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  1. Hi GT500, Thanks for the tips about the wildcards. Your colleagues however had their own suggestion it seems: EAM started an update today (required restart of EAM), it changed the build number to 2018. and it resolved the issue. I'd like to say thanks to all those who assisted me, both seen and unseen. Regards, Durew
  2. I only directly excluded the program of the updater. I looked into excluding the file it downloaded and the containing folder. The updater creates a new folder in %temp% and stores the file in there. Excluding the entire temp folder seems unwise to me. As both the file name (includes version number) and the directory change name each time I update I can't set readily an exclusion for it. (I could take a look at using multiple wild cards though.) Regards, Durew
  3. Hi GT500, I excluded the updater (both types). BB still shows up and crashes. If there is any change it would be in how long it took (in time, not installer progress) to get the error or how much of the 'checking malware network' was readable before it disappeared. (Please note the the updater downloads the file that made EAM crash.) Regards, Durew
  4. I tried recreating the problem again as a reaction on JeremyNicolls posts. The good news is that Firefox, VLC, proces monitor and autoruns update (now?) without problems. (BB says hi on occasion but doesn't crash) The bad news, Libreoffice still crashes the BB. (The error report mentions this topic)
  5. That is the correct translation, for clarity I've edited this into my original post.
  6. Hi all, For quite sometime now I've encountered the same bug (and send the error report to Emsisoft many times ). So far no error reports seem to have helped over the versions. I use the portable apps platform to have some programs on my USB drive. URL to site below. https://portableapps.com/ One of the features is the ability to update the portable programs downloaded via the platform. Whenever I try to update a portableprogram (today libreoffice) the behavior blocker notices something suspicious ("Program tries to modify files in a suspicious way") and asks what to do. (quarantine, allow etc.). Sadly, EAM chrashes at that moment. the window with the four choices freezes and underneath a window opens with the request to please tell what you did so it can send an error report. (see screenshot attached) A while later the updater tries again and I could send error-reports to emsisoft all day if I would feel like it. When other programs, not related to portable appss, are intercepted by the BB everything works fine. So far the problem, now the additional information. Windows 10 Pro, Fall creators, 64-bit, build 16299.248 Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.2.02.08461 (The crash doesn't show up in the logs) The error report I send today refers to my username. Other software (never caused problems before, exceptions are set): Malwarebytes, tinywall, sandboxie (I ran unsandboxed), OSarmor (problem exsisted before OSarmor was installed as well as after), Ransomfree and winpatrol. (ignored browser extensions) An overview in the malwaretips thread below https://malwaretips.com/threads/the-set-up-of-durew.74163/ I hope this will lead to a fix, turning off EAM everytime i need to update is a pain. Regards, Durew EAM settings.zip
  7. Hi, I was wondering which executables of EAM need internet access. This for setting the firewall rules. (Tinywall) Regards, Durew
  8. But Emsisoft is on the list, via the bitdefender engine. According to a presentation (https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/cms/files/2014_EN_BreakingAVSoftware_JoxeanKoret.pdf) the bitdefender engine is both vulnerable and makes vendors who use it vulnerable. That the CIA found at least one of the vulnerabilities for Bitdefender puts EAM at risk.