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  1. Hello marko! Just to explain, by "closed and reopened" I was referring to "it just crashed and then restarted itself". That isn't apparent to me in the debug logs as to why, or that it even happened. The logs appear uninterrupted to me. However, as GT500 mentioned, I'm not one of the developers, but rather trying to determine what caused the issue before they get to it. Unfortunately all that just means that we'll need to wait on them.
  2. [Business] Protection turned off at login

    You're welcome. I'll be looking for your ticket myself, shortly.
  3. after update computer won't boot

    Yes, exactly so. Delayed should not be changed until after the Comodo issue is taken care of.
  4. [Business] Protection turned off at login

    Hello maniac2003, there isn't a known issue I can think of that would result in guards being turned off. I think I'd treat it as a possible intrusion and review RDP and other methods of ingress before anything else, just in case. It's common to disable antivirus/antimalware after 'hacking' into a server. On the off chance it is, I'd like to ask that you email [email protected] and mention this topic, so we can continue there. No sense publicly announcing things as we progress, again, just in case. The certificate in question is one that is generated by Emsisoft Enterprise Console and used to authenticate the client -> console connection. Are all clients that are still listed as disconnected displaying the same certificate error?
  5. Emsisoft Anti-Malware only 96.9% detection

    Cavalary, it's just a matter of topic. In the Comodo topic, discussing Comodo makes sense. Spreading the discussion across multiple topics makes it harder for visitors to get information, as search results will come up with unrelated topics. Incidentally, I may be posting something there fairly soon. I'm going to lock this thread for now, since there's really nothing for me to add to the original question, and I've clarified that our focus wasn't on compatibility, but rather it was a nice side-effect of other changes.
  6. Emsisoft Anti-Malware only 96.9% detection

    andone, good points, but that was and is not our main focus, being rather a side-benefit of the new infrastructure. It was a good moment to point out the improvement! Cavalary, as you know, the issue with Comodo is known and is being worked on. It of course isn't possible to test with everything, popular or not, and if our internal and beta testing don't show any issues, we move forward. Sometimes things (like this) get past testing. We don't like it either, and try to fix it. Changes that positively affect several things can also negatively affect a few others. That happened this time, unnoticed until the stable releases - referring both to the AV-C scores and Comodo incompatibility.
  7. Emsisoft Anti-Malware only 96.9% detection

    Hello RodPaulo! Over the last three months, we gradually rolled out new infrastructure for our behavior blocker as part of the monthly feature updates. We decided to introduce this new tech gradually as to avoid headaches when switching everything at once. In addition, just the infrastructure on its own had major benefits like fixing several long-standing compatibility issues with products like Kaspersky, Avast, AVG and some other products, that rendered systems unusable as no process could be started on systems running both EAM and their product in real-time. The rollout itself was pretty smooth and we didn't see anything unusual in our telemetry or continuous daily testing either. However, it turned out that there was a rare race condition with certain malware obfuscators that caused some 32-bit processes to not be monitored correctly on Windows 10 64-bit systems. AV-C did report the issue to us as part of their normal report at the end of March and we fixed and released it as an update during the 2018.3 lifecycle very shortly after, but by then we already had racked up a couple of misses in the April test period as well. You may also be interested in the AV-C business test series factsheet they just published, available here: https://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/avc_biz_2018_03_factsheet_en.pdf
  8. after update computer won't boot

    MalcolmSm1th: There aren't issues with third party firewalls in general; there's an issue specifically with Comodo Firewall. While I have a little information on what specifically is causing the hang, I don't have enough information to say anything yet. As far as I am aware, Comodo Firewall is the only third party firewall that has an issue running alongside Emsisoft Anti-Malware right now. Please email [email protected] about TheBetEngine though. I'd like to gather details about any conflict with TheBetEngine on your machine so we can get that cleared up. This is the first I've heard of it or any issue with it. For anyone else stumbling by, this thread is specific to the Comodo Firewall issue, which is serious enough to cause hangs on boot. Any other issues, incompatibilities, false detections etc. please contact support so we can look into them.
  9. Thank you for letting us know it worked for you, Gideon Sword!
  10. after update computer won't boot

    Libor, It wasn't funny to begin with, and still isn't. I haven't had any updates other than it's being worked on currently, I don't have any working workarounds (as I tried to do earlier), and I don't have information on when it will be done. When we have something ready to test, I'll mention it here, and of course when the fix it out in stable I will as well.
  11. A fix for this issue is in beta right now, and a stable release fixing the problem should follow it shortly.
  12. after update computer won't boot

    Sorry for the slow reply, fabrix. We think we have the information we need to find and hopefully fix this Comodo conflict. I don't have any more information than that, other than it is being worked on right now. When we have something, I'll post it here first.
  13. after update computer won't boot

    Door Knob, This is a simplification, but delayed is the most stable of the last month's releases. While 2018.3.x is current, 2018.2.x's most stable version will be delayed. Again, this is a simplification and it's not guaranteed to follow that scheme at all. Yes, delayed uses current signatures, but may be missing features, even those that protect the computer better in some cases. Yes, it is current signatures in a slightly older program version. Back to the Comodo Firewall issue: On my test computer, I'm using stable, currently 2018.3.1.8572 on Windows 7 x64. I just put in a few Windows updates. I also updated Comodo Firewall. As of this moment, the problem isn't happening to me with no exclusions set up anywhere, and both programs running with everything enabled that would be by default with the Comodo installation options I chose, mentioned earlier. I have full logging enabled though, even beyond just turning on debug logging in-program. Hopefully I'll catch something. Note though that several changes were made in the latest stable, and one of those may have had an affect.
  14. after update computer won't boot

    Libor, endevite, Of course it is! I don't have new information at this time, which is why I haven't posted about it. When I do, I will!
  15. JeremyNicoll is not an Emsisoft employee. He is a long-time forum poster who often has good input. Note that his forum designation is "Member", like yours. Mine is "Emsisoft Employee". Yes, our Russian support is very competent. They should be able to help you soon.