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  1. I play Everquest II in full-screen mode. Occasionally I will exit the game and the task bar shows an alert (screen capture with aero preview attached). However, all the usual tricks to activate the window fail. I have tried: Left clicking the highlighted icon Mousing over the icon and right clicking the aero preview title bar (no context menu appeared) the dual monitor recover off screen window (I do not run dual monitors but what the heck it could have, but did not, work) minimising all other windows one at a time Even right-click the icon then click Close Window fails. Any more tricks I can try? What is this ghost alert and how can I exorcise it? This occured with the current EAM version and the new EIS version. Edit: Operating system is Windows 7 64 bit fully patched
  2. I am playing the alpha version of Archeage with Trion Worlds. Trion are translating the game from Korean to English for the western markets. Like most Korean MMOs, the game starts a anti-hacking program before the game. For Archeage the anti-hacking program is called Hackshield ( Hackshield will only start if I close both Anti-Malware Guard and Online Armor. With both running, Hackshield opens a support web page ( I have run both programs as Administrator and know that Hackshield has updated. I have logged a ticket with Trion and received the usual "exit firewall and anti-virus" response. The ticket has been closed and I responded with a request that Trion work with AhnLab and Emsisoft to get the two (or three) programs playing nicely with each other. I post here with the same request