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  1. So OA disappeared from my computer completely. I think it has to do with the 30-day trial thing. I'm not sure how it works. How can I install it without the added features? Like just install the basic free version without the free 30-day added features? I do I have to reinstall it every 30-says?
  2. Hi. I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with Online Armor installed. Windows Firewall is turned off, and disabled in Services. 1. I ran Windows update for Windows 8.1 2. A long list of updates appeared, and I proceeded to download/install them. 3. After a long period of processing, Windows has to restart to complete the updates. 4. Before even getting into Windows, it stays in the boot menu for a long time as it completes the installation and configuration of the updates. 5. After a long period of processing this installation, I get an error: We couldn’t complete the updates, Undoing changes. Don’t turn off your computer. 6. It completely undoes everything, and boots up to Windows without any update whatsoever being installed. 7. I found the problem to be only one single update: IE11 - KB2962872 that caused all the updates in the entire list to not work. 8. I was able to uncheck this particular update, and install everything else perfectly. 9. I found out that the problem was caused by Online Armor. Even by exiting OA, and running this one update, it won't work. It just does the same thing as if OA was on. OA starts up when Windows boots no matter what. I'm not sure if there's a way to disable it from automatically launching at startup. Either way, I installed my Firewall to protect against unauthorized inbound/outbound communications. Not to screw up my updates and give me problems. Somebody else suggested I just get rid of OA, and switch over to Sphinx. I don't really know much about Sphinx. Hence this post. If anybody could give me good reason why not to ditch OA for Sphinx, and fix it so that it no longer causes me problems, I'll gladly stick with OA. As for this case, it was a fresh installation of Windows anyway. The very first thing I installed was OA and Avast. So I just went ahead, and wiped everything, and reinstalled W8.1 fresh. Then ran the update before installing any security software.
  3. It worked really well! Thanks! OA blocked warned me about everything. I found out certain programs that were sending usage information out to the internet for things I was doing offline.
  4. I really really need help. I'm using W7, and completely disabled the built in Windows Firewall and Defender. I installed the free version of the Online Armor. So it's letting everything through. I'm even on this forum despite the fact that it never even asked me if Chrome was allowed through. The whole point of getting a firewall is to warn me about everything incoming and outgoing, and ask me what I want to do. No matter if it's from Windows system or not. I need a firewall that's going to ask me permission for everything no matter what it is. Even if it's from MS or Windows. If I open a browser, I need it to ask my permission the fist time if I want to give it permission just once, or let it go through always. That goes the same for Windows Update or anything else I do. Yet this fire "wall" isn't walling anything. Everything is just going through like it's not even there. Please help. I need a way to set it so that it forgets all the permissions, and starts from scratch by asking me what I want or don't want to go through. Thank you.