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  1. I apologise for my absence. Combination of work and new born baby can be absorbing . My problem is that I can't run file/script that request admin rights, nevertheless running them on admin account. It's hard to explain without examples. I'll do some practical tests and I'll contact again.
  2. Yes, I did. As I can see, I've got problem with me administrator rights in both accounts: administrator and standard user. I saw that you realised an official version of EIS 11. I've tried uninstallation and installation action and it worked. So, problem's solved for now. Can I ask for help with my account problem? It could help with my future feedback for debug.
  3. I've tried to enable the debug logging, but enable_debug_output batch file doesn't work. I saw a "Error: access danied" in cmd window after run that file:
  4. What debug logs should I attach? Will it be enough ? By the way, turns out that disabling firewall is helping for my problem with Mezzmo.
  5. Hello, I've been using stable version of EIS v10 since my last topic: Everything was fine (even Windows Update was working without problems) until update to v. beta. Thereafter, I cannot connect to my TV throught Mezzmo. The solution that was described by GT500 in post doesn't work either. That problem doesn't bother me, because I can use stable version, but I wanna let you know how things stood.
  6. Ok, strange things happened. During my tests, I tried uninstall EAM with SSF and install EIS on my previous partition backup. The funny thing is that it works this time !!! Every problem that I mentioned in this topic ceased to exist. I don't even need a rule for Mezzmo in firewall rules. I suppose that something went wrong during previous reainstallation of EIS. At this moment, everything seems to be fine. However, I have a backup of partition (as an image at 08 August 2015) when all problems occured. I can do a debug log after restore that state of partition. If it be useful, please let me know.
  7. Sure. Can I follow this instruction: ? If it is a proper instruction, I try do it today and send a debug log
  8. Update: unfortunately, after a few tests I can say that nothing has changed at newest beta. My download speed decreasing to 150-200 kB after a short moment of time. I recover my partition image (the main differences beetween my current state of partition: EAM+SpyShelter Firewall instead of EIS and Windows Update till 13.06.2015) and everything is ok.
  9. Ok, I'll give a try a new beta version and give a feedback soon.
  10. I was using uTorrent (old version 2.2.1 I suppose, because I'm far away from my computer). When issue appeard, I tried newest version of qBitrorrent and Bitcomet. The issue looks similiar with all those programs: without any torrent program, everything is fine. After a few minutes after launching one of them, download and upload speed constantly deacreasing, nearly to zero. When it happened, browsing of internet is almost impossible due to lags (even after close the working torrent program). That issue isn't affected with high cpu usage (normal values during download are 3-7 percent, checked with Process explorer and Task menager).
  11. Here are the logs. After hours of testing and uninstalling I can say that issue is a mistery. It happened also after uninstalling of EIS (with double restart). FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. I've tried a reinstallation of EIS as GT500 mentioned at one of another posts in this section. After a few hours of testing I can say that uTorrent is definitely a problem. Since the reinstall I can connect to my TV while a uTorrent is running, but I've got serious lags and slowdowns of internet connection. All of it is gone when I stop downloading/uploading uTorrent.
  13. Ok, sorry for delay, but I had a serious problems with accesing to my WIFI network since update a 26th of July. Nevertheless, the situation appears to be under control since last update at 30th. After the update, a new problem appeared: despite creation of Mezzmo rule at firewall rules I can't connect to my TV when uTorrent is running. P.S. Problem with Firefox still occurs, but it is a small thing.