if that helps
  11. Just confirmed, adding C drive as a folder does remove most of the scanning from Full scan, appreciated if an update can address it asap, as hacker probably can add whatever they like to white list without my acknowledgement.
  12. Hello, I set the password in order to block unauthorized access to most of the setting, leaving only the option to show main windows to see status. But then I realized that I can still add items to white list without the password, and this could be dangerous as it effectively disables all the protection, say, I can add the C drive and call it a day.....
  13. Btw, a little suggestion, it would be nice if there is a select/unselect all, preferably for reach sub section when I am setting what every users can, or cannot do. It's a pain when I have multiple users that I have to uncheck all the options one by one for them.....
  14. While I do remember setting in the beta version of EIS 9, I cannot see it now: Update: Oh, I just figured out why, I do have to open it as admin before I can see that tab. Thanks for your reply.
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