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  1. Hello, + 1 with the last answer made by Jeremy. EAM is just awesome and is always becoming better.
  2. Windows defender security center

    Hi, Same for me this morning with new EAM.
  3. Update issues

    Hello, Just to say that I had the same error three times in a year. I made a reboot and everyting was OK after that.
  4. Report opens after scheduled scan

    Same for me....
  5. voodooshield

    Bonjour, Après 2 ou 3 jours, quand la liste blanche est formée, il y a très peu d'ajouts par la suite. On s'habitue à travailler avec rapidement et on sait alors comment réagir. Si on installe CCleaner par exemple et qu'il le met comme FP, on n'a qu'à allouer le logiciel et la prochaine fois il sera sur la liste blanche et accepté.
  6. voodooshield

    Boujour, VoodooShield fonctionne parfaitement avec Emsisoft.
  7. Importing Hosts Files

    Hello, With EAM all is fine for me, like GT 500.
  8. Version not updating

    Same problem. No updates here in Canada.
  9. Hello, Exactly the same here in Quebec.
  10. Something wrong with the quarantine counter

    Hello, On my EAM, if I delete the malicious in the quarantine, the counter (of quarantine) shows 0.
  11. Hello, This is a very good idea. Actually, the icon in the tray is too little and it is hard to see the colors or when an update is going on. + 1.
  12. License Renewed Before end Time

    Christian, Thank you very much for your fast and good answer.
  13. Hello everyone, Il I renew my license for EAM 2 months before the expiration, can you tell me if I will lost these 2 months or if they will be added. Thanking you for that first class product!
  14. Website Restrictions

    Yes, we like Emsisoft because it is light and gives a very good security.