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  1. Sorry, I already unistalled EIS 9 because I need a functional AV in both computers. EAM9 is working well. See the attached file for the last Windows updates. I suspect that one them caused the problem.
  2. That happened here as well after the last Windows 7 update. Exactly the same thing with two computers running Win7 64bit. EIS9 Beta stopped working and won't load even after a full reinstall.
  3. Hi. I will enable debug logging tomorrow if you think it's still needed. After some search, I found out that the problem is quite common with several firewalls. I solved it by disabling TCP/IPv6 in my network adapter, but I'm not sure about the consequences of doing it. My network card is RealTek RTL8168/8111. CPU usage is insignificant now and the speed is fast as usual. Is this information useful?
  4. I use Macrium Reflect to backup my system partition to a shared folder in another computer im my home network (wired gigabit ethernet). EIS9 beta slows the copy speed considerably (more than 15 times). When I disable the firewall the speed goes up immediately. For testing, I also copied a DVD iso to the shared folder using Windows Explorer and faced the same speed drop. During the copy operations, "a2service.exe" CPU usage is around 12%. Is there any firewall rule that could prevent or at least reduce the slow down? The answer is important because I have to choose between EIS and EAM + OA. Thanks.