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  1. Jeremy, I take your point, but your suggestion assumes that these decisions are taken in a vacuum- they are not. In my case, I had a Steam "debug.log" that contained a spammed (repeated several hundreds times with date stamps one second or less apart) error message that said "unable to load Steam\bin\chrome.pak." The location (in the Steam folder) and content of this message, together with the complete lack of any other error message, would lead any rational person to conclude that this is a Steam Client issue.

    In case you don't play Steam games, I will tell you that users have no control over when (and with what content) the Steam Client updates itself- we can block game updates, but not Steam Client updates, and there is no description of the contents, or existence, of the update. More than that, I have always exercised full control over Windows Updates- Automatic is disabled and WU is set to just notify me when updates are available. The only Windows update I had done in the past 2 weeks was a Defender definitions update, so there was very little chance that a Windows Update caused the problem.

    My EAM updates itself every time I boot, and sometimes several more times during a multi-hour Windows session. I allow it to do that because I trust EAM. So basically, what your post suggests is that I stop trusting EAM and begin blocking and managing EAM updates. Fine. Please advise where I can get timely EAM update content, and how I can make sure that I am virtually immediately protected against zero-day outbreaks of malware while at the same time obstructing and delaying EAM updates because I no longer trust Emsisoft per your instructions... Because, while they are quick to notify me of mundane, more-or-less boring blogs and webinars, Emsisoft does not use that same system to notify me of truly horrendously-important, time-critical EAM bugs that caused me (and presumably thousands of others) to waste hours and fruitless hours troubleshooting (and in some cases, to lose all their Steam games and mods- see above)  trying to debug a "Steam problem" that turns out to have been an unannounced EAM bug.

  2. I would like to suggest that Emsisoft push out a notice as soon as a problem like this is identified in the future to prevent us users from needlessly uninstalling apps (and destroying local content, i.e. all our Steam games in this recent fiasco.) You already have the mechanism in place- it notifies me all the time of new articles and blog entries. Thanks.

  3. On 10/3/2018 at 11:26 PM, ahuman said:

    I thought Steam somehow broke itself so I uninstalled and reinstalled, without backing up my games (don't have the drive space) and have lost over 500GB of games including carefully modded games with over 200 mods applied with specific load orders that I can't remember. How could you disrupt such a major program like this and when will there be a fix?

    I also reinstalled Steam but I did it a little differently so as to save my mods and load order:

    1. Renamed Steam folder to "Steam_Original" and deleted all of the Steam Client files in it but left my games and mods alone

    2. Made a new (empty) folder in the same spot named "Steam"

    3. Installed Steam into the new Steam folder

    4. Moved the entire contents of the new Steam folder into Steam_Original. No games or mods were touched.

    5. Deleted the new, now empty Steam folder

    6. Renamed the Steam_Original folder back to Steam

    Now, with a brand-new fresh installation of Steam and all of my old games and mods intact, I tried to start Steam. Of course, it failed because the problem never was Steam despite the goofy error log entries saying Steam was unable to open chrome.pak. However, all my games were and are intact, and as soon as I updated EAM I was able to launch Steam, re-enter my Bethesda-update-blocking settings and play on as though nothing had happened.

  4. Yes, thanks, I updated EAM and everything started working again. *whew*

    Nonetheless, my machine has slowed a lot since the last time we did this, I'm getting the inappropriate "Would you like to change Windows Desktop to 8 bit color?" notices and it's constantly doing things I can't identify. Would you mind taking a look at my scans and helping me clear up whatever is infesting (if not infecting) my machine? :D

  5. As of 2 days ago, my Steam installation no longer runs. Tonight I tried to launch Nvidia GEForce Experience to use Shadowplay to vidcap something, and it no longer runs either. I noticed a file in the EEK log that says it's whitelisted and comes from Intel, but I did not whitelist it and its name is vgnqwemqwejlk.exe or something equally inscrutable, which is one of the signs of malware.

    I have run sfc /scannow (no errors found) and reinstalled Steam and NVIDIA drivers/Experience and it doesn't help. I hope you can see something wrong in these scan logs- Thanks.




  6. Thanks for your reply- I had installed MBAM as an on-demand second line of defense. My habit over the years has been to run a MBAM scan every week or so. Sadly, MBAM installed itself as a "free trial" of always-active "protection" as a means to sell me a paid subscription to that service. When the Free Trial ran out, apparently MBAM left itself active in some way without my knowledge. It has truly become, if not actually "malware," at least "nuisanceware."

    I have uninstalled MBAM and, due to its renegade behavior, manually searched and destroyed any and all vestiges of its existence on my machine. I won't be able to answer your question as to how effective that has been for a couple of days since the proof of its effectiveness is a negative: Windows no longer bogs down and Windows Explorer no longer crashes every hour or so.

    Meanwhile, can you recommend a truly on-demand second line of defense since MBAM is no longer suitable as such? I do NOT want a second always-on anti-malware program competing with Emsisoft Internet Security.


  7. Hi again, Kevin, hope all is well with you. My system has become noticeably slower, and Windows Explorer (not MIE but the local system file browser) crashes with "Windows Explorer has stopped." I have run the System File Checker with "sfc /scannow" and all system files appear to be fine.

    EIS reports no issues, nonetheless, something is infesting my PC and causing the problems described as well as numerous other annoying anomalies.. Logs attached. Thanks in advance for waving your magic wand over my system. Again. :lol:




  8. Concerned about Emsisoft's low test scores on recent comparative tests, I decided to try Bitdefender, the only non-whitelist-based AV suite to consistently score 100% detection.

    Imagine my surprise when Bitdefender reported that one of the EIS program files was infected with a trojan! At first I thought that this was Bitdefender's slimy way of unethically disparaging a competitive AV suite, but it was not- Bitdefender did not detect anything wrong with EIS on either of my other 2 computers running EIS (disabled) and Bitdefender. So I have now uninstalled EIS on this machine.

    I'm attaching a screenshot of the Bitdefender detection report window because I had thought that Emsisoft was supposed to be self-protecting and you might want to know about this since it would seem that the self-protection failed in this case.


  9. 1 hour ago, Acadia said:

    By the way, both my wife and I LOVE your Avatar, bassets are one of our favorites.

    Our beautiful boy Frodo D. Frabulous passed away 2 years ago and not a day goes by that we don't miss him.

    We named him Frodo because, like his namesake, he was short, had huge, hairy feet and was always hungry, prowling around in a zig-zag path, nose to the ground, ears dragging, hoovering up the fascinating scents from the floor, hoping for something to eat. Watching him negotiate an 8-inch snowfall was truly hilarious- he looked like a semi-submerged submarine whooshing around with only his C-curved, white-tipped periscope-tail showing. Every time a siren goes by in the distance without Frodo's mournful baying at it ("AroooooOOOOOoooooOOOO, AAARRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo....") I get a tear in my eye. I miss him so much. ❤

    And now, back to your regularly scheduled program. Sorry.

  10. As of this morniing, June 5, 2017, I have had two days of trouble-free power-on bootups wherein EIS correctly and promptly initializes, updates its database and goes quiet- exactly as it should.

    I don't know if it's because I finally got the EIS download link that GT500 posted several days ago to actually work (assuming that was a new build where the issue was addressed) or what, but whatever the cause, it works now so as far as I'm concerned this is solved. Thanks to all who contributed.

  11. @Acadia and Dannoe:

    I think it has something to do with the recent update to version 17.5 or whatever it's called. I was not having any problems until that update was installed. I finally got the download link that GT500 posted (above) to work, and was able to install that version. Also, when I tried to uninstall EIS per GT500's instructions, the uninstaller just hung, for ten minutes, with the progress bar not moving at all. The only way I got it to do anything was to use Ctrl+Alt+Del and end-task on the uninstaller, then reboot to Safe Mode and uninstall again. So something is seriously wrong with the EIS uninstaller as well as with the launcher.

    The same thing happened yesterday when I uninstalled then reinstalled from the the normal release on the download page- it installed fine and worked fine until I turned my computer off and then turned it back on this morning, at which point it went straight to black screen and stayed there with the HDD light continuously flickering.

    @GT500: I ran EEK and MBAM and neither of them found any problems. Now I'm very reluctant to turn my computer off for fear the same scary boot-failure sequence will happen for the third time when I turn it back on.

  12. Uninstallation, reboot x 2 then new download and installation of EIS seemed to work last night... although the download link you provided did not work at all - no download started and the page was blank with no way for me to jump-start the download - but just now when I started my machine for the first time today it went to a black screen with inert mouse pointer for 1:25 and did not go to the desktop until after I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del. 5 minutes later I got the same "Serious problem prevents EIS from contacting the servicer" or whatever, and my EIS icon is blacked out- EIS is not running.

    Farbar logs attached.



  13. When I power on, the screens stays black with a frozen mouse cursor for a long time (30 seconds or more) then Windows finally begins to load and eventually reaches desktop. Meanwhile, the HDD light is blinking and running nonstop for no apparent reason.

    Then, when I launch Firefox, I get an Emsisoft Internet Security error- see attached screenshot.

    So now I'm completely unprotected and don't know why or what to do about it.


  14. Been researching ADS. Found a utility called StreamArmor, which has the following note: "On 64 bit platforms, only 32 bit processes are supported."

    I have a 64-bit system (Win7 x64). The file that Farbar keeps finding (and failing to remove) the ADS's from is in a folder named syswow64, leading me to believe that everything in that folder is a 64-bit process. I wonder if that's why Farbar can't remove it?

    I also found an article dated 2013 claiming that a PowerShell commandlet 'RemoveItem' could remove any ADS, but I tried it and it didn't remove either of the ADS's. I researched zlib.dll, the file with the ADS's, buit all I could find out is that it has something to do with compression. Whether that's NTFS disk compression or file compression such as zip or 7z was not made clear at all, but zlib.dll is apparently NOT a Microsoft file.

    Thanks and hope you can figure out some way to remove the ADS.


  15. On 3/31/2017 at 5:33 PM, Kevin Zoll said:

    The fix failed to remove the 2 ADS.  They are not that big of a deal, unless you are still having problems.

    How are things running?

    No recent Windows Explorer crashes, but the notice upon reaching the desktop after exiting a game that (paraphrasing from memory) "Windows needs to reduce color depth to 16 colors to improve performance" has started popping up again.

    I would like to remove everything that could possibly be an issue, including these two resistant ADS (whatever an ADS is) if you can please help me do that. I am familiar with how to get to Safe Mode and/or use Regedit if necessary.


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