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  1. Seems the same solution worked for me, I rebboted the computer 3 times and eventually everything was Ok.
  2. I am having the same problem exactly as the OP posted. The computer was shut down for almost a month while my wife was overseas. When I started it, I updated windows and Emsisoft, but the firewall will not turn on. The computer is running Win 7 ultimate 64bit. regards
  3. I have the same setup, Now that AM 9 is available, how long before EIS is released so we can upgrade ?? regards Freddie
  4. In Online Armour when I click on the 'file' and select Show file location, It just points to desktop. So I am not sure how to locate it and upload to VirusTotal. regards Freddie
  5. I am running Win 8.1 on an Asus gv750JX ROG laptop. The following file is trying to run, anyone know what it does ??? {4ED3A719-CEA8-4BD9-910D-E252F997AFC2} {4ED3A719-CEA8-4BD9-910D-E252F997AFC2} Hash(MD5): BBDEEA203B50BF243EC8D28078406123 The attached image is file information screen from online armour. regards Freddie