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  1. I've answered via email. I'll update here once we've taken are of it.
  2. I believe I'm handling you via email. I'll chat with you there, and update this when we're done!
  3. Stjepan, What happens if you try to ping shop.emsisoft.com? If that succeeds, would you try tracert shop.emsisoft.com? I'll send you the commands in a private message - I'd prefer your response not be publicly viewable, since it will have your IP information in it.
  4. Then you have a slightly different problem. If you would, send an email to [email protected], and I'll help you get the issue affecting your client figured out. Do mention this post, please.
  5. To fix this, we ended up doing a clean reinstall. Instructions: Note: Please download FRESH software from the links provided, even if you have them downloaded already. We update them regularly. Also, please make sure you have your license key (similar to ABC-DEF-GHI-123) recorded before beginning. If you cannot find it, please contact us before beginning. Uninstall your existing Emsisoft product using the Control panel's "Uninstall a Program" tool, like you would any other software. We provide a special Emsisoft Clean utility, which will search for any Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Internet Security remnants on your system and remove them for you. Please note that this powerful tool is not intended to be a replacement for the default uninstaller shipped with our products (the one you used from the Control Panel). So only use it after you tried the shipped uninstaller. You can download Emsisoft Clean here: https://dl.emsisoft.com/Emsiclean.zip After you finish downloading, start the program. Read the disclaimer and click "Yes" if you agree. The program will scan your system for any remnants and display a list of everything it finds. It usually is safe to just remove everything. Emsisoft Clean can't know if the folder still contains any data that you have put there, which is why the folders aren't checked by default. Emsisoft Clean is capable of removing the folders as well, but before you enable the check box in front of any folder entries, make sure you check them for files you want to keep. Once you finish your selection, click the "Remove selected objects" button. The tool will eventually ask you to reboot. Save all your open work and perform the reboot as requested. Wait a few minutes for your machine to completely finish rebooting, then reboot your computer again (important!) Install a fresh copy of the same Emsisoft product you had installed. Only install one of them! At their core, they are identical. EIS is different from EAM in that EIS has an efficient firewall added. Only the one for which your key is good should be installed. Here are the download links: Emsisoft Anti-Malware: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/antimalware/download/ -or- Emsisoft Internet Security: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/internetsecurity/download/ If you run into further trouble, or for some reason this doesn't work, or you've already tried it, please let me know. Also, any detailed information you can give me about what you've already tried might be helpful.
  6. I did, and replied, and called. I didn't get your mails until far later than I should have however. I explained in a reply to you via email!
  7. Hello GVTS! I believe I'm already helping you in our ticket system, correct? If not, let me know. Otherwise, when we get it resolved, I'll post back here so others can see the fix.
  8. For anyone else searching for this, this was the fix: 1. Download the reset_epp.zip script from here: http://tmp.emsisoft.com/fw/reset_epp.zip 2. Unpack the script to a location of your choice. To unpack just right click the file and select "Extract all". Pick the location you want the file extracted to and follow the wizard. 3. Right click the extracted reset_epp.bat file and select "Run as administrator". After a reboot you should be able to enable the real-time protection just fine.
  9. In short, no, nobody that I've heard about is having an issue like that. Have you confirmed what is causing the reboot issue? When you attempt to reboot, where does it hang, and what does it do?
  10. It shouldn't be, but there was a beta released just today if I remember right. I'm not sure why it would have grabbed a Jan 5 version. I would recommend re-installing, leaving the update feed at Stable, then updating. See if it continues to work properly after no updates are available, then switch back to Beta to see if it works. At least then we'll have an idea if it's the beta release you're downloading, or some other issue.
  11. Did you get your exclusions to work for Zemana, The Banned? If all else fails, you could uninstall Zemana, then use an installer tracker (such as that built into Revo Uninstaller) while you re-install it to see where it installs to.
  12. From a guy who would know: "If game mode is enabled, all popups are suppressed and confirmed with their suggested default actions. Which basically means that if the behavior blocker would suggest to block an object, game mode blocks it automatically. Updater and other notification popups are just not displayed at all." That is to say, updates will still happen, but game mode should suppress all of the notifications of it.
  13. Directly below the one that says "Quarantine" is the link that says "Support". The boxes under the green/blue/blue/blue ones are the gray boxes he's referring to.
  14. The Banned is correct. Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security are combination products, with antivirus, antimalware, surf protection and behavior blocker, plus a firewall in the case of EIS. Don't let the "Anti-Malware" name fool you. We are antivirus as well. Our product does run along side some antivirus products, but overall, it is not necessary to run multiple, and can sometimes be bad, as Kevin Zoll pointed out. It isn't a bad idea however to run a "second opinion" type of scanner that is run on demand perhaps, in addition to any security suite like ours. Examples: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Hitman Pro.
  15. You're welcome Gabbie, I'm glad you have it sorted.
  16. Greetings, JungleTech. I don't believe you can do what you wish with EAM/EIS GUI interfaces by themselves. I think, however, you might be able to leverage the command line scanner, found here. You'll note that a2cmd also comes with Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security, in their installation folders. That's the method I believe you might be able to use. While it doesn't have features I'm aware of that allow it to call another program on completion, I think you could create a scripted wrapper to do that for you. For instance, using the CALL command in a bat or cmd file. Does that give you enough information to move forward?
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