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  1. I get this quite often - it's almost as if EAM goes to sleep and takes a while to wake up again 😁
  2. You're welcome. Thanks, and you're welcome - your English is very good too. Hopefully Frank will see the first few posts above and the relevant changes will happen in a future release.
  3. doesn't matter what gender it is, it would be Mon even if feminine because it starts with a vowel, and Mes wouldn't look right as the word Emsisoft isn't pluralised.
  4. haha, thanks, or should I say merci 😀 I suppose you could argue that it should be called Mon Emsisoft 😄 Also, where it says Mon, and then Les Appareils, and Licences below that, it probably should say Mes, and then Appareils and Licences
  5. It also says the last update was 'il y a il y a 1 min' - I think the 'il y a' shown in grey needs to be removed
  6. well if you're referring to this newsletter there is nothing in this that mentions auto-renewal (nor incidently does it mention the removal of loyalty bonuses but I won't go there) thanks - I will pm you shortly
  7. I renewed my licence on 17/10/2018 and payment was taken via Cleverbridge - there was no mention of it being a subscription so I assume my licences will not auto-renew. It appears that you're now using 2checkout to process payments instead of cleverbridge, and that any orders placed via them will be auto-renew ? I imagine many more may articulate the same view when they are suddenly auto-renewed later this year without them knowing about this in advance - the fact is that you've changed your licensing model and don't appear to have communicated this to the user base, which, in my view, is poor. A more cynical user might feel that this has been introduced without fanfare in the hope that the majority of users won't notice.
  8. When did this start ? - I renewed my licence in October and the email and attached invoice say nothing about it being a subscription - just a 1 year renewal, as per previous years' renewals. How do we determine whether auto-renewal for our existing licences is currently turned on or off ? Just because it's common practice doesn't make it best practice - other companies that do this give the user the option to opt-out of auto-renewal before entering their credit card details, and/or the option to turn off auto-renewal within their account. Personally, I never had a problem remembering when to renew because, if memory serves me right, the EAM software would notify me when my licence was due to expire - has this functionality been removed now too ? By the way, I've just read your terms of service and can't see anything in there about auto-renewal, unless it's called something else ?
  9. This auto-renewal thing smells a bit - I was told by GT500 that the subscription model only applies to new licences, not for renewing existing licences, but that clearly doesn't seem to be the case given Jeremy's recent experience. If auto-renew is now the default for all licences, then at the very least you should offer the option to opt-out of the subscription model at the first stage of the ordering process rather than at the last stage, and in my view, there should be an option in My Emsisoft to turn auto-renewal off so that the user has more control over this option.
  10. No new problems here although signature updates are still causing windows focus to change and a2service still crashes when I disable debug logging.
  11. sorry to disappoint you Frank, but not for me it isn't (WIndows 10 64 with EAM 2019.3.0.9337 beta) I just had three application windows open - firefox, then windows explorer on top of that, and Notepad on top of that with the focus - I didn't touch my machine for a while and EAM updated - when the EAM notification slider disappeared, Notepad was minimised and Windows Explorer had the focus instead.
  12. The same thing happens if you choose Scan then click on Emergency Kit Maker tab at the top. If New Scan or Scheduled Scans is currently underlined, when you click on Emergency Kit Maker it doesn't underline but underlines Scanner Settings instead. However, if Scanner Settings is already underlined and you click on Emergency Kit Maker, the underline works as expected.
  13. Updated smoothly with no major issues - just wanted to say thanks for changing the Date column width in the Forensics Log - it's so much better now that both the date and the time are shown by default 😂
  14. ok thanks for the information - that's useful to know
  15. I've just run a Malware Scan and it scanned 15430 objects as shown in this log extract: Scan type: Malware Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, Files Detect PUPs: On Scan archives: Off Scan mail archives: Off ADS Scan: On File extension filter: Off Direct disk access: Off Scan start: 29/03/2019 17:14:07 Scanned 15430 Found 0 Scan end: 29/03/2019 17:14:47 Scan time: 0:00:40 I then ran a Custom Scan of C:\ almost immediately afterwards, with the same settings as above, and it scanned 276682 objects as shown in this log extract: Scan type: Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\ Detect PUPs: On Scan archives: Off Scan mail archives: Off ADS Scan: On File extension filter: Off Direct disk access: Off Scan start: 29/03/2019 17:15:58 Scanned 276682 Found 0 Scan end: 29/03/2019 17:21:00 Scan time: 0:05:02 So the Custom Scan has scanned 18 times as many objects as the Malware Scan while using, as far as I can tell, the same scan settings. Is this expected behaviour ?
  16. Thanks Frank - I reported this back in October here so this was my way of giving it a bump
  17. I notice that the Date column width in the Log Viewer has been changed in 9322 so that it now looks like this rather than this would it not be better to change the column width so that both the date and the time is dislayed by default without us having to manually change the column width every time we want to see when things have happened ? So that it looks like this
  18. Alan_S - perhaps you misunderstood what I was trying to say, but I don't run EAM with logging enabled continually - as I understand things, this can impact performance. I run EAM with loggingcontinually disabled and only turn it on if asked to by Emsisoft support. My machine doesn't crash if I run EAM continually with logging disabled, nor does it crash if I run EAM continually with logging enabled - it only crashes when I turn logging off (i..e. the act of turning logging from on to off triggers the crash).
  19. Alan_S - thanks - perhaps it is the same problem, caused by turning debug logging off. When I first had the problem, I was troubleshooting another unrelated EAM problem by collecting debug logs. I was experiencing crashes just after logon and initially thought the problem was due to a logon or startup problem, but I now realise that it wasn't an issue with it crashing at logon per se, but that the crashes were caused by EAM disabling debug logging because the debug logging period had expired since I enabled it for 1 day the day before. I can still crash EAM pretty much at will by turning on debug logging, letting it collect logs for an hour or so, and then turning logging off again - within a few minutes of turning logging off, it will crash, quite often as soon as I launch another (random) piece of software.
  20. yes absolutely, although it doesn't crash when logging is off, nor when it's on, it only crashes when you turn logging from on to off My crashes and lockups were random too, or so I thought - it was only when I was capturing debug logs for another problem that I realised that turning logging off was causing the crash.
  21. I'm wondering whether the lock up was triggered by you turning debug logging off - I have had this problem since late August whereby, 9 times out of ten, if I turn debug logging off, a2service will crash shortly afterwards and cause Windows to hang completely. I opened a thread about it here but it was taken to pm in late September for some reason. I've supplied them with several dump files from Windows and from procdump but, as yet, they have not been able to fix the problem.
  22. None of the Facebook, Twitter or YouTube icons in the Follow Us part of the EAM gui overview screen work as expected as they all open the Emsisoft home page.
  23. yes, still crashes in 9069 but only when I turn debugging off
  24. I was told by Emsisoft that this auto renewal option was only for new licences rather than renewals - link here It looks as if this is not actually the case
  25. yes sorry for not including debug logs but I don't turn this on unless specifically asked for as whenever I turn debug logging off, it still causes my machine to crash I'm glad you were able to replicate anyway