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  1. elitethem

    CLOSED Build 9059

    @Frank H Yep all good now. :)
  2. elitethem

    CLOSED Build 9059

    Hello Emsi support, I'm getting error 577 when installing latest beta. Windows 10 Pro 1809.134 Thanks, Daniel
  3. elitethem

    Emsisoft signature database not updating

    Wont need it I voted with my wallet Im trying to get to the bottom of it anyways because there "behavior blocker" is one of a kind and I really like it and to help other people that might come cross this problem. I can download from http://dl.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe now using Edge browser and Google Chrome, but not Cyberfox so there's a bug I need to report to Troy. #1 problem solved but there's still #2 problem with downloading signature database. I even spinned up a private OpenVPN server and tested it connected to the VPN and still wont work, so it's not a IP blocked problem. I have a feeling it's there anycast CDN that has problems. Anyways. More people will report to the forum when the problem gets worse. Thanks, Daniel
  4. Hello Emsisoft forum, I haven't been able to update signature database for a the past 3 days /73 hours. I tried to uninstalling Emsisoft and reinstalling still not working (error im getting please check proxy and internet settings) I also tried doing a clean install of Windows 10 x64 pro still not working. So i tried an different antivirus program e.g Avast, Avira, and Eset and all of them updated the signature databases 100% fine. Clearly there's a problem with dl.emsisoft.com where the database updates from from. ffs I cannot even download from http://dl.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe I get errors. I have no choice but to buy Eset and use that. Im clearly very disappointed at Emsisoft. I even sent Fabian Wosar letting them know that there is a problem with the servers (dl.emsisoft.com and that cdn.emsisoft.com was working) but I didnt get a reply. Pretty sad I think HIGHLY of Emsisoft. Thanks, Daniel
  5. +1 I wont renewing my license. I went out and brought f-secure and fully works with Viscosity VPN software and all my programs. I already sent them (Emsisoft) a 200 megabytes of data logs and they still haven't fixed one thing. Very sad.
  6. elitethem

    Anti malware will not update

    I'm getting the same problem - I have clean formated my computer two times and the problem is still the same, I even redownloaded the program installer same problem - clearly there's something wrong with BD servers, I have tested 3 different DNS servers and 5 different countries with a VPN.