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  1. Hi, Some further information. I have not had the opportunity to talk with my ISp but have got the Updates running again in the mean time. It seems it is something to do with the file size and perhaps the connection. I completely uninstalled A2 Free and re-installed from a previously downloaded install file - but this still required the full Ikarus file download and I had the same trouble as described above. I then downloaded the most recent A2Free install file and tried again. Here of course the update files were smaller (about half the size) and the update went without a hitch. Now I make sure I do an update every day and every thing is running smoothly. Thanks again Best regards Laurie
  2. Hi Lynx, thanks again for the reply. I double checked and my windows firewall is off. I tried to check the current versions of both software and firmware but my ISP's technical info is non existent and the Huawei isn't much better, so I will need to call the help line. I will let you know what transpires from there and see if I need to move onto the link you provided. Thanks again for your expertise and help best regards Laurie
  3. Hi Lynx, thanks for the fast reply. This started happening last Sunday (31/1) but before then I had no trouble updating both normal and Ikarus signatures. But You are right in that I didn't update for about 4 days - I read the other related topics and realised I would need to download the whole file, so I was expecting it. I cancelled and re-tried just to see if I could get the whole file to finish down loading. I tried to download the off-line update from your link but this freezes up at 19% of the download. I tried the download from within Firefox and Explorer but both the same. As for my connection it is wireless broadband (using an HUAWEI usb stick modem). My connection is pretty stable and reasonably fast for such a device though I know they can be unreliable. However as a test I downloaded the A2 free install file which is about the same size and this went without a problem. Now that I think of it I had similar download issues with drivers from the HP website and only succeeded in down-loading them after restarting the download continuously. maybe it is the connection. Any further suggestions much appreciated. Thanks again Laurie
  4. Hello, I have been trying to update my A2 free for some 3 days now and although the regular signature updates have been successful twice the Ikarus updates refuse to update. The updater connects and starts to download a file of 55456KB but it stops at 849KB (2%). Very occasionally it will continue to 8% or 10% then stop. Eventually it will show the message "Ikarus signatures could not be downloaded. The update server is currently unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes ". I have tried updating up to ten times in a row. I have tried cancelling and then re-updating. I have tried updating at different times of day - all to no effect. Any suggestions as to what I can do? NB - one qualification: this is coincidental with A2 detecting a malware file (which is now in quarantine). However I suspect it is a FP for several reason and A2 deep scan shows no other problems and still updates the normal signatures. Also none of my other anti-malware flags anything and they update fine, and the PC is not behaving abnormally. Thanks in advance. laurie. System info: HP laptop MS Win7 Home Premium (fully updated) X-86 based PC Zonealarm Antivirus (full-time) A2 Free (on demand) MaklwareBytes (on demand) SpyBot (on demand)
  5. Hi, here is the first ZA log i have pertaining to the above virus. But it may now be a moot point. Subsequent to my last post I restored the the file and did a full ultra-deep system scan with ZA and it no longer detected it. I checked the file was actually there and did a deep scan on the individual file and again it did not detect it as a virus. So it seems (I am guessing) that it is a FP and been rectified in the Kaspersky engine. Emsi has requested the A2 logs on the two trojans. Thank you for your time, it's appreciated. regards Laurie
  6. Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply and help, sorry about my tardy one. I have been in contact with Emsi re submitting file (the file is too big to submit in their normal way) - I am waiting a reply. I realise I made an error when I ran the above software. The virus "not-a-virus:FraudTool.Win32.Agent.aih" was still in ZA quarrantine - ZA automatically quarrantined it when I submitited it to Virustotal. Do you want me to run the programs and re post the logs. Sorry for my error. regards Laurie
  7. Hi Lynx, thank you for your reply. Below are the 3 logs as per instructions. ZA dont have a file submission service though I can submit the file to Kaspersky but only if it is verified a likely False-Positive through "virustotal" website. The "virustotal" website seems to indicate it is a virus. I am assuming that they are not False-positives as it seems the virus(which is described as a downloader) is real. But I did quarrantined temporarily one of the Trojans and tried to submit it to EMSI but it would upload only 3-5% of the file and then stop. I will keep trying. Thanks again Laurie
  8. Hi, I just purchased a new HP laptop. I transfered my Zonealarm Antivirus to it, went online to update it and do a windows update and download Firefox. On my first Zonealarm scan directly after thisI encountered this virus "not-a-virus:FraudTool.Win32.Agent.aih" I submited this file to Virustotal and it was also clocked as being a virus by 5 other virus programs. I downloaded ASquared Free and run it which resulted in - 3 traces of "Trace.Registry.dl.tvunetworks.com!A2" 2 detections of "Gen.Trojan!IK" At this stage I dont have any functional problems and can access the internet normally. This is a new machine so I dont have any data on it as yet. Since I want to upgrade to Win7 I am wondering if a format and install of new OS would be an easier option (I just dont know how to go about it). Is this a sure way of getting rid of these badies? Any advice gratefully recieved. I have downloaded and installed the various software mentioned in the sticky at the head of the forum. Best Regards Thanks in advance Laurie