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  1. Just noticed this similar complaint over on the EIS Support discussion board.


    Good luck!


    Wont need it I voted with my wallet  Im trying to get to the bottom of it anyways because there "behavior blocker" is one of a kind and I really like it and to help other people that might come cross this problem.


    I can download from http://dl.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe now using Edge browser and Google Chrome, but not Cyberfox so there's a bug I need to report to Troy. #1 problem solved


    but there's still #2 problem with downloading signature database. I even spinned up a private OpenVPN server and tested it connected to the VPN and still wont work, so it's not a IP blocked problem. I have a feeling it's there anycast CDN that has problems.

    Anyways. :) More people will report to the forum when the problem gets worse.




  2. Hello Emsisoft forum,
    I haven't been able to update signature database for a the past 3 days /73 hours. I tried to uninstalling Emsisoft and reinstalling still not working (error im getting please check proxy and internet settings) I also tried doing a clean install of Windows 10 x64 pro still not working. So i tried an different antivirus program e.g Avast, Avira, and Eset and all of them updated the signature databases 100% fine.
    Clearly there's a problem with dl.emsisoft.com where the database updates from from. ffs I cannot even download from http://dl.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe I get errors.
    I have no choice but to buy Eset and use that. Im clearly very disappointed at Emsisoft. I even sent Fabian Wosar letting them know that there is a problem with the servers (dl.emsisoft.com and that cdn.emsisoft.com was working) but I didnt get a reply. Pretty sad I think HIGHLY of Emsisoft. :(








  3. It's now been 6 weeks (approximately 42 days of my license trashed). Where is the release that fixes these problems? Don't tell me to install the beta again - I didn't pay money to use beta software and I don't use beta software on my personal computer.



    I wont renewing my license. I went out and brought f-secure and fully works with Viscosity VPN software and all my programs. I already sent them (Emsisoft) a 200 megabytes of data logs and they still haven't fixed one thing. Very sad.

  4. I am having the same problem.


    It has been 9 hrs since successful update.

    The program is set to update every hour.

    It just hangs at various percentages and seems to differ each time.

    I have to cancel which takes some time and then eventually succeeds.


    attachicon.gifEAM Update.PNG


    I did as Christian suggested and added EAM folder to Online Armor exclusions but after a reboot it made no difference.

    I'm getting the same problem - I have clean formated my computer two times and the problem is still the same, I even redownloaded the program installer same problem  - clearly there's something wrong with BD servers, I have tested 3 different DNS servers and 5 different countries with a VPN.