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  1. I tried to take a picture message, although it is not in good quality, but it might help.
  2. I tried to print screen desktop, but it does not work. The computer just hangs and the screen will show the message, but can not be traced, is not stored anywhere.
  3. I don´t know, because this message is in the desktop only 5 or 10 seconds. I can not decipher.
  4. The computer restarts and gives me the option to start (emergency or normal mode). Subsequently, windows reports an error, but never find the solution method. And so it still repeats.
  5. Hi, actually fine. Unwanted Ads are gone and computer is really is faster. But when I want watch video on internet my computer collapse. Desktop is black and write something about psychical status of the computer.
  6. I have trable again, computer i very slowly and every time in my desktop is unwanted Ads.
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