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  1. I think quite a few people would class Chrome as malware. Can you block it please?
  2. Doesn't work. It says the download is starting but it never does. The only fix I've found is to uninstall IS 10 which obviously isn't ideal! Any solutions for this? Edit - Disabling the Firewall fixed the issue.
  3. Sorry GT500, I can't remember. You don't notice the ads are missing until they reappear! The ads I'm seeing are all being served up from www.googleadservices.com and *appear* to be blocked by adding that domain to SP but they seem to sneak back through sometimes.
  4. I know SP is not an ad blocker but... One of the many reasons I liked IS 9 was that the Surf Protection blocked so many adverts. In fact I didn't see any ads with it installed and activated. Now, with IS 10, most ads are being blocked BUT I notice that Google ads are still getting through. Has Emsisoft done a deal with Google to not block their adverts???
  5. With Windows 10 due to be released at the end of July I reinstalled EIS10 to see how it was doing with compatibility. My laptop has Windows 10 build 10130 installed, Intel I5 processor and 256GB SSD drive - amply fast enough for day-to-day use. After installing EIS10 though it ground to a halt. Boot up *very* slow, shutdown *very* slow, a very noticeable delay between logging in and the desktop / start screen being ready to use. I'm hoping that EIS 10 is still being refined for the release of Windows 10???
  6. Sorry, I forgot about this thread! Yes, I am talking about a scan at startup *before* Windows loads.
  7. Have you tried resetting the registry permissions? (use tweaking.com) PS Your EMET is out of date. Upgrade to 5.1
  8. Cannot understand a word you are saying. Try using English and we can then help you.
  9. If you do an in-place upgrade it automagically creates a rollback option to your previously installed OS. On the original topic, I reinstalled Win 10 over itself and found that IS9 installed and works perfectly now.
  10. I wish I could say the same but having installed, uninstalled and even used emsiclean it just refuses to work with build 9926 on my laptop. Message is "waiting for component to start" and that's it. Nothing more.
  11. Is it possible to configure IS9 to run a full scan at system boot? I have one machine that has *something* on it, incoming connections to svchost on port 17. I've run adw cleaner and roguekiller on the system, various things found and removed (initially roguekiller kept crashing on explorer.exe)
  12. Running two security packages at the same time is never a good idea. As your computer accesses / writes to files both packages will want to scan them. Your machine will slow down noticeably.
  13. Any update on this? I have 4 customers grumbling loudly
  14. autosandboxme2.exe extracts a file called autosandboxme2.exa (note the extension) which is the one that is then quarantined.
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