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  1. it appears after you putting it into standard mode, UDP port 68 of svchost.exe opened up and that was the problem. seems to only be an issue with the dell drivers
  2. yes, this is fine. although you might find this interesting. I have another dell computer I just installed online armor on and it does the same thing. I have a feeling it has to do with dells network drivers. either the qualcomm network manager, or the drivers themselves. I don't have a problem letting someone look at it to debug
  3. I restored it to how it originally was. It is running on the non fresh installed OS. But the firewall part disables internet every 30 minutes so I have to turn the firewall module off
  4. yes it did. oh, I restored my OS to how it was. I wish I knew, I would have saved them
  5. That's not good I can't because my firewalls use openvpn.
  6. it's the Tap network if I recall, but not 100% sure. if I install online armor, leave all default settings, with auto-configure, I think it may work. But if I turn auto configure on after specifying my own rules, it does not work. Something I should double check. other then that, after locking things down or opening them up, it won't connect
  7. I don't know what this is, but after installing windows from scratch, I believe this to be a hardware or driver conflict with online armor and alienware computers
  8. I've tried everything with this. Am I the only one having this problem? I tried standard mode. learning mode, I've erased all the firewall rules and set it on autoconfigure I've enables all icmp I made sure filter invalid mac is off I've added the OpenVPN folder to the excludes rules. It will only connect if I turn off the firewall module. And this is on multiple computers. has to be others with the same problem?
  9. Ok, here are the logs while trying to connect. It connects, but no packets can traverse. I then try a ping, and connecting through filemanager. this is what I would guess is the problem, but even if I allow all ICMP in the ICMP tab, same problem ICMP -> Destination unreachable(Network unreachable error) Blocked by ICMP rule OpenVPN Logs.txt
  10. I have online armor on several computers, but online one does this. On some, I've imported the same firewall settings over to, and they work fine. On one computer about ever 30 minutes or so, it drops off the internet with the network adapter saying "Local Area Connection" If turn off the firewall section for a few seconds, it then reconnects and is good for a short while. I don't know what is doing this but it almost appears as a dns issues with port 53, but whatever it is, it's very odd as if 53 was blocked I wouldn't be able to do anything on the internet, nor would the other computers work. If anyone has seen this, or knows what it is, I'd appreciate the input
  11. That doesn't seem to be it. If I turn off the firewall component it works, but on it doesn't. If I delete all the rules and let it create them, and allow everything, it still doesn't work
  12. Hi, I am using online Armor, but there seems to be a problem using OpenVPN. The VPN seems to connect, taking longer the usual, but eventaully connects. It looks like their is no DNS information. It can't transfer any packets. I'm not sure what is the cause of this, but things I've tried, is bypassing the folder in the exclusions, didn't work I tried putting it in learning mode, or standard to see if it would configure something I was missing. didn't work made sure the programs are allowed in program and firewall. didn't work. I looked at debug mode, but didn't really understand what I was doing, but the default IP, netmask, and dns were wrong so I put them to I have no idea what it is, but any help would be appreciated.