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  1. Hello, I have a few questions regarding the current situation of Online Armor license keys. 1) Can keys be used with any version of OA, or only the latest version? (If only the latest, how long after release, does an update become mandatory?) 2) Is support given to Premium users of previous versions? 3) Is there any way to upgrade/install the latest version of OA without losing the web filtering functionality? 4) If not, is there any chance that you would release the Web Filter as a small, standalone utility? I think it might be very popular, considering that, as well as it's primar
  2. This is interesting. Anon - Are you going to follow this up at the Adobe forum? (You seem like you like to keep on top of things) If so, could you reply to this thread with what their answer/solution turns out to be, please? This must be affecting not only OA, but everyone using any program that works in a similar way.
  3. Thank you. With regard to the blocking events in the firewall logfile (I've found an old logfile relating to the old router, which seems to contain genuine events), does each event consist of a line stating the MAC addresses involved, followed by a line stating the IP addresses involved? (They often occur in blocks, so it can be hard to tell them apart.) Also, does the MAC address on the left, belong to the IP address on the left, the MAC address on the right, belong to the IP address on the right and the arrow indicate the direction (<- for incoming, -> for outgoing)? Finally, there
  4. Hello Andrew, Yes, I imagine that would function as a workaround, and I was looking for such an option myself. Your suggestion implies that there is such an option, but as this installation has lapsed to free, the option has been removed (though remaining active). Can I disable this via the config file(s)? I've also looked for them, but couldn't find any (e.g.) .ini files. Christian - I will e-mail you the file now.
  5. Having found the firewall log file, it contains numerous pieces of information that are somehow hidden when viewing the firewall log. OA seems to be blocking all data from/to the router on the basis "Blocked (fake MAC)". Looking through the 1 remaining log file from the previous router, this also contains several "Blocked (fake MAC)" entries, suggesting that it was working (blocking) correctly before, but has some trouble with the new router for some reason.
  6. Hello Christian, I've restarted the router numerous times. Unfortunately, it makes no difference.
  7. Hello, I've just replaced a DSL modem router and everything is working perfectly, except for when the desktop machine has OA firewall enabled. Somehow, and in some way, OA is blocking all traffic from the machine. The only way for the desktop machine to access the internet (or the router) is to disable OA's firewall. With the firewall enabled, the firewall log shows everything allowed and nothing blocked. Upon opening the OA UI, I can see under the "Interfaces" tab, the new network, however the description simply says "Discovering network. Wait, please ..." This never changes. I have t
  8. akm - I am also reluctant to upgrade to v5 due to the loss of the web filtering functions. Unless your situation is a freak occurance, I can only assume that when they stripped away most of the "Web Sites" section, they may also have changed the format of the Domains list, therefore deleting your "incorrectly formatted" list during the "upgrade". Either way, I agree that software updates should not destroy vast swathes of data that may have taken years to accumulate and fine tune. Getting to your database file question - I have just opened OA on this machine and deleted a number of domains
  9. Yes, this can be confusing. I managed to work it out for myself, but my suggestion would be that the wording for Autoruns be changed to "Disabled" instead of "Blocked". This is where the confusion comes in. I also believed the same thing, trujwin, however OA is not actually "killing" or even really "Blocking" the program at startup. Rather, when you choose to "Block" something from Autoruns, OA removes the information that tells Windows to run the program at startup. So, if you find the entry in the registry, then "Block" the autorun within OA, you will see that the registry entry disap
  10. Even if it had "forgotten" the settings, it seems strange that the first time this program was detected, it was trusted by OA, but now when it is detected (like new), it is not trusted. This is inconsistent. It also seems odd that it would forget in the middle of a day, rather than after the date changed. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be something that can be beta tested, as it has taken months to suddenly happen. I suppose I will just have to install the newer version and hope that it never happens again. One other thing is that although I have allowed the graphics driver startup .
  11. This machine has had OA installed for a few months, but a few days ago, suddenly blocked two programs that run at startup. One is a program that was not only "Allowed", but I believe also "Trusted". The other is my graphics driver software (it places an icon in the systray that provides access to various settings and information). The History simply says that the "Program Guard" "Blocked" both programs after a restart, even though there had been a previous restart on the same day (and many more since installation of OA) without any problems. Neither of these programs has changed, so why wo
  12. It seems that we are having a very similar experience, the difference being that I am not given the option to answer (that may be related to different settings, or the fact that you are using v5, while I am using v4.5). Oddly enough, when checking my History for this reply, I notice that it has done the same thing again today. "Program Guard: OAwatch.dl" and under Action it says "Blocked". The information pane is empty. It seems to have happened at startup. If I check my Programs list, there are 2 entries for OAwatch.dll (no OAwatch.dl), both with the same MD5. One is set to "Allowed", t
  13. This is strange. After a few months of being installed, and never having done it before, on the 11th (2 days after you), I also had OA block OAwatch.dll. However, I understand this forum has a problem with "thread hijacking" and I don't want to muddy the waters. With that in mind, can I ask you to report back on a couple of things to confirm whether we are having exactly the same problem, or just similar? (If they're not identical I think it is forum policy that I start a new thread, but it might still be worth us keeping an eye on each other's threads.) If you look at your History sectio
  14. Im not really sure why you're telling me this. I never said that I was expecting an alert about Regedit or any other trusted progam. Maybe you misunderstood. As it happens, I simply reinstated the startup entry by exporting the registry key and then, once OA had deleted it, I merged the exported data back into the registry. However, I imagine it wouldn't make any difference how it was done, such as your idea of manually re-entering the data with Regedit (or another registry editor), or indeed, if the program itself re-created the startup entry (as is probably the case in trujwin's experien
  15. That's useful information. It should probably be in the banner across the top of every page. That is only true if both "Antivirus" in the above quote are identical (or EAM is superior). If that's true, then why is there an OA++?
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