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  1. another problem with emsisoft 9 beta notice for emsisoft anti-malware 9 (arabic) it seems (Untidy) Example : but when i use emsisoft anti-malware with English language .. everything seems good Example : i think there's a lot of problem's with emsisoft anti-malware (arabic) We wish from you to repair the problems with emsisoft (arabic) before you Put up the final version
  2. Hello everyone .. Today i installed a Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9 beta on my PC and i select Arabic language from settings then i found a Misspelled in the program interface (arabic) as you see that sould be ( كمبيوترك or حاسوبك ) ... not (كمبيزترك) .. actually this word not a Arabic !! ... the next misspelled i found it in interface on emsisoft anti-malware is as you see . the wrong word is (خارس) .. and that should be (حارس) .. I hope you fix that error's ... thanks
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