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  1. Is Emsisoft catching the Locky Ransomware yet? Apparently MS is! This, below, as of yesterday... https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/ff7a9ad62f4e3670b6ef304e9f624dce2ed4181b61db19016fc88d1cae067b7b/analysis/1457461353/
  2. Looks like Microsoft Security Essentials wants to treat my most recent EmsiSoft update as a Virus. The below popped up about three minutes after EAM's 'last update' time. Does this mean that the latest EAM update was not fully implemented into my Signatures? It's a wonder computers work at all anymore. Can't be too far away...
  3. W2K3 Terminal Server? Any info. Caveats, Advice about running EmsiSoft on a Windows Terminal Server? Thank you....
  4. hi, new user, 1st time poster.. W2K8 R2 Server w/DC + Exchange Any recommendations for what to exclude from EmsiSoft Monitoring? [if anything] Thanks much. - looks like Saruman is now running the Shire.
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