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  1. Found the issue its not eam, it was my router I changed my cable to a different port after an outage and restarted everything the auto updates are now working again
  2. Something weird is going on with my version of EAM approximately 3 days ago the automatic updates stopped for the time being I've been manually doing it but i would like to know how to fix this error. I have attached a screenshot of the logs. My system is a Lenovo 305 ideapad running Windows 10 home - default install - ie not updated to anniversary.
  3. I've already sorted my issues and gotten rid of all Lenovo apps and Performed a wipe and re-install from win/10 Disk re-installed all my previous programs including eam all is as it should be. I will never download Ccleaner the program is dangerous as it can access the registry and make changes, I never touch my registry as I have no way to decrypt it
  4. Thanks for the assistance but I think I'm going to wipe and Reinstall my os, since running frst it has caused eam to block software that was previously fine plus its made changes to my Fallout mod manager and pretty much broke it and my games are all now corrupt.
  5. Adwcleaner wont upload either text file C1 or S1 <Upload skipped> no file selected = weird. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the Lenovo applications listed in the png i've used the programs I was told to download and it decided to white listed all of them and I don't want them on my system. Another problem has come up it seems since I ran the 2 programs with the copied hkys from above my Joytokey keyboard emulator (I can't control my games without it) is now being flagged as dangerous and automatically blocked no matter how many times I've tried to update the rule myself it still blo
  6. FRST scans complete. Can I continue to un-install the Lenovo Apps I will never use them but it seems they can activate by them selves FRST_11-03-2016_13-00-09.txt Addition_11-03-2016_13-00-09.txt
  7. I have a Lenovo Ideapad 350 running 64bit Windows 10 with O&0's Shutup10 controlling its privacy breaching software. I also have a lot of bundled apps that I've been trying to un-install after one of them launched by itself without permission this morning that was all going well until the behavior blocker started going crazy alerting me to 3 hidden installs and 1 codeinjection which logs do i need to upload I currently have 4 detections in quarantine. I still have a load of Lenovo apps from Cyberlink Corp that are refusing to un-install giving me Access Denied messages.
  8. After my third windows 10 update in less than 2 days a file has been flagged by my behavior blocker - Winstore.Mobile.exe - Pid:2672 - Description: Store - Company: Microsoft Corporation - Monitored: No - Reputation: Unknown I have Shutup10 installed which is controlling a lot of the privacy features but it did not detect this. Does anyone know what this is and should I quarantine it. I also just found an unknown user with special permissions that I can not disable or delete in the Emsisoft anti malware properties that was not there on install. I am using Windows 10 home 64bit Build 10.0.1
  9. Woke up, started computer, Everything is working again, thanks guy's
  10. No privacy option, I have uninstalled the other program done the 2 restarts and am now stuck on 2. Update and of course it wont, I am aware is outdated but I have no option as my system uses Vista
  11. No offence intended but all I saw was "This Suggestion" Underlined I had no way of knowing what it was, And as I stated in my 1st comment I have No protection Cant risk clicking links, I will try the full suggestion, Thanks
  12. I can't and wont click on that It could be anything
  13. I was either having the same update issue as above or a different one, So I uninstalled Emsisoft Anti Malware and After I've re-Downloaded the program and tried to re-install entered my Licence info and I'm still getting the same message that reads ( Could not connect to the update server, Please check your Internet connection and proxy settings) My internet is working fine, And I have never used proxy settings or servers so I'm sitting here on the Installation page and effectively have no security at all. Any Idea's would be helpful - File Version
  14. Got the update working finally, I am once again fully protected thanks for all the help
  15. I'm assuming its the fact that it can't connect to the server is reason why my licence key can't be verified or at least that's what i hope. But the other thing was because i re-installed the software fresh it's Orange / Partial protection, IE: How much protection is that, does real-time protection still work or am i only able to use the equivalent of the free software.
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