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  1. thanks, I think I've been a member of that club for ages 😁 will wait and see what the devs have to say - thanks for your input
  2. that would undoubtedly work but surely we shouldn't have to do that ? another option would be to uninstall EAM, install some drivers, and then reinstall EAM 😁 maybe I'm getting senile, but I'm sure EAM protection used to stay disabled following a reboot if we'd chosen to disable it ?
  3. Yes I agree, although that's a minor cosmetic issue. The problem I have is that if I want to pause, or disable, EAM while I install some software (or drivers) that require a reboot during the installation process, there doesn't seem any way to do that because EAM re-enables the protection during reboot.
  4. well I wouldn't Stapp - I'd expect it to pause for 60 minutes and stay that way if I reboot, until 60 minutes has elapsed - if I wanted it to pause until reboot, I'd use that option instead. I also notice now that Shut Down Protection re-enables itself after reboot as well - has it always been like this ?
  5. I just paused protection for 60 minutes via the EAM tray icon right-click menu, then rebooted, and the protection enabled itself even though 60 minutes hadn't elapsed - is this how it should behave ?
  6. I use Chrome every day and I've never seen this behaviour.
  7. well, that's supposition, but all I'm saying is that the a2service crashes may have nothing to do with the wsc problem (I wasn't getting crashes when I had the wsc problem). It strikes me that if Quirky has only had two a2service crashes recently, and if he has enabled debug logging twice recently, then it may be that the crashes were caused by debug logging being turned off, either manually or via the inbuilt timer. For info, trying to test this by turning debug logging on and off again isn't as simple as it sounds as the crash sometimes won't happen for a few hours.
  8. I'm wondering whether the a2service crash was caused by disabling debug logging as this happens on my machine, without fail, shortly after I disable debug logging and has been for at least two years. I know we've discussed this at length in the past GT500 so I don't want to sidetrack Quirky's issue, but maybe Quicky's crashes are caused by turning debug logging off rather than being related to wsc integration ? I've never understood why EAM doesn't log the times when debug logging is enabled or disabled and show them in the Forensic Log - surely it should do, like for every other changed to Settings.
  9. so you did - my apologies - I read the first sentence but not the second
  10. it might be because you didn't reboot twice after uninstalling EAM and before reinstalling it ? I found this old thread which, assuming it's correct, explains why two reboots are required
  11. if you click on where it says Eam is turned off, a button should appear where you can turn it on - might be worth seeing if this helps ?
  12. it's odd that windows defender isn't shown either - what does it show if you click on 'Manage Providers' at the right of the Virus and Threat Protection screen ?
  13. nice one - might be worth checking, over the coming days, that EAM registers in wsc each time you restart/turn on the machine as I had the same problem but it was intermittent - sometimes EAM registered after boot but sometimes not - I had to reinstall EAM in the end to fix it
  14. maybe EAM is off in Windows Security Centre ?
  15. not sure why brihy1's post has been split from the wsc integration topic as this is what he was posting about I think - the fact that he doesn't have a wsc icon in the system tray is a separate issue as far as I can see My two machines had the exact same Win10 version on them yet one machine had the wsc integration problem and the other didn't