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  1. you're welcome - I forgot to mention that I'm running FF 62.0.3 64-bit under W10 rather than Win 8.1 so have a slightly different setup than you
  2. I just tried the same thing and it worked fine - I probably haven't cleared my Firefox History for a few weeks, yet it only a few seconds to clear Everything for all data types, so maybe not an EAM issue ?
  3. marko

    Problem with EAM in BB

    I'd noticed this when it was in beta a week ago and reported it here but haven't had a response Hopefully they'll reply now that it's on two threads. You can use the grab handle at bottom right of the grid (the little triangle with dots in) to drag the grid down to a bigger size to try and see all the processes but even that is temperamental.and doesn't work properly
  4. you're welcome - hope they help
  5. I've had two lockups since the latest beta was released (2018.9.0.8954). The first on 27 September a couple of hours after it was released - it happened while downloading KB4458469 via Windows Update - I was monitoring a2service.exe with procdump and it tried to create a dump file but it just created a file of 0 bytes. I was unable to create a windows memory dump for this. The second happened this morning when composing an email in Thunderbird - when I attached a file to a new message via drag and drop. Again I was monitoring a2service.exe with procdump - it showed 'Unhandled C000041D' and tried to create a dump file but again it just created a file of 0 bytes. This time, I did manage to create a complete memory dump file via the keyboard so please let me know if you want it.
  6. A few observations on the latest beta: 1. This issue is still not fixed 2. Behaviour Blocker process list - if you use the scroll arrow to scroll down to the bottom of the list, it stops before it has shown all the processes and you can't make it go any further - you have to expand the list using the grab handle to be able to see the full list 3. If you disable all components from the system tray right-click menu, the icon for Anti-Ransomware disabled is a blue information icon rather than an orange exclamation icon
  7. Frank - I'm just wondering if you missed my last post as you haven't replied - maybe it's been overlooked because this thread is marked as closed ? Do you want either of the dump files I mentioned ?
  8. marko

    CLOSED Buid 8923

    yes, I'd noticed that but didn't mention it as it works as expected yes it would, as it would if it worked as properly
  9. marko

    CLOSED Buid 8923

    that's interesting Jeremy - having checked again, if I backspace delete each individual character slowly, it seems to populate as expected, but if I delete the characters quite quickly (like I would in real life), then I'm seeing the same problem as mentioned in my post above so it maybe it is processor related ?
  10. marko

    CLOSED Buid 8923

    Log filtering is still not working properly in 8923 As an example, if you type Scan in the Search box, it correctly shows just these entries containing 'Scan' If you then press the backspace delete key 4 times (to delete the word Scan), the log is only partially repopulated (the latest entries in the log are not displayed). You have to press the backspace delete key a 5th time to get the full log to be displayed The same thing seems to happen with any other string (e.g. if you enter the 8 character word Shutdown, you need to press the backspace delete key 9 times to fully clear it)
  11. ok here are the FRST logs FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. I had another a2service crash earlier with the latest beta 8923 - I had task manager open and noticed that there were two instances of a2service, both in a suspended state, two instances of a2start both running, and one instance of a2guard running - the system stopped responding so I had to force a blue screen via the keyboard. I've attached the windows event viewer log entry for this error. This time I was able to generate a complete memory dump via the keyboard but it's 2.38GB zipped and with my slow connection would take the best part of a day to send. I will have access to a fast connection next Monday so could send it to you then if you want it - I also have a minidump in case that's of any use in the interim. a2service_fault_11092018.txt
  13. Had another crash earlier with the new beta - see attached process dump from ProcDump a2start.exe_180911_040539.7z
  14. ah ok - didn't realise we could attach large files to posts - I'd already used the settings above so it's as small as it'll go See attached dump file a2start.exe_180907_200725.7z
  15. It's Windows 10 Home 64-bit The dump file is 70MB zipped - what email address do you want me to send it to ?