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  1. I used "Emsisoft Anti-Malware" (trial version) It detected nothing. So I used the advanced tool "Spy Hunter 5" (trial version) and it showed: trih POPUP/ADWARE/toolbar/TROJAN AkelPad(false?) etc.
  2. I can see some important data here that should not be deleted. Items scanned: 1065975 Malware/PUP found: 1239 ===================================================================================================================== 6 PUP.FlowSpirit HKU\S-1-5-21-505828563-3318272327-2646893776-1000\SOFTWARE\Jingling 6 PUP.FlowSpirit HKU\S-1-5-21-505828563-3318272327-2646893776-1000\SOFTWARE\Jingling::eng_uicfg.1 6 PUP.FlowSpirit HKU\S-1-5-21-505828563-3318272327-2646893776-1000\SOFTWARE\Jingling::eng_tcfg.1 6 PUP.FlowSpirit HKU\S-1-5-21-505828563-3
  3. But then why EEK? Are there any other Emsisoft "freeware" tools that are also equally effective at looking for malware? I would like to test and give the scan result.
  4. Sorry... I don't trust FRST , and user suggest ...because many times I was forced to remove something from my system that later caused my system to crash and lose my data ... And I had to pay PLN 1000 to recover my data. https://www.avidata.pl/cennik.php
  5. I've already said what's causing the problem, but you're not listening. If the EEK considers the some file "can't open", which will make EEK stop! The EEK should skip the problematic file and continue running, but it doesn't. Example: C::4c4943454e5345 - nie można otworzyć [4] Translate: C::4c4943454e5345 - can't open [4] Skanowane dyski, foldery i pliki: Pamięć operacyjna;Sektory startowe/UEFI;Baza danych WMI;Rejestr systemowy;C:\Sektory startowe/UEFI;C:\;D:\Sektory startowe/UEFI;D:\ C::4c4943454e5345 - nie można otworzyć [4] C:\Documents and Settings\XXX\Docume
  6. With UAC Very High enabled - you'll never catch any virus because it won't let you make any changes to your system
  7. EEK does not require any additional tools. The EEK should operate directly without the use of third party tools. EEK is not a powerful tool? Just add better error handling like developers in other tools and no third party tools are required. If developers can't read their own Emsisoft logs, maybe you should hire better experts who learn to read their own logs? EEK does not show the log of what objects are scanned, for comparison ESET Internet Security shows the scan log, why EEK does not have the object scan log? EEK is a very limited and very truncated tool - I would no
  8. I have the old System 7 I do not have a USB drive. I don't have old DVD drives, which are long since redundant in computers I have no idea about Linux, I have never used this system etc. Sugestion Debug Log: The tool should have a "Log size limit: Value XXXX"
  9. I do not know. I am not a specialist! I'm just guessing. Why should I use EEK? Since it doesn't work. I've used all the free tools and the best part is they always work, always! There is no point in using a tool that sucks and it is useless anyway since everything works fine in my system and I have never had any problems. The system works stably and has never required re-installation or repair. (2015-2020)
  10. You can use abstract concepts, but what I'm most interested in is why the tool doesn't work as intended. I want to know the solution to the problem. That's all. But maybe, this tool is completely unnecessary for me since it never detects dangerous files. This means that UAC - a very high setting - is the best solution for malware. And I never have viruses on my PC since 5 years installation.
  11. Because it is scanning all the time and there is no finish of the scanning operation
  12. This is not a crash, only Deadlock - it occurs when thread A waits for thread B to finish its operation and thread B waits for thread A to finish its action. In such a situation, of course, the algorithm will never finish the operation because the threads are waiting for each other.
  13. Microsoft EventLog is not a debug log (!!!), so it does not log/information any EEK information here!
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