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  1. Sorry to chime in here - I just received a notification of this thread... What emteec said before makes a lot of sense - the GUID being blocked here *is* related with Internet Explorer associations - where OA most probably blocked on the shell\open\command registry key (where it registers it under) as "autorun". There was indeed a change during this KB2957689 update to there afaik. I can't check my history logs here unfortunately, since I temporary uninstalled and reinstalled OA, but imho, I believe that's the cause.
  2. Yes, it was Error details: Code 800F0922 And yes, I had the required update KB2919355 installed already. Unfortunately, since I uninstalled and reinstalled AO again (in order to have this update working), the OA history has been purged. Another user had the same issue with this exact update. Temporary uninstalling OA fixed this as well.
  3. Hi, I'm on Windows 8.1 64 bits - all updates installed. Since recent Windows updates, there was one update that wouldn't install. (Windows8.1-KB2957689-x64). It actually did install, but after rebooting the PC, Windows gave me the message it couldn't install this KB, thus reverted back. I tried everything, disabled OA hips, disabled OA entirely, updated its database - windows clean boot, whatever else, issue persisted. Online Armor services couldn't be disabled, for obvious reasons (to do the Windows clean boot), so I decided to temporary uninstall Online Armor. And, suprisingly, the Windows8.1-KB2957689-x64 update DID install properly this time while OA was uninstalled. So it looks like OA is interfering with this update in some way - hence why reporting this here in order to see if you can reproduce this and get this fixed. Thanks!
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