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  1. Two emails just forwarded as requested.
  2. Apologies for chipping in to your topic Jeremy but I just wanted to add a couple of points I don't have a problem with it being a subscription per-se, it's that auto-renewal is forced upon us - we have to accept auto-renewal during purchase as there is no option to opt-out at this stage. I recently renewed my licence, and there is no mention anywhere in the order confirmation emails that the subscription will auto-renew, nor is there any information about how to cancel auto-renewal. And as far as I can see, there is no information on your website about how to cancel auto-renewal either. Lastly, your terms and conditions, accessible from the point of sale page, state the following: It states "We may provide you with the option to automatically renew the product licence or subscription" - this is clearly untrue !
  3. marko

    Beta 10621

    and yet mine didn't - maybe yours restarted because yours updated from a previous 2021 beta, but mine didn;t because mine updated from 2020 stable to 2021 stable ? I think I'll just wait until feb and see what happens then, otherwise it'll do my head in 🤣
  4. marko

    Beta 10621

    well I'm back again as I'm even more confused now (I'm over 59 too) - according to Frank, we wouldn't notice the fix until 2021.2, yet you seem to be saying that yours restarted by itself in 2021.1 ?
  5. marko

    Beta 10621

    ah yes, thanks Stapp - I didn't realise my memory was that bad - I'll get my coat 😵
  6. marko

    Beta 10621

    Mine wasn't, although admittedly I'm on the Stable feed rather than the beta, but thought I'd post on this thread anyway Both my machines downloaded the update this afternoon but EAM didn't restart on either of them - not sure if this is because I allowed the EAM restart notication to count down to zero and dismiss itself, but my understanding is that EAM should restart itself if one does that. Anyway, EAM is still running 2020.12.1.10579 on both machines - if I look at the properties for the EAM executables, they show the following I also received these two notifications from Windows The forensic log shows this I have debug logs for this if you want them. By the way, I rebooted one of my machines about an hour and a half later, and the update was applied and it is now running 2021.1.0.10621, however, while it was in the 'waiting to finish the update' state, it didn't do its hourly update check
  7. I just ran a Malware Scan and noticed that it scans the scan log text files in C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft\Reports Are these log files really likely to be a threat ? I currently have over 3000 of these files because EAM doesn't purge them (I've mentioned this before in this thread https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/32632-question-about-scan-log-files/) so scanning all of these files just seems inefficient to me and means the scan takes longer than it otherwise would.
  8. well I didn't let the counter go down to zero - I clicked on Restart Now on the notification, but it didn't retstart
  9. Well, none of my machines had this problem in previous versions so it seemed a reasonable assumption.
  10. I'm glad it's not just me then - presumably 10579 hasn't installed because EAM didn't restart. I also noticed that when you hover over the Last Update text on the main gui page, it says 'Next Update in: ' whereas nornally it would say 'Next Update in: n minutes'.
  11. And to confirm, the second machine didn't do its scheduled update an hour later either. So, I rebooted and EAM showed a notification after the reboot to say it has just updated to a newer version. It then did its overdue hourly update. So it seems that this version update prevents EAM from getting subsequent scheduled signature updates unless you reboot the machine. I have debug logs for this if you want them.
  12. My machine updated to EAM 2020.12.1.10579 a few hours ago and displayed the notification that the program needed to restart so I clicked on restart - I didn't look at it again until just now and it looks as if EAM didn't restart. My forensic log shows this As you can see, the 'program needs to be restarted' message was shown at 15:39. When I looked at EAM at 19:30ish I noticed that it hadn't done its hourly updates since that update, and there was nothing in the log to suggest it had even tried. I rebooted at 19:56 and it's working ok now - the log above shows it had updated to a newer version, but the log entry for this is 4 hours after it said it needed to restart. I just turned my other machine on and it too has displayed the 'program needs to be restarted to finish the update' message - I clicked on the message to allow the restart but it hasn't restarted either, and I suspect it won't do any updates either until I reboot the machine.
  13. yeah, I agree, definitely should be opt-in - it's been discussed/moaned about at length here before but I can't see it changing. you didn't say whether you created the workspace yourself or whether it seems to have automatically created itself - would be interesting to know if this is being foisted on us as well
  14. assuming you've turned auto-renew off, otherwise it'll renew itself and you won't have the choice
  15. yeah I don't blame you and I agree that it's way too complicated now - fine for corporate users with loads of devices but overkill for the average home user. It used to be so easy - buy the licence, install the software, enter the key and away you go. Now we're forced to login to myEmsisoft whenever we install the software, we're forced to subscribe to auto-renewal when buying or renewing a licence, and maybe now they're also forcing us to use workspaces by default ?
  16. I think you have to select the Workspace name itself to be able to get to the settings - see screenshot from help guide Out of interest, did you create the workspace yourself or was it automaticlly created for you when you bought the licence (as GT500 sort of suggests might happen in his post above) ?
  17. The last post on this thread may help https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/34055-myemsisoftcloud-console-missing-license/
  18. It seems to be fixed for me now in 2020.11.0.10501 stable release.
  19. haha, yeah, just about 😁 ok, so I scanned a single file on my desktop via right-click menu at 07:22:27 and it finished the scan at 07:22:28 according to the forensic log - I left the mouse cursor outside of the EAM gui and didn't move it for five minutes. The EAM gui showed the scan as completed, but the two buttons and the new green text were not displayed in the gui (as per my screenshot in the OP above). I then moved the mouse cursor over the EAM gui at 07:29 and the two buttons and the green text magically appeared. Debug logs for this are attached - as usual, when I disabled debug logging a few minutes later, a2service crashed, but that's an old chestnut and not relevant to this thread. EAM Debug Logs.7z
  20. Since EAM updated to 2020.10.0.10440, when I scan a file or folder on my desktop via the right-click context menu, EAM quite often doesn't draw the View Report and Close buttons on the Scan Results page when the scan has finished, nor does it draw the new 'No suspicious files were found in this scan' text. Sometimes it'll draw the buttons but not the new text. It will only draw these buttons and text when I move the mouse cursor over the EAM gui. This happens on both my pcs - they're both running W10 Home 64 v2004 build 19041.508 - screen resolution on one pc is 1920x1080, the other is 1366x768. This doesn't happen every time, but more often than not - screenshots showing successive scans attached.
  21. I'm not sure if this is of interest, but if I turn off WSC integration in EAM, eppwsc.exe crashes.
  22. Fair comment Jeremy - I'd missed that post of GT500's - it my well be a timing issue but it happens whether debug logging is enabled or not, on my machines anyway.
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