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  1. @degirmencirfan zaten severdim saygı duyardım. bir de bu en son cesurca davranışlarından sonra, hayranlığımı kazandın. arkandayız.

  2. I'd like to win StableBit DrivePool from http://t.co/RRQqmFLXlx @Covecube #StableBit

  3. one last thing.. this malware is also capable of self-signing itself using digital certificates.. traditional anti virus programs are auto-whitelisting it instead of blocking!
  4. I forgot to mention about that this next-gen malware is cross-compiling its own unique executables using builtin Microsoft .NET compiler and such, replicating cross-platform executables, meaning IT IS ABLE TO INFECT ITSELF TO MOST LINUX DISTROS TOO WHILE DON'T HAVE A STATIC SIGNATURE FOR EASILY DETECTION! Its sneaky that I suspect people are already infected but they are not aware of it. It is not disabling Antiviruses, its bypassing them! You receive 'there are no threats! your computer is clean!' message, having a false feeling of security.
  5. Hello, I am dealing with a sophisticated malware which is capable of injecting its custom tailored Anti-Emsisoft drivers & executables, thus bypassing all security enforcements. Since I suppose inserting logs here won't be sufficent and a remote session may be required, I need some official reply about what to do. PS: it is a very powerful and sophisticated malware which employs uncommon procedures, including but not limited to creating Virtual Machines and integrating itself to BIOS with the extra ability to resurrect using chkdsk. It is also capable of filtering internet traffic, altering definition update process etc.. I need your expertise assisting please!
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