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  1. Thanks Kevin here are the post fix logs . Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Hi Kevin, not sure how I missed the software downgrade messages, but clearly my bad. Ran the fixlist which seemed to clear up a few of the issues I was having. Chrome now gets through the Windows Firewall. I still have the device Ralink Wireless Linux Client showing up on my home network, with some continued research it looks like this mauy be some 'plug and play' device show up on my network, is this something you think I should be concerned with? Fixlog.txt scan_171004-205502.txt
  3. Several changes were made automatically to my PC and appeared after updating my Emsisoft anti-Malware. First my licence for Internet guard switched to Anti-Malware olny (the last update to my Internet Security files was 9/29/2017, and I can not run the application): second; when this happened the emsisoft firewall software change to the Windows 10 native firewall and it does not seem to be functioning correctly: third, a new network device showed up, RalinkLinuxClient with the Mac address of cc:95:d7:3a:82:18 with no IP addess. A quick search of the mac address reported it to be from Malware, which I think created a new process call c:\windows\system32\taskkill.exe. The emergency kit run does not show any suspicious files nor did my nightly scan. Thoughts on what is goping on and how do I get the emsisoft firewall back. Thanks logs.db3 Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Good so far. Thanks you guys are great and the reason I bought Emsisoft. Thanks again.
  5. re-run with fixlist provided above. I understand that not all files reported by Rogue Killer need to be deleted. I thought I only delete those that were noted as 'suspicious'. For my education can you tell me which file I deleted that I should not have. I'd appreciate it. Thanks again for your help. a2scan_150512-152443.txt FRST.txt Fixlog.txt
  6. Ran as requested and tried a few other steps as follows: Adwcleaner restart JRT restart RogueKiller restart EMsiscan After each tool all suspicious files were deleted. All logs attached, I'm still getting a window names "more deals" popping up on Firefox. Many thanks helping me through this, your support is great. AdwCleanerS1.txt JRT.txt RKreport_DEL_05092015_224536.log a2scan_150509-224942.txt
  7. Ran as instructed, Logs are attached. Checked Firefox and the sane ad ware program is getting through. Fixlog.txt FRST.txt
  8. I've been infected. When ever I move off of my home page I am getting ads that say 'powered by Browse pulse'. this is mostly affecting Fox Fire but also intermediately hits Chrome as well. I am running Emsisoft Internet Security, but this ad ware has gotten through. It's possible that it's been on my PC for a year as it is one of the same issues I had in 2014. Attached are the requested logs. I've also run Rouge Killer and JRT these are coming up with no issues. Thanks for your help. FRST.txt fixlist.txt Addition.txt a2scan_150506-140503.txt
  9. updated EAM rouge killer file attached
  10. Kevin, the attached report is from todays run of an Emsisoft scan. It reports files containing Trojans, these files show up inconsistently in scans, even after they have been quarentened or deleted. Thoughts?
  11. To answer Thomas' question yes I got the "explorer.exe has stopped working" error message. Kvin per your request, atteched are two copies of the Rogue killer logs: the first is direclty after a reboot and the second is after I ununstalled IObot per Thomas' suggestion.
  12. Thanks for steping in Thomas. System is much better than it has been but still doesn't seem to 100%. Windows Explorer locked up and I got an alert and block from Emsisoft that something had changed the checksum from Firefox, I rebooted and reopenned Firefox, no alert. Attached are copies of the Addition and FRST logs from the requested run.
  13. Thanks Kevin this seems to have sped up my internet. The log is attached.
  14. Here are the updated files from EEk and FRST
  15. Thanks Kevin Checked and deleted the lines as instructed. Attached are two files; 1) from the initiatal scan and then a second file that is from a scan after the re-boot. Interestingly Rogue killer seems not to like its self and flagged and deleated the roguekiller.exe file.
  16. Kevin I ran a scan from the free version of Emsisoft and it returned two files it noted as haveing torjans in them (is ther ea log file saved somewhere I can send you?) I did not quarantine the files. I did shut down the free software and ran a snan from EEK (log atttahced). the initally identified files it not report as issues. I then ran JRT, Rogue Killer and Combofix (again logs attached). Then I ran one last scan from the free vaersion of Emsisoft, it came back totally clean. Any suggestions?
  17. Seems to be running well, better than it has in a long time. Still getting the fade on the Windows icon screen at reboot, but the self opening Explorer windows have gone away. Attached is the log file from Combo Fix. I did shut down the anti-virus, but after I had started the Combo Fix program. Looks like ComboFix had a lot of files to delete. Unless there is more cleaning that can be done, what do you suggest I do to ensure my external flash drives and my back up external drive are clean when I reconnect them? Again thanks for you help, no way I could have done this on my own. I will definatly be a Emsisoft customer.
  18. Kevin thanks for sticking with this. Attached is the log file from Rogue Killer. FYI, during one of my reboots a Windows update ran, upon restarting the Windows start up stayed bright and the Explorer files did not open. On the next reboot the start up screen faded and Explorer panes opened on thier own.
  19. For kicks i ran the EXX and JRT utilities again and have gotten items that need to be quarintined. Why do these keep reappearing? I also continue to have the issue with the windows startup screen dimming half way through and the two explorer windows opening on their own each time I re-boot the PC. On the plus side the re-boot and internet processes are much faster than they have been in a long time. Ideas?
  20. Kiven thanks for your help. Attached are the file created after each program run. If I've missed anything please let me know. Should I reboot now or wait?
  21. Emsisoft has been great and removed 90% of my issues...the last 10% is aggravating. The Emergency Kit Scan has gone from reporting several malware instances to no malware reported (I've included the first and last file runs) as I've cleaned up the PC. Although most of the sympthoms have gone away there are a few that have not; 1) Windows start up screen dims at reboot; 2) two copies of File Manager open on their own at reboot; and 3) my wireless internet connection keeps dropping (desk top PC two feet from wireless router); 4) searches on the Firefox browser come back with error messages about not being able to connect to the server. Would appreciate your help, Thanks
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