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  1. Coming back to my post #229 about massive firewall problems with the latest EIS beta releases: with version things became better: for small files no noticable difference to the Windows firewall for large files (many Gigabytes) EIS firewall causes about a 30% performace drop in net thruput (even for SAMBA transfers within the local net)
  2. Unfortunatly I had to dump EIS for EAM yesterday. EIS all of a sudden got buggy and would not open, tried several re-installs but same thing. Or the firewall would not work on re-installs.Maybe a buggy update? same here (Windows 8.1 pro 64bit): one of the last updates has rendered the firewall part of EIS 9 IS beta completely useless... after some time IS9 beta firewall slows down LAN connections to a crawl and firewall often does not switch on upon boot, in that case autopmatic problem repair of Windows sometimes fixes it by repairing standard gateway deactivating firewall and reactivating sometimes brings IS9 beta firewall back to normal -- not always beacause sometimes when I reactivate the IS firewall, IS9 beta hangs (does not react to right clicks, has to be killed and restarted) at the moment i have switched the IS 9 beta firewall off and the internal WIndows firewall on to be able to work in a normal way
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