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  1. Alan_S - perhaps you misunderstood what I was trying to say, but I don't run EAM with logging enabled continually - as I understand things, this can impact performance. I run EAM with loggingcontinually disabled and only turn it on if asked to by Emsisoft support. My machine doesn't crash if I run EAM continually with logging disabled, nor does it crash if I run EAM continually with logging enabled - it only crashes when I turn logging off (i..e. the act of turning logging from on to off triggers the crash).
  2. Alan_S - thanks - perhaps it is the same problem, caused by turning debug logging off. When I first had the problem, I was troubleshooting another unrelated EAM problem by collecting debug logs. I was experiencing crashes just after logon and initially thought the problem was due to a logon or startup problem, but I now realise that it wasn't an issue with it crashing at logon per se, but that the crashes were caused by EAM disabling debug logging because the debug logging period had expired since I enabled it for 1 day the day before. I can still crash EAM pretty much at will by turning on debug logging, letting it collect logs for an hour or so, and then turning logging off again - within a few minutes of turning logging off, it will crash, quite often as soon as I launch another (random) piece of software.
  3. yes absolutely, although it doesn't crash when logging is off, nor when it's on, it only crashes when you turn logging from on to off My crashes and lockups were random too, or so I thought - it was only when I was capturing debug logs for another problem that I realised that turning logging off was causing the crash.
  4. I'm wondering whether the lock up was triggered by you turning debug logging off - I have had this problem since late August whereby, 9 times out of ten, if I turn debug logging off, a2service will crash shortly afterwards and cause Windows to hang completely. I opened a thread about it here but it was taken to pm in late September for some reason. I've supplied them with several dump files from Windows and from procdump but, as yet, they have not been able to fix the problem.
  5. marko

    CLOSED Build 9069

    None of the Facebook, Twitter or YouTube icons in the Follow Us part of the EAM gui overview screen work as expected as they all open the Emsisoft home page.
  6. marko

    CLOSED Build 9069

    yes, still crashes in 9069 but only when I turn debugging off
  7. marko

    Licence expiry no longer shown

    I was told by Emsisoft that this auto renewal option was only for new licences rather than renewals - link here It looks as if this is not actually the case
  8. marko

    CLOSED Build 9069

    yes sorry for not including debug logs but I don't turn this on unless specifically asked for as whenever I turn debug logging off, it still causes my machine to crash I'm glad you were able to replicate anyway
  9. marko

    CLOSED Build 9069

    Thanks Stapp - the screens open instantly for me now - it just seems to happen fairly soon after boot, as if something is stopping the EAM gui from responding.
  10. marko

    CLOSED Build 9069

    I've just rebooted again and waited until Windows (10 64-bit) had loaded and all disk activity had stopped, opened EAM gui, clicked on Logs panel - nothing happened. Clicked on Settings panel - nothing happened. Clicked on Logs panel again - five seconds later it opened the logs. Clicked on Overview button to get to main screen then clicked on Settings panel - 25 seconds later, it opened the settings. Clicked on Overview button to get to main screen then clicked on Protection panel - 10 seconds later it opened the Protection screen. If I roll back to stable feed, the problem goes away and the screens load almost instantly. If I switch to beta feed, the problem returns.
  11. The first time (in a Windows session) that I click on any of the four main panels on the EAM gui overview screen (Protection, Scan & Clean, Logs or Settings), it takes several seconds to open the relevant screen, and sometimes it doesn't open it at all.
  12. marko

    CLOSED Build 9059

    Hi Frank - I can confirm that this has fixed my lag issues
  13. marko

    CLOSED Build 9059

    Thanks Frank - that's good to know. It's a shame there isn't a bug list available for users as it would save us reporting things you already know about - it would also help identify reported issues that may have been missed
  14. marko

    CLOSED Build 9059

    I'm seeing quite a bit of lag when opening files, especially when opening Office 2003 excel and word files. With the latest beta, opening an 'empty' excel spreadsheet from my desktop takes 12 to 14 secs - the same order of lag happens when opening a word document. If I roll back to the latest stable release, the same files open in a couple of seconds. I've also noticed some lag, although to a lesser extent, when opening pdfs, jpgs, text files, etc. Windows Explorer also seems slower to display folder contents and file details - I see the message 'Working on it..' when opening folders. I've tried disabling File Guard and/or Behaviour Blocker but this doesn't seem to make any difference.
  15. marko

    Renewal Pricing

    And this still only applies to new licences, and not to renewals of existing ones ?