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  1. help my my files are encript

    extension is .neras


    Amber -02.docx.neras

  2. Hi Michael, We have a new page that better describes how to insert the Emsisoft Mobile Security activation code. Click here. Please don't forget Sebastian's request, so he can help with any separation of the license that might be necessary.
  3. Hello Jonathan. It looks like a translation file didn't update itself properly, and the restart reloaded it. Thank you for following up!
  4. Any time, and thank you for purchasing. If needed, you can reach out for support-related issues to us here, and of course via [email protected] Have a great weekend!
  5. Hello Cube! To migrate settings from a current Emsisoft Enterprise Console server to a new server, these steps should do the job: Disconnect all clients from current Emsisoft Enterprise Console server and then shut down Emsisoft Enterprise Console on the current server Install Emsisoft Enterprise Console on new server Close Emsisoft Enterprise Console on the new server, then stop the Emsisoft Enterprise Console services on new server named Emsisoft Enterprise Console Server Service and Emsisoft Enterprise Console Update Proxy Service. You can do this from the task manager's services list on some machines, or from the services list 'services.msc' on others Copy the following folder in its entirety from the current server to the new server: C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft Enterprise Console\Db\ Start Emsisoft Enterprise Console service on the new server, and the computer list(s) and such should be visible Reconnect all managed Emsisoft Anti-Malware computers via deployment or light packages as normal Let us know here or via email to [email protected] if you have trouble.
  6. My pleasure, Scott. No issues I'm aware of, no. As long as the encryption driver is doing its job before attempting to scan, that is. Let us know if you have trouble and we'll try to help.
  7. You're welcome Scott, Yes, wildcards can be used. You'll need to be sure the pattern is proper though. In your example of *.*\blahblah.exe, that would only match folders that have a dot in the name. Otherwise you'd use something like C:\*\blahblah.exe for example, or C:\*\*.blah where 'blah' is the extension you want to whitelist.
  8. Hello Scott! When you enter filenames in the whitelist text file, are you adding just the filename, or the full path to the file? The latter is needed. Folder names should have a trailing backslash ( \ ), and it seems like you're probably already doing that if they're working. If that doesn't get it going for you, please show me a 3-4 line snippet, obfuscated, of the whitelist file you're trying to use so we can take a look.
  9. Handling this via email, will post back with results, here.
  10. Yes, that should be correct. I've only had feedback from a few people saying the issue is fixed, and we've ceased being able to recreate it ourselves. I haven't had feedback yet saying that it doesn't work, but I'd like more "it works" feedback, for sure.
  11. Hi neneduty, we actually appear to have fixed it in the latest update, 2018.5.0.8686. Libor got back to me that the beta worked - shortly after that we released it in the stable feed. Feel free to run them both, and please let us know if you run into trouble with it!
  12. There is a fix that is working in our testing. It has now been released into beta. For those who wish to try it, here are instructions: After booting, install or re-activate Emsisoft Anti-Malware as needed depending on your machine's current state. Do not reboot again until step 5 or it will almost certainly hang. Click Settings in the top row, Updates in the second row. Change the drop-down menu from Stable update feed to Beta update feed. Press the Update now button. The update must complete. Afterward, verify the version by opening Emsisoft Anti-Malware and clicking the "EMSISOFT" logo in the upper left. It should be 2018.5.0.8668. Reboot the computer when it's finished updating to test, only if the version number is verified to match the Beta version listed above. Please switch back to the stable version when the fix is released stable, even if the beta works. Beta releases are just that, beta, and may be unstable in some cases. You may learn more about when releases come out, here: https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/category/emsisoft-news/ (See the column on the right side of the page). Note that the stable release with Comodo fixes should be mentioned as usual in the updates blog, when it is ready. Here is the beta release note: https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/31323/emsisoft-anti-malware-2018-5-beta/ I would appreciate feedback about whether it works for you or not, either here or via email to [email protected] Thanks!
  13. Hello marko! Just to explain, by "closed and reopened" I was referring to "it just crashed and then restarted itself". That isn't apparent to me in the debug logs as to why, or that it even happened. The logs appear uninterrupted to me. However, as GT500 mentioned, I'm not one of the developers, but rather trying to determine what caused the issue before they get to it. Unfortunately all that just means that we'll need to wait on them.
  14. You're welcome. I'll be looking for your ticket myself, shortly.
  15. Yes, exactly so. Delayed should not be changed until after the Comodo issue is taken care of.