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  1. Even though a program is blocked, the Firewall Status will still show it Connecting... and then upload some data. Is the firewall failing to stop the data? I have been told that the information may not actually be leaving the computer, but if that is the case, then I think that saying that some data has been "Uploaded" is misleading. I would still like some confirmation from the developers on this. Just as important is that Online Armor seems to be "losing" some data (or maybe it is bypassing the firewall). The "Inbound Data" is often much higher than the sum total of the "Down Speed" of whatever programs are currently downloading. Where is this extra data coming from/going to? Also, (and this would seem to be related, although obviously I can't be certain) the sum total of the "Downloaded" column is actually much less than has been downloaded. Online Armor has seemingly "lost" or simply "missed" most of the data that has been downloaded (having checked, the "Uploaded" column has the same problem). I am currently using Online Armor Premium in the trial phase and I would like to buy this software, but obviously there is absolutely no point if it isn't actually working. Could someone please help me to get Online Armor working?
  2. I simply meant www.online-armor.com. Unfortunately, as we're in the middle of changing ISP's I don't really have an e-mail address I could use to sign up to the CC (not one that won't be cancelled very soon). If I did, I could have sent an e-mail to [email protected], I think. Apart from that, I was hoping for the support to be as close to real-time as possible. It's one thing to wait for an hour for a response on a forum, I don't really have time to wait a day for a reply via e-mail. Apart from anything else, the trial only lasts for 30 days and for a number of other reasons, I probably only have a couple of days to get this fixed. I went for Comodo firewall first, because apparently it's the better firewall, but when it wouldn't work, I got very little support. I thought that was because Comodo was free, and so I was getting what I had paid for, so that's why I installed Online Armor Premium. Now, of course, I haven't paid for it yet, because it's still in the trial period, but the whole point of a trial is to find out if the software works and what the support is like. Well, the firewall isn't working and I'm not getting any support. I'd have to be mad to pay for that. I suppose I'll have to use someone else's e-mail address and contact [email protected] or sign-up at the CC (is there a difference?), but I suspect I'll get nowhere in the next few days (if I even get a response) and so I'll have to uninstall OA and look for another firewall. Thank you for trying to help catprincess
  3. The "State" column said "Connecting..." and the "Uploaded" and "Up Speed" columns had some figures in them (I can't remember what, exactly, it doesn't matter). Although it may not have said "Connected", surely it shouldn't have said anything in the State column, and it certainly shouldn't have been allowed to upload anything. Do you work on Online Armor, or for Emsisoft? I was hoping to get some help with these problems from some "Online Armor Staff", as mentioned on the front page. You're obviously going to struggle to answer some of my questions if you don't actually work on the program. However, you seem to be the only person willing to offer any support in the whole forum. Thank you.
  4. What do you need to know? I'll find out for you next time it happens. I've disabled that option now, so I'll see if oaui.exe tries to access the internet again. I have tried blocking the other piece of software from Program Access, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. I've found the page in the online help which says that the programs appear green in the Firewall Status because they are "Trusted", which seems irrelevant. Surely, what's important is if they're allowed or denied access. I would have expected green to mean allowed and red to mean blocked. I've done a bit of experimenting with LeakTest.exe from grc.com (basically, it tries to connect to their server and tells you if it succeeds). The first few times I ran it, it would ask for internet access and as soon as I pressed block, it would say that it had failed, then there would be another request (a total of 2), which I also blocked. At no point did it appear on Firewall Status. I then tried setting the file to Trusted and the behaviour changed. As soon as it tried to access the internet, it appeared in Firewall Status. From the alert, I would choose block, but the program itself still said "Connecting...", it would then ask another two times for access (a total of 3 requests), which I would also block, then a few seconds later it would say that it had failed, and Firewall Status said that it had uploaded some data. Yes, and "Inbound Data" is showing the rate of download for all entries combined, right? If so, when I add together all of the "Down Speed"s (there are only two, currently) why are they barely a quarter of the "Inbound Data"? Where is the rest of the Inbound Data coming from? I've also noticed that the "Downloaded" and "Uploaded" fields are also wrong, they are much lower than the actual figures. Basically, OA seems to have some sort of "phantom" data that it is losing track of. So are you saying this is more of a problem with the other program, than Online Armor? Why would OA show a program that isn't actually running? Are you saying the program is still running, but Task Manager isn't showing it? No, I mean the date and time that the alert occured. I can't tell whether the request happened 10 seconds ago or 10 hours ago. Thank you for trying to help.
  5. I've now installed Online Armor and started using it (thanks for the help) and I'm having a few problems (or at least, things I don't understand). Admittedly, I've only being using it for a few minutes, but as you're so fast and knowledgable here, I thought it would be quicker to ask than to "Google" it, or try to work it out for myself. 1) As soon as I connected to the internet, oaui.exe and another program (unrelated to OA) tried to connect to the internet, although I didn't create a rule, I did select "Block" for both programs (I'm not sure why oaui.exe was connecting, I have updates set to "Manual only"). In spite of me selecting to block both programs, they both appeared (green) in the Firewall Status and uploaded some data. The other piece of software is still there, although it has apparently not sent any more data and oaui.exe keeps periodically popping up, uploading and downloading some data and then disappearing again. 2) If I add together all of the "Down Speed", it is barely a quarter of the "Inbound Data". Why would this be? Where is the extra data coming from? 3) After a program has finished using the internet and closed down (the .exe is no longer running), it still appears in both panes of the Firewall Status window. Presumeably, this is just a bug with the Firewall Status windows not updating? 4) I can't see a time on the alert popups. Also, I can't seem to find any option to change for this (although I don't know why this would ever need turning off). Thank you, if you can help me fix or understand these.
  6. Sorry, I was unclear. What I meant was, is there any way to apply rules to specific services within an svchost.exe? Or can rules only be applied to svchost.exe in general?
  7. OK. Just checking, but what about... ...svchost. This was going to be my next question, is there any way to specify services within an svchost.exe? My previous firewall only recognised svchost.exe in general, but of course, there are dozens of services running inside several svchosts. I know of Automatic Updates, BITS, DNS Client, DHCP Client and I think one or two others that run inside svchost.exe and access the internet. Also, I don't know if it's completely impossible for malware to run inside an svchost. Thank you catprincess, you seem very knowledgeable.
  8. I appreciate the quick replies. I was going to disable Windows Firewall before I installed OA, so I suppose that is fine too? Also, when I turn off the Windows Firewall, the "Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)" service still automatically loads at windows startup (I'm not sharing the internet connection either). So, I set this to disabled to stop it from needlessly loading, which also stops "Application Layer Gateway Service" from loading at startup (it is set to manual and so it must have been the WF/ICS service that was loading it). Does OA need either of these services to function correctly? Finally, I don't know if OA can be installed from safe mode, if so, is it preferable? If not, will the fact that there are a couple of services I can't shut down, cause any installation problems? Thank you.
  9. Thank you for the quick response catprincess. So, what else could access the internet that wouldn't be asked about? Your (full) explanation was completely thorough and just what I needed, thank you. I'm not sure I would have worked that out, even if I was wide awake. Just to clarify on this (quoted) point though, when you say "a different port or protocol that you didn't allow the first time", surely if "Automatically allow trusted programs to access the internet" is selected, then the first time is not allowed by me, but automatic? (I'm not being pedantic, well maybe I am, but only because I want to be sure I understand how this works.) Finally, in this situation, if a program only used one protocol aimed at one port (I can't think of an example right now), I would never be alerted? However, if a program, say, tried to load a webpage, it would (almost simultaneously) start a UDP connection to port 53 and a TCP connection to port 80. So, whichever was first (the DNS request, I suppose) would be automatically allowed, but whichever came second would ask for permission?
  10. I've seen a lot of people say that you shouldn't run two firewalls together, because they may conflict and cause problems, but then, Windows (XP) Firewall, isn't much of a firewall, is it? This machine has been running my current firewall along with Windows Firewall (mainly through ignorance rather than any active decision) for a few years and hasn't seemed to have any problems. Also, some say that even though Windows Firewall is quite poor, it's a little bit of extra protection that can't hurt. So, is there any point in running Windows Firewall and Online Armor simultaneously? Thank you.
  11. I was a little worried when I started reading the online help/manual (which, incidentally, needs to be made into a downloadable, offline accessible file, such as .pdf or something - even PrivateFirewall has a downloadable manual) and saw that, seemingly, most programs will be allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want (that doesn't sound like much of a firewall to me). However, reading on, I soon found... So, if I untick both of these, then Online Armor will ask when any program or file tries to access the internet? All protocols, all addresses, all ports, In and Out? Also, I'm sure there is some subtle difference between the two options (and they can be selected individually or together), but at the moment, I can't seem to figure it out. Could someone explain these to me in more detail please? Thank you.
  12. Hello. I'm new to Online Armor (about to install, hopefully) and I have a few questions. I will try to keep the different subjects in different threads so as not to confuse things. On the download page (http://www.online-armor.com/downloads.php) the installer for Premium and ++ versions is identical (http://download3.emsisoft.com/OnlineArmorSetup.exe). I expected them to be different, but presumably this installer includes everything and will ask if I want to install the Anti-virus (I don't). Is that right? Also, the installer for the free version at CNET is larger (20,680,392 bytes) than the version available from this site (19,956,408 bytes). I could understand the free version being smaller, maybe because it contains fewer things, but how can it be larger? Finally, I understand that if I install Premium before having bought it, I will have a 30 day trial and that when the trial runs out, if I choose not to buy a license key, then it will simply revert to the free version. Is this correct (considering that the free version has a different installer that seems to contain extra stuff)? Thank you.
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