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  1. Same for me last week.
  2. Frank, I made a reboot and the checkbox was still ticked. All is OK now. Thanks.
  3. It is working fine here in Québec, Canada.
  4. Hello. It is version 2018.8 :
  5. Hello, I like very much the New EAM. It is going always better. Its is not «Horrible.... Wrong...Abomination...» I am with Emsisoft since 2014 and it is the best one ... Congratulations Emsisoft.
  6. Hi, I installed yesterday Win 1803 64 with EAM and selfprotection enabled and everything went fine.
  7. Hello, + 1 with the last answer made by Jeremy. EAM is just awesome and is always becoming better.
  8. Hi, Same for me this morning with new EAM.
  9. Hello, Just to say that I had the same error three times in a year. I made a reboot and everyting was OK after that.
  10. Hello, With EAM all is fine for me, like GT 500.