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  1. after i submitted some files that a-squared found, to check if they are false positives, the next day i got an update that told me 2 of the files in my quarrentine were false positives. ...so i waited a week just to be sure that something similar wasn't going to happen with the rest of what it found and the submit option asks for an email address to help; but i didn't see anything in my email that looked like it was from a-squared. and i wanna be sure that i didn't overlook something and think it was spam. so, what is the address that the responces usually come from?
  2. well i downloaded this scanner today, and tried it i tried to quarrentine everything it found, cuz i'm pretty sure some of what it found were false positives... but it found some traces of stuff that i know i wanted to remove, and it's unable to quarrentine/delete them: trace.registry.Freeze!A2 trace.registry.EZ Game Cheats!A2 trace.registry.Freeze.com toolbar!A2 here is the report from the scan