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  1. We are experiencing that same problem. i.e. we installed a trial version, then later purchased a license, but where I have previously located the section to enter the new serial key is no longer where it has been in the past. So where can I enter the new key that I purchased? Please advise, thanks, Jason F.
  2. So what does the mean, the EEC is trying to push out a version of EAM that is does not support? Why does it work with 9 of our 14 computers then? How do I tell ECC to use an older version of EAM to deploy and where would I get that older version of EAM?
  3. When I try and push the deployment from the server to the client computers, it fails on multiple systems due to a failed "pipe initialization". What does this mean and how do I fix it? Photograph of failure log is attached. Emsisoft pipe initialization error.rtf