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  1. I don't have an opinion either way to be honest, but the tray tooltip actually says 'Last update' rather than 'Last update check' so is technically correct as that was when it last updated files If I notice that the tray icon is showing the last update time as an hour or two earlier, then that prompts me to wonder why and a simple check of the log will explain why If the last update time in the tray showed the last update check time instead, how would you know if there was a problem ?
  2. I'm pretty sure it's been like this for years Stapp - there's an old thread here where Fabian explains the reasoning behind this
  3. marko

    CLOSED Beta 9915

    confirmed as fixed here - good stuff, thanks
  4. Arthur, this option was removed from the gui some time ago so Sturm won't be able to do this
  5. good, glad it's ok now - my scan icon also shows 100% still, even though the last scan finished over 3 hours ago - not sure if this is by design as it's confusing I think, although maybe we shouldn't be discussing a beta feature in the release forum as that'll be confusing for everyone 😄
  6. well, it looks as if you have some components unselected as the box at top right of the log windows says 'selected components' rather than 'All components -I'm convinced there is a bug in the Log component selection bit (which I'm sure you've flagged up before) so for now, make sure you have Select All selected, and you should see something like this (you may need to navigate away from the Log and back again for it to fully re-populate) If you click on one of the Scan Finished entries, then View Details, you should be able to then view the Scan Log for that scan. If you then close the Scan Log window and click on Down, then Up, then click on the Scan Log link again, nothing happens - the action of clicking on the Up or Down buttons seems to prevent EAM from displaying the Scan Log
  7. I see it in 2019.11.1.9884, hence why I posted on this forum rather than the beta forum, although I also see the same thing with the latest beta 9915. Not sure why you don't have any scan finished entries unless you were too quick off the mark - I've noticed the log can take a few seconds to populate sometimes.
  8. I noticed a minor bug in the Logs: If you do a scan, then click on the Scan Finished entry in the Logs and click on the Scan Log link in the open details window, the Scan Log is shown correctly. However, if you do a scan, then click on the Scan Started entry in the Logs and select View Details, then click on the Up button to move to the Scan Finished entry, when you then click on the Scan Log link in this details window, nothing happens Same problem occurs when trying to view the Scan Log after using the Down button to move to a Scan Finished entry
  9. marko

    CLOSED Beta 9915

    thanks for checking stapp - useful to know I've also unchecked and rechecked Windows Security integration in EAM settings to try and force it to recognise that EAM is installed, but no joy - I'll wait to see what Frank has to say
  10. marko

    CLOSED Beta 9915

    Have you restarted your machine since beta 9915 was installed ? - the reason I ask is because my machine updated to 9915 at 21:01 yesterday and there are no error 16's visible until after I shut down my machine at 22:38. Since turning it on again this morning, I have hundreds of error 16's, so I'm wondering whether the errors only start after a shutdown and restart ? I've restarted a couple of times thinking it may have been a one-off but the errors persist.
  11. marko

    CLOSED Beta 9915

    I'm seeing lots of Security Center errors in Event Viewer since this beta was released (on W10 64 1909) - I also have a yellow exclamation mark on the Windows Security icon in the system tray - it looks as if EAM is no longer integrating with Windows Security Center
  12. thanks Frank - that's definitely fixed it and it's fine now
  13. Sometimes I can scan something without issues too, but if I scan several different files, with a minute or so (or less) between each scan, I can always generate a crash in a2start - I just rebooted and scanned a folder containing 5 files via right-click and a2start crashed at the first attempt - I then rebooted again, and this time it took half a dozen scans before it generated a crash It isn't actually obvious to the user that a2start has crashed as the scans finish normally, but when it does crash, an application error is generated and the details are visible in Event Viewer and Reliability History
  14. thanks Frank - as you can see, it's been happening a lot since the latest beta was released yesterday (it wasn't happening before that)
  15. ok, time will tell I guess - thanks for your intervention - hopefully Frank will be along later and pass the logs to the devs, unless you've already done so