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  1. Combofix fixed the previous trojan but has brought with it it's own. Trojan.win.32.Agent!IK I used Link 1. The new trojan did the right thing and politely went into the quarantined file as it should. After I stopped laughing I finished the scans as you asked. I hope this is all fixed now. Thank you again for your help
  2. Tried to remove the trojan but had problems with Avenger. Files are attached. Where did I go wrong please help.
  3. Hi It is back - the Trojan - so I will redo what I have already done. My son - the idiot - has the virus on his USB and didn't know so it reinfected the laptop. Replacing USB today and that should help. Thanks so far.
  4. Firstly thank you very much for your help in rectifying the problem. The trojan appears to have gone. My son will be please to get his laptop back. Here are the documents you requested.
  5. Have detected a trojan but cannot remove. Please advise. Not very computer savvy so basic instructions please. Thank you
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