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  1. You as a specialist can't find anything this topic may be closed unsolved. I dont count on a answer from FB as Mark "Sucker"berg is only interessed in earning more money : changing password and installing virusscanner is in my case not the solution. Probably I will close down in a few days my account. Many thanks Kevin, for you time and help on this case, unfortunately without result. Best regards, Henri.
  2. Attached the EEK and FRST scan logs for my netbook. Addition.txt FRST.txt Scan_150804-225253.txt
  3. I have already changed several times my password and apps are deleted and platform disabled. It is really weird that as I enabled the apps platform an app appears disguised as "samsung mobile" or "sony xperia" appears (it may not be really an app as I can't block it). I thank you very much for your time and help but before closing down FB, one last question : As I used FB sometimes on my netbook (win8.1), the infection could maybe there? Could I send you the logfiles (emsisoft and FRST) ? ( I had FB app also on my phone but I did a factory reset)
  4. Too optimistic I was, just after previous message, I logged in again to FB and saw on my activity list that I had shared a link (to porn movie) which I didn't. In the setting I saw again that sony xperia app. I've deleted message and app and disabled app platform again. Before the messages were that friends were tagged, now it was a link that was shared. I could easily live without FB but i'm not sure closing FB would solve the problem as the virus may collect other data.
  5. I tested FB today after the combofix run. At first sight nothing unwanted happened so far. I also enabled app platform : fingers crossed :-) I will let you now on monday how the things are running. Windows Updates still don't install but seems to be another technical problem. Attached combofix log files, one just after the run, the second after restart due to "illegal operation " - message. ComboFix.txt ComboFix(2).txt
  6. Sorry to ask but how can I rename ComboFix during the download? Just before downloading I have the choice only between save and cancel. Thanks.
  7. I mentionned earlier that by disabling the app platform I thoughed the sending of messages could be stopped. However yesterday I discovered that dispites this, as soon as I logged in, a message was sent. This was before I applied the script you send me but also after executing the script the same thing happened. Also the windows updates fail again. Attached the new log file virusinfo_syscheck.zip
  8. Attached the zip-log file of AVZ. virusinfo_syscheck.zip
  9. Attache the reports from RogueKiller. The reports weren't generated automaticly so I made, using the tool, one in TXT. RogueKillerReport 20150729.txt
  10. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the link. 1. I've ran the fike checker : no integrity violation was found. 2. Ran also system update raediness tool for windows vista : this was installed. Unfortunately, the updates I received by Windows Update still failed. Also the Fb issue isn't resolved. I think there may be a link between both. What to do next? Format all and reinstall ? I've read some viruses nevertheless can survive this. Thanks
  11. sorry for the mistakes in previous mail. Please read : I had also changed my facebook password (instead of "I've changed also platform")
  12. Hi, App were deleted in Facebook as I disabled apps platform. I've changed also platform. I wanted to a test some minutes ago and enabled the app platform again. After some login - logout the app sony xperia appeared and in the activity log I saw that a message with tag / porn was send. I've removed message and disable app platform again. Concerning window updates. I received error code 80070490 . I run the MicrosoftFixit.wu.Run but without result. The log mentioned : windows update error 0x80070490 : not repaired and Problems with installing recent updates : not repaired It looks severe. I've also a smartphone and netbook could they be involved also in the FB problem?
  13. I've change password again in FB. As I did earlier I'm afraid this will be not enough to solve the issue. The apps platform still disabled as I'm afraid that enabling it would trigger again those unwanted messages. I have also noticed that the windows updates fail recently and can't be installed. Attached the new log files. FRST.txt scan_150723-201926.txt
  14. Hello Kevin, Thank you for helping me. Much appreciated. Concerning Facebook, I've noticed that an app I didn't installed, appeared in the app list. It couldn't be even blocked. So I disabled all apps. When I enabled lateron the app platform again, all my app were gone but after closing and opening FB, one single app appeared in the list again. It was named Samsung Mobile or Sony Xperia or HTC (I dont have Sony or Samsung PC/Phone/Tablet) and at the same time I saw in my activity report that a message with a porn-link was send to some or all friends. Attached you'll find the requested logfiles. Let me know the next steps. Thanks Henry. AdwCleanerS1.txt Fixlog.txt JRT.txt
  15. Hello, My pc is infected by a virus. Facebook is sending porn-links to friends. Several viruscanners I've tried couldn't detect this virus. Meanwhile I've blocked the apps in FB, which seems to be a temporaru solution. Attached the requested files. I had to run FRST offline as I had to close down Avira and Emsisoft blocking the running of this program. Thanks in advance for your help. Henry Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_150722-110822.txt
  16. As everything was nearly blocked and internetconnection extremely slow, I've decided to format my pc and re-install all programs. The topic may now be closed. Thank you for your time and help.
  17. Attached the result log files AdwCleaner.txt, Jrt.txt and Fixlog.txt
  18. Hello, Because browsers were loading very slow, I performed scan which results in 10 infected objects. 7 of them I could put in quarantaine and remove afterwards. The 3 remaining I couldn't place in quarantaine. Attached you'll find the requested reports. Thanks in advance for your help. Henri
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