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  1. kevin, i will do this tonight when the house is quiet and i don't feel pressure to hurry - i hope that's okay, and i hope to be able to do it all properly no changes w/computer - still takes at least 2 tries to connect to internet after being shut down overnight - fan is still laborious, running hot, and running continually with some activities -- i have completely quit trying to do more than one activity at a time and i hate that - i thought an i7 processor would perfect for multi tasking, but i tend to know very little about computers and i guess it's come back to bite me i do thank
  2. i hope i have attached the proper information virusinfo_syscheck.zip
  3. (main reply above) - how computer is running: it is eventually connecting to internet when i first turn it on - it is freezing sometimes when i try to open a new tab - i think it's dying!
  4. i am sorry not to have been available today (wednesday) for help - i did run the program you ask me to, copying/pasting the information in the box into the proper place in the program - i ran the program, it completed, and said the computer needed to reboot - i did that, and i am unable to find a log to send to you every where i look, i am searching by date, and i find nothing generated with today's - or yesterday's (tuesday) date - i do feel i have run the program correctly, but i cannot find the proper information to send you - it isn't on my desktop, now in downloads, nor is it in the p
  5. is database update (red arrow) the same as file update?
  6. i will make the update settings now - thank you - and yes, the connection problem still happens, usually upon first start attempt of the day
  7. attached 2 files computer still takes multiple tries before connecting to internet upon first start attempt of the day - fan is still running hot FRST.txt
  8. (the 2 posts above this one are all re: your last post to me - i'm sorry, but i just need to post an update about my computer *not* connecting to the internet this morning) after bragging yesterday about how well my computer has begun connecting to the internet, i have to say today it was back to multiple tries in order to finally get it to connect - not sure why, nor am i sure why it did finally connect, but that annoying problem is still with me evidently
  9. (attached files in post above) i forgot to say my computer is connecting to the internet now much easier - can't say it's perfect, but if there is any wait time, it usually requires just 1 restart, which is a huge improvement the only other problem i am having is with the main fan on the laptop running hot, laboriously, and nearly non stop - it has been a long time problem w/this laptop that dell never seemed able to properly fix - for the 3 years it was under warranty, they replaced fans, heat sinks (?) syncs (?) and even motherboards many times - now that it's out of warranty, i am j
  10. here is the file i believe you need rk_CC4D.tmp.txt
  11. this is the popup i got when i d/roguekiller again (because it said there was a new version) - i have no idea where to go to d/l the 64 b version they are saying i need - help, please - and thank you
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