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  1. Elise, I already read that, part of reason that I put it back on my computer. I have been using Bleeping computer for a couple of years, Quietman has been a big help to me. He uses ESET for his AV, and he leaves disabled versions of your program and also free MBAM for Anti malware. Someone, maybe you, told me that Norton NIS and EMsisoft AM do not get along very well together. I am not real computer savy, so I need stuff that work well, and have support. NIS is 79 dollars a year and Emsisoft is only 39 dollars a year. I really do not understand why Emsisoft advertises itself as an anti malware program, when it really is an antivirus device. I do believe it is a very effective anti virus program, I'm thinking about using it as my anti virus and maybe MBAM as my AM. OR getting a cheaper Norton, like Norton ANTi Virus and using mbam as my AM. What do you think about these options, plus, it is great to know that EMsisoft has support on Bleeping Compuyer. Thanks Elise JIm
  2. Hi, I have Emsisoft installed as an Anti Malware program. I was reading about it being a 2 level Anti-virus program, I have Norton NIS installed as my anti virus, and I was hoping to use Emsisofts AM and possibly a free AV to replace Norton NIS as it is 79 dollars a year, Norton has very good 24 hr support where you can chat with someone and they will take care of any problem you have. Emsisoft has removed a lot of Windows and Microsoft legitimate programs, during real time protection. It doesn't get anything when it does a scan, except the first time I used it. I know you guys try, but your support is not good, there is no way to talk to someone. I don't know what to do at this time, only have about a week of your service left, did not get a full month. My Norton runs out at Sept 5, trying to save money as I am on Disability. Jim PS- Windows control panel says that I have 2 AV programs running which you are only supposed to have one. Slows things down. I have real time protection turned off now and am doing scans once a day,
  3. I may be wrong, everything like scans and real protection seem to be working, but not all malware does not seem to be going to quarantine. It says that 25 malware have been detected, I do not remember all of that going to quarantine. Is there a way to scan log, to make sure, I emptied quarantine once, don't think it was 25 items. Jim
  4. I e-mailed support, and told them I only got 17 days of free trial, I got a response adding that I put in a new license, I wanted to try out the dual AM + AV system that you offer , At first I was sent 2 licenses, then told that I try a license just for AV,When I logged in support, I got a message that my license key was something else, do not understand, am I supposed to change them? Em was acting weird tonight, after I ran a scan,it said to rescan, there was something in the scan. I will e-mail support and ask them what to do. The scanner was not acting right, usually you can check theblog and support during a scan, I could not toay, what's up? Jim
  5. Siketa, So you do not think I need any anti virus? Pretty sure it was a cookie, easy enough to check. Quietman @ Bleeping Computers goes wild about Emsisoft, but uses Mbam himself. Just trying to be smart and not spend a lot of money.
  6. Hi Christian, I used [email protected] , I sent it on Aug 7th. Haven't heard anything, I signed up for trial of Emsisoft AM, and got 17 days, is that right? I have checked Mbam, SAS, and mbam was good on trial, but went free, was useless, Tried SAS and it was acting weird, so I uninstalled it, and tried yours which found 13 items on first scan, from Trojan to cookies. My Norton NIS expires at beginning of Sept, and it is up to 79 a year. It is good, but slow and takes up a lot of space. I am thinking of getting your paid AM and a free AV or your combo which is only 49. Security is important. Any advice. I have been doing research on Bleeping computers which is a neat site. I have Secunia 2 on my computer too, which is a Windows version 7 with SP 1.
  7. Hi, Right now, I am using Norton NIS, which is an excellent anti-virus, but expensive and takes up a lot of computer space. Also, Expensive, $79 a year. I have been experimenting with different anti-malware, because of some issues That I have had. Mbam trial was good, but went south when it lost full protection, would not ever find anything on scans. Right now, I am on trial for Emsisoft, which is working very good, cleaned out stuff that mbam could not find on free scan and with real protection, so far nothing has gotten thru. Only issue is support, with Norton, if I have a problem, I can get a person who will go as far as go in my computer and fix itt someone 24 hours daily. I am thinking about getting Emsisoft AV and EM with Firewall, I e-mailed the company a couple of days ago and no one has responded yet, Thanks JIm
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