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  1. Frank, I made a reboot and the checkbox was still ticked. All is OK now. Thanks.
  2. Hello. It is version 2018.8 : https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/real-world-protection-test-september-2018-factsheet/
  3. Hello, I like very much the New EAM. It is going always better. Its is not «Horrible.... Wrong...Abomination...» I am with Emsisoft since 2014 and it is the best one ... Congratulations Emsisoft.
  4. Hi, I installed yesterday Win 1803 64 with EAM and selfprotection enabled and everything went fine.
  5. Hello, + 1 with the last answer made by Jeremy. EAM is just awesome and is always becoming better.
  6. Hello, Just to say that I had the same error three times in a year. I made a reboot and everyting was OK after that.
  7. Hello, With EAM all is fine for me, like GT 500.
  8. Hello, On my EAM, if I delete the malicious in the quarantine, the counter (of quarantine) shows 0.
  9. Christian, Thank you very much for your fast and good answer.
  10. Hello everyone, Il I renew my license for EAM 2 months before the expiration, can you tell me if I will lost these 2 months or if they will be added. Thanking you for that first class product!
  11. Yes, we like Emsisoft because it is light and gives a very good security.
  12. Hello, Same thing for me since last week.
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