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  1. These are all logs generated with this BAT tool. There are no others, but I can see a million errors in the log I opened a TXT file in EmEditor and I see 50,000,000 entries!!! 馃槧 that repeat themselves The thread tried to read from virtual address 000000000000002C at 000000005045E5E0 [a2engine][06:45:45][0x000035ac][ 0][error][basecrawler.cpp - BaseCrawler::ReadNext:139]: SEH exception! Reason: The thread tried to read from virtual address 000000000000002C at 000000005045E5E0 [a2engine][06:45:45][0x00001638][ 0][info ][api.cpp - StopScanTask:377]: Received request to control task 2 state
  2. a2engine_20201129074333.zip It made a log with a size of 256 GB (!!!) and I had to break the log because the error was endlessly duplicating (infinitely duplicate entries error) ScanEngineDebug.log (NOT CREATED) It doesn't create a log here because I have a different tool than EmsisoftAntiMalware. I have EEK
  3. I am asking for a quick diagnosis of the problem / a2emergencykit_20201128161112(8868).log
  4. 15:52:57.560 16980 DoImp: 1; LastError = 87(Parametr jest niepoprawny) 15:52:57.560 16980 <- DoImpersonated(0)= 0; p:0; t:0 15:52:57.560 16980 Warning: GetProcessUserFullName: DoImpersonated call failed, using direct call
  5. EEK doesn't have any logs, so there is no information about the scanned item! Which is a huge drawback. All old EEK versions work, only new EEK versions don't work. Please link to version e.g. 2018 There is an identical problem in the IT service. Seeing that users are having a lot of "stuck" problems, this disqualifies a tool that will NEVER stuck. The tool does not work on the IT Service The tool doesn't work for me. The tool did not work for 2 colleagues. Everything was tested so it is closed to discussion. So the problem is this tool on Windows 7 computers
  6. EEK Unhandled Exception = stuck! Not continue scanning but ESET, Malwarebytes and other tools - handles such exceptions without any problems! So it continues scanning
  7. EEK (Polish Interface) Problem detected [ENABLED / ON] Skanuj w poszukiwaniu rootkit贸w <== This option causes a stuck! Yes. I'm sure because I tested the simulation of all settings [ON / OFF] Ustawienia skanera: Typ skanu: W艂asne Obiekty: Rootkity, D:\ Wykrywanie PNP: Wy艂膮czone Skanowanie plik贸w skompresowanych: Wy艂膮czone Skanuj archiwa poczty: Wy艂膮czone Skanowanie ADS: Wy艂膮czone Bezpo艣redni dost臋p do dysku: Wy艂膮czone Skanowanie uruchomiono: 26-11-20 18:51:23 Przeskanowano: 6 Wykryto: 0 Koniec skanu: 26-11-20 18:52:14 Skan trwa艂: 0:00:51 *** Skanowanie przerwane przez u偶ytkownika ***
  8. Okay. I have created a super small 100MB partition. I added a some file, e.g. mp3, txt. Select a disk to scan D: \ Run... I also can't complete the scan task. It always shows e.g. 16% or 20%
  9. I am looking for an old version of EEK 12 because new versions never work for me. I have tested on many different computers and there is always Scan: 16% I installed new EEK and always the same problem. I asked tech support for my ASUS PC and it actually doesn't work and nothing else they can help. EEK does not work and ASUS recommended me, for example, Malwarebyes, which always works. But how do I want to use EEK. SSD 120 GB Windows 7 64-bit How to Run EEK? Which EXE should I run? Installation Path: E:\EEK\bin64\a2emergencykit.exe E:\EEK\bin32\a2emergencykit.exe E:\EEK\Start Emergency Kit Scanner.exe Is there a LOG to check what object is stopping (stuck) all the time? Hundreds of users report similar problems: https://support.emsisoft.com/search/?q=STUCK&quick=1
  10. No, this is not a message! EEK simply has one or more invalid files! Same file version and different size and different filename, so this is not a valid file. There are so many files in the folder that is valid (the one that runs EEK without stuck scanning?
  11. Hi. It doesn't work properly after the last few updates: Caused by path/exe: C:\EEK\Start Emergency Kit Scanner.exe 1,24 MB Size Working if i run from path: C:\EEK\bin64\a2emergencykit.exe 10,0 MB The previous executable file may be incorrect. I note that this has been an EEK update for a long time.
  12. Scanning is still stuck at 16%. No progress. All setting: DEFAULT: Disk C System SSD: 10-02-20 21:52:02 Skanowanie g艂贸wnego rekordu rozruchowego... 10-02-20 21:52:02 Skanowanie folderu systemowego 'CSIDL_DRIVERS'... Wersja systemu: Windows 7x64 Service Pack 1 Ustawienia skanera: Typ skanu: U偶ytkownika Obiekty: Rootkity, Pami臋膰, 艢lady, C:\, D:\ Wykrywanie PNP: W艂膮czone Skanowanie plik贸w skompresowanych: Wy艂膮czone Skanuj archiwa poczty: Wy艂膮czone Skanowanie ADS: W艂膮czone Filtr rozszerze艅 plik贸w: Wy艂膮czone Bezpo艣redni dost臋p do dysku: Wy艂膮czone Skanowanie uruchomiono: 10-02-20 21:52:02 Przeskanowano: 5 Wykryto: 0
  13. Pop-Up Menu: "Open location" not work Path: C:\ProgramData\
  14. ESET Smart Security detects infection EEK 11 Ochrona systemu plik贸w w czasie rzeczywistym plik C:\Users\..\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp000002eb\tmp000000b9 odmiana zagro偶enia Win32/Injector.ANCS ko艅 troja艅ski wyleczony przez usuni臋cie Zdarzenie wyst膮pi艂o podczas tworzenia nowego pliku przez aplikacj臋: C:\EEK\bin64\a2emergencykit.exe (E3E6270C3484EE13E8623492E3F8294065203636). 562F5E0643D67C8143C450910A462C120CB43B37 Ochrona systemu plik贸w w czasie rzeczywistym plik C:\Users\..\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp000002eb\tmp00000080 odmiana zagro偶enia Win32/Plambot.G ko艅 troja艅ski wyleczony przez usuni臋cie Zdarzenie wyst膮pi艂o podczas tworzenia nowego pliku przez aplikacj臋: C:\EEK\bin64\a2emergencykit.exe (E3E6270C3484EE13E8623492E3F8294065203636). E48F37C90304240139A8C83035B85A9F70D3451C
  15. Where to download the 64-bit version on a 32-bit version does not always work, if a large partition contains is many files. Screen not responding: http://113.imagebam.com/download/GWYSjoiejZC7JBaBNjP_uA/46321/463208824/Screen%20Shot%2002-04-16%20at%2003.12%20AM%3D%3D.png
  16. Please quick help (if a serious risk of to the security of data) can not quarantine can not delete! (even if it shows "deleted object !" Trojan.BitCoinMiner.AC (B) https://www.metaproducts.com/mp/offline_explorer.htm and work delete Gen:Trojan.Heur2.JP.dmGfaKZn4ld (B)
  17. EEK 10 - It does not work a full scan of all drives. Scanning stopped at 29% (1873915 scanned items) --------------------------- Emsisoft Emergency Kit 10.0 --------------------------- Access violation at address 775AD968 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00000014. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Application does not work: Can not stop(Zatrzymaj Polish) the scan (No reaction)
  18. Mr. Fabian Wosar - You're too lazy to help me, or do not know the best solution, or suggest a better tool. No, I gave up and searched the entire internet, mountains, forests and sea and found a solution. Thank you for your attention. Let me quote:
  19. Scans one big partition 2TB GPT, it is not possible split...
  20. Application EEK 10.0 hangs after many hours scanning... Scan all disks selected. EEK 10.0 - It uses a lot of RAM (When the scan - hundreds of thousands of folders (directories large))
  21. No(!), because I have some files to restore, but not all. $R0GESX5.exe - Not found, but still exists!
  22. Deleted - not work EEK - 10.0 Scan settings: Scan type: Custom Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\, D:\ Detect PUPs: On Scan archives: On ADS Scan: On File extension filter: Off Advanced caching: Off Direct disk access: Off Scan start: 2015-09-08 10:03:38 C:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-2526565877-3954789630-2661102657-1000\$R0GESX5.exe detected: Gen:Variant.Symmi.56064 (B) Scanned 370962 Found 1 Scan end: 2015-09-08 10:23:50 Scan time: 0:20:12 Deleted 0 Deleted 0 Deleted 0
  23. can repair a profile, but not shown(tutorial) how to repair corrupted data. Example:
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