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  1. Thanks Stapp - same thing here - looks like it's definitely a bug with the forensics log then
  2. No, I don't have any detections. What happens if you scan a single, clean file and then try to view the scan details of that ?
  3. yes, I have the same problem - well spotted. for info, while checking this, I tried to access the Scan Finished details by viewing the details of a Scan Started log entry and then clicking on the Up button - this generated an exception in a2start.exe so I submitted a fault report via the form that popped up,
  4. I think the problem actually started just before 11:00 UTC as that's when my scheduled updates started failing, but, as you say, it was resolved by 16:00 UTC. It's fine now so thanks for your reply.
  5. yes, hopefully they'll see my email and get someone to kick the server thanks for your help
  6. yeah maybe, I'm in France and the hourly updates on both my machines are failing since 4 hours ago No errors in Reliability History - definitely a server problem imho I just sent an email (or 3 ? as nothing seemed to happen the first couple of tries) to support via the EAM gui. Just tried a manual check for updates - same problem - sat there for twenty minutes at 4% - log showed several files not updated, viz: Detailed Information: 45 modules, 39903092 bytes a2hosts.dat (198511 bytes) - not updated a2trust.dat (378227 bytes) - not updated a2wl.dat (880264 bytes) - not updated Signatures\20190128.sig (14161744 bytes) - not updated Signatures\20190805.sig (9936 bytes) - not updated This time I was able to cancel the update, although it took 2 whole minutes for it to cancel !
  7. yes, doesn't make any difference, they still fail no I also tried my other machine and it can't update either
  8. I also notice that the EAM system tray icon tooltip says 'Last Update 05/08/19 11:51' (when it last updated successfully) - this is 3 hours ago, yet the EAM Overview screen shows the last Update as 2 Hrs Ago.
  9. Updates have been failing here for the last couple of hours - the log shows 'server returned error' and 'Unable to retrieve update information from server', so I assume there's a problem with the server ? On a related matter, the EAM system tray icon is currently pulsating and the log shows that an update was started 15 minutes ago, but the Update status on the Overview screen isn't showing an update in progress - it just says last update 2 hrs ago - so, there is no way to cancel this current update attempt I also notice that the log shows that it took between 20 and 25 minutes for each failed attempt to finish - should it really take this long before deciding to time out ?
  10. looks like it's down again - my machine just tried to update - it was stuck at initialising for ages then it just gave up - no notification this time to say it had failed and nothing in the log either - weird
  11. thanks stapp - mine's updated too 😀
  12. Can't update any of my machines this morning - there's nothing wrong with my internet connection so I suspect there's a problem with the update servers ?
  13. my EAM detection signature updates notification is set to 5 seconds and whenever it updates, the window focus changes to some random open window when the notification dismisses itself it happens every time without fail I'm running EAM 2019.6.0.9533 on windows 10 1903
  14. yes, me too. It's a real pain, especially if you're watching/monitoring a particular web page that's updating in real time. Hopefully someone from Emsisoft will provide an update on this now that you've bumped the thread.
  15. I get this quite often - it's almost as if EAM goes to sleep and takes a while to wake up again 😁