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  1. seems fine. even the dailymail site that needed almost a minute to show is now open in few seconds...
  2. sorry i don't get it. i'm on xp. where i got no search box in the start menu.did u mean "run" ?! hope so i did all that in the cmd window but it wont make the txt. file i will live the cmd window open for now...
  3. i think it's ok. the basic problem was solved by me long time ago. since i used emsisoft I was instructed to post a post for further treatment. then did all kevin ask me to do. after combofix worked he said..."Looks like a RootKit was installed and active." which led me to despair and now, i guess it's ok?! shabat shalom
  4. we never clean anything with FRST... what about this? https://www.malwarebytes.org/antirootkit/ can i trash the combofix that on my desktop? thank u
  5. the JRT is runung for a seconds and vanish. don't c any think happens. did it 3 times and even with antivirus and zonealarm disable.
  6. wow,thank u but 3 questions b4 : is it safe to close the antivirus and firewall? what location shall i save the files, desktop or in a directory ? is it possible that the threat is no longer in my pc ?
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