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  1. marko

    NEW beta 10078

    Frank, it looks as you've fixed the windows focus change problem as I'm not seeing that behaviour in this release - if so, thanks very much - it was a real pain when trying to watch rolling news updates, particularly during these troubled times. this issue isn't new stapp, it still happens with many of the other 'pages' where you click on a heading and a different heading gets underlined
  2. well, as I said before, I don't think it uses Adobe Flash as the maps appear to be built using a javascript API called Leaflet
  3. it's not a reset of the pc, just a repair and/or a reset of the Edge app itself - might be worth a go and you won't lose your bookmarks etc - access is via Start, Settings, Apps then find Microsoft Edge in the list of Apps, click on it and choose Advanced Settings and you'll find the options to repair and reset at the bottom of the screen as shown below - might be worth a try ?
  4. glad it works in IE but given that IE isn't secure these days I'd use a different browser or try getting Edge to work you could try completely clearing the Edge cache and cookies and see if that fixes it failing that, an Edge Repair and/or Reset might solve it ?
  5. Cranfield - not sure if you saw my post above, but aside from that, the following site seems to display the same info and works for me in Edge even though the Crondall one doesn't Does this link work for you in Edge ?
  6. For what it's worth, I can't see the map in Edge either, but it works fine in Firefox and Chrome. I don't think the map uses Flash - firstly, because you can't right-click on the map and choose the Flash controls, and secondly, because at the bottom right corner of the map there is a link called 'Leaflet' which takes you to a page on the same website describing Leaflet, which is an open source javascript library for creating maps
  7. Thanks Arthur - I completely understand if it is low priority - it's sometimes difficult as an end-user to know whether identified issues are still on Emsi's list of things to look at or not, and when a Pending thread suddenly moves to Closed with no explanation it's hard to know if it's on the list, off the list, forgotten, ignored, or what.
  8. it's over a year now since this was flagged up and it's still causing annoyance there's also a thread on the beta forum here - this thread was shown as pending until recently so I was hoping that meant it was on the list of stuff to look at, but it has been closed without the issue being fixed I just wondered whether this might be fixed any time soon ?
  9. thanks - did you fix this one at the same time ?
  10. I'd beta behave myself then !
  11. thanks - I noticed it when I was sat on the Sofar 😁
  12. the space between So and Far seems to have been removed from the logs panel ?
  13. a2service crashed when I turned my machine on today - I don't have any logs for this but details from reliability history are shown below
  14. Why has this thread been closed ? - it was showing as Pending earlier and this hasn't been fixed in the latest beta
  15. ah good, that saves me the pain of uploading an 8GB file via my slow connection ☺️