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  1. I bought a 2 year Eis bundle, it loaded Eam and then Oa, I activated with two keys. The error looks like this ICMP-> Destination unreachable(Network unreachable error) Blocked by ICMP rule I temporarily disabled Oa and Eam leaving the win firewall in charge but still couldn't download pdf's or cryptoprevent update. I am puzzled by how this rule showed up, The only new activity I have been messing with was uninstalling microsoft office 2010 and its annoying key xb'BVM)8A$4!!!!MKKSkClick2RunMSM64>OO5hSGuIH?xoVn&wQ(Ex That key has been stuffing my autorun panel with 2500 copies. Jer
  2. I was exploring the firewall and permissions recently. I had set permissions for some unknown programs from allowed to ask. now I can not download any pdf or program installers, when I looked into history log I saw events that were blocked by icmp rule. I tried shutting down both Eis and Eam and downloading but the download still failed. Is there a way to reset Eis back to the installed condition? I tried reset in a place or two but it didnt help. Sould I uninstall/ clean install? Is there an online manual for Eis, Oa. That might help for user questions like this? Os win 7 64 bit Eis and Oa firewall
  3. Thank you Christian. The clean utility worked, followed by clean install. Both Armour and Eam license are entered correctly. I can now enjoy what I am certain is the best Anti-malware I can get. Cheers, Jerry S.
  4. Hi Christian. I see where I got the licence wrong. But it will not let me update the correct key, I have been trying to do a clean reinstall. but I can not get emsisoft to uninstall. I can not get past the user permissions. When I try to reinstall is says to uninstall old version first or contact support. is there an emsisoft uninstaller I can download ? Can I change the user permissions to uninstall. I am the only user and have admin rights as far as i know. Jerry
  5. Hi, I tried Eam and liked it, and bought Your product key: " not listing that here " I uninstalled Eam and downloaded Emsisoftinternetsecuritysetup.exe 213,700kb. Ran the setup but afterward I get two errors 1 cannot connect to update server, check internet connection and proxy settings. 2 It does not acknowlage my key, I have a customer refrence number I like the software so far but it does not seem to be fully installed yet. Jer