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  1. haha, yeah, just about 😁 ok, so I scanned a single file on my desktop via right-click menu at 07:22:27 and it finished the scan at 07:22:28 according to the forensic log - I left the mouse cursor outside of the EAM gui and didn't move it for five minutes. The EAM gui showed the scan as completed, but the two buttons and the new green text were not displayed in the gui (as per my screenshot in the OP above). I then moved the mouse cursor over the EAM gui at 07:29 and the two buttons and the green text magically appeared. Debug logs for this are attached - as usual, when I disabled debug logging a few minutes later, a2service crashed, but that's an old chestnut and not relevant to this thread. EAM Debug Logs.7z
  2. Since EAM updated to 2020.10.0.10440, when I scan a file or folder on my desktop via the right-click context menu, EAM quite often doesn't draw the View Report and Close buttons on the Scan Results page when the scan has finished, nor does it draw the new 'No suspicious files were found in this scan' text. Sometimes it'll draw the buttons but not the new text. It will only draw these buttons and text when I move the mouse cursor over the EAM gui. This happens on both my pcs - they're both running W10 Home 64 v2004 build 19041.508 - screen resolution on one pc is 1920x1080, the other is 1366x768. This doesn't happen every time, but more often than not - screenshots showing successive scans attached.
  3. I'm not sure if this is of interest, but if I turn off WSC integration in EAM, eppwsc.exe crashes.
  4. Fair comment Jeremy - I'd missed that post of GT500's - it my well be a timing issue but it happens whether debug logging is enabled or not, on my machines anyway.
  5. Not true - it happens regardless of whether debug logging is on or off - when I first started this topic I did offer debug logs but nobody wanted them.
  6. here's my frst logs - the addition file shows a few problems with the EAM epp files under Code Integrity FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Further to my original post when starting this topic, I've had no problems with EAM showing in WSC on my desktop pc since I re-installed EAM. However, I just defragged my laptop hard drive using Windows defrag, and following the next reboot, EAM is no longer registered in WSC, in fact, it's not even shown as a provider even though all of EAMs processes are running. I've tried toggling WSC integration off and on again in EAM several times to no avail.
  8. thanks, I don''t know why I didn't try that option, but that's the one I was looking for so to confirm, the disable options under Protection Status will disable some or all protection for the current and future sessions until the user manually turns them back on, and the pause options and the shut down protection option only persist for the current session. as Stapp says, the pause protection options should say Pause for 10 mins, etc, rather than Disable for 10 mins, etc, given that there''s a clear distinction between them
  9. thanks, I think I've been a member of that club for ages 😁 will wait and see what the devs have to say - thanks for your input
  10. that would undoubtedly work but surely we shouldn't have to do that ? another option would be to uninstall EAM, install some drivers, and then reinstall EAM 😁 maybe I'm getting senile, but I'm sure EAM protection used to stay disabled following a reboot if we'd chosen to disable it ?
  11. Yes I agree, although that's a minor cosmetic issue. The problem I have is that if I want to pause, or disable, EAM while I install some software (or drivers) that require a reboot during the installation process, there doesn't seem any way to do that because EAM re-enables the protection during reboot.
  12. well I wouldn't Stapp - I'd expect it to pause for 60 minutes and stay that way if I reboot, until 60 minutes has elapsed - if I wanted it to pause until reboot, I'd use that option instead. I also notice now that Shut Down Protection re-enables itself after reboot as well - has it always been like this ?
  13. I just paused protection for 60 minutes via the EAM tray icon right-click menu, then rebooted, and the protection enabled itself even though 60 minutes hadn't elapsed - is this how it should behave ?