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  1. thanks Frank - that's definitely fixed it and it's fine now
  2. Sometimes I can scan something without issues too, but if I scan several different files, with a minute or so (or less) between each scan, I can always generate a crash in a2start - I just rebooted and scanned a folder containing 5 files via right-click and a2start crashed at the first attempt - I then rebooted again, and this time it took half a dozen scans before it generated a crash It isn't actually obvious to the user that a2start has crashed as the scans finish normally, but when it does crash, an application error is generated and the details are visible in Event Viewer and Reliability History
  3. thanks Frank - as you can see, it's been happening a lot since the latest beta was released yesterday (it wasn't happening before that)
  4. ok, time will tell I guess - thanks for your intervention - hopefully Frank will be along later and pass the logs to the devs, unless you've already done so
  5. ah, that worked - the debug logs are now attached to this post odd that it doesn't like zip files though ? EAM Debug Logs.7z
  6. Thanks, I did check that, but the zip file is only 1.85MB ?
  7. yes - if you look at the screenshot above, you can see the two failed attempts to upload the file ( yes - win 10 1903 (build 18362.449) well, having tested it again just now, I'm still getting the appcrash but not every time, just almost every time If I do a quick scan, this works. If I then scan a single-file on my desktop via right click, it works, but shows an appcrash in Reliability History. Sometimes I need to scan two or three different single files, separately, via right-click (after doing a Quick Scan) to generate the crash. The crash details from Reliability History show that it's something to do with a2framework.dll_unloaded The final entry in the relevant debug log for a2start shows this
  8. Hi Frank There seems to be a problem with the latest beta - if I do a Quick Scan this works fine, but if I then do a right-click context menu scan of a file on my desktop, a2start crashes. I've tried this a few times and it happens every time. Procdump doesn't capture the crash but it's shown in Windows Reliability History as Emsisoft Security Centre stopped working. I have debug logs but I can't attach them to this post for some reason - I get this:
  9. it happens, always, if I leave the pc unattended for a while (ie. don't switch windows or click on anything), then when EAM updates the notification slider appears, then as soon as the slider dismisses itself, the focus changes to a different open window it doesn't happen if I'm actively using the pc (clicking on things, scrolling, typing, etc) so it seems to be related to a period of inactivity as far as I can tell - I just left my pc unattended for 14 minutes and watched what happened and as soon as EAM updated and the slider dismissed itself, the window focus changed again I'm wondering whether the problem didn't actually go away for you, but rather you hadn't left it unattended recently ?
  10. yes, it's still happening, and has been ever since it was first reported in March - I see it happen every day and have done for months - it certainly hasn't stopped and resurfaced again, but has been a constant annoyance, at least for me (win10 64) I notice that Frank said they would look at it, but that it was low priority - I guess it's a lower priority than we had hoped
  11. well that's fine if that's how you want to manage things - I was merely pointing out what it offers - my emsisoft in one form or another has existed for many years so it's not a new system, just that they've added a lot of extra functionality in recent months I've never manually added licence information too it so it obviously knows what licences are associated with your account You said ' Does "My Emsisoft" provide any service that one actually needs? ' - I was just trying to be helpful by mentioning a few things that it offers - whether you choose to use it or not is obvously entirely up to you
  12. perhaps not, but the option is there if you do need to be able to do that even if you don't use the workspace functionality, my emsisoft allows you to manage your account preferences (email address, newsletters, etc) and allows you to view details of your current, and historic licences, their start and end dates, what machines they were assigned to, and when each machine was last updated - I find it useful for these reasons, even though I don't use workspaces
  13. that's good to know - thanks all we need now is an option to opt-out of an auto-renew subscription on the licence payment page.......
  14. It looks as if you have a subscription licence that will auto-renew when the licence expires, hence why it shows 'abonnement' under status. What does it show on the overview screen ? My licence is a fixed 1-year licence and the overview screen shows that my licence ends in 189 days. I don't know if you're able to do this, but if I hover the mouse over the '189 days' green text, the tooltip shows the licence end date - perhaps yours just shows 'abonnement' ? Failing that, as your licence is a subscription, maybe you can determine when it's due for renewal by checking the email that you would have received when you ordered it ?
  15. If you're referring to the computer freezing momentarily when EAM has updated, then I'm pretty sure this is a widespread, and known, issue (I seem to remember one of the support staff mentioning in one of their forum posts that they want to improve this) My machines have always (for years) 'locked up' momentarily whenever EAM is installing updated signatures - I haven't been able to determine the cause but I suspect that it uses all the available cpu resource when installing thee updates.