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  1. both those files were run this AM. The one from the EET software states scan completed April 30. I'm sure it got the latest files from the site before running. ??
  2. a2scan_150430-091658.txt FRST.txt
  3. a2scan_150430-091658.txtFRST.txt
  4. AdwCleanerS2.txtJRT.txtFixlog.txt
  5. moved Farber program to desktop before running, but only generated FRST file but no Addition.txt so included original. a2scan_150427-172725.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. help a2scan_150427-102815.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. FRST_10-04-2015_12-14-41.txtScan_150410-121111.txt
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