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  1. In Firewall -> Programs I can't find csgo.exe What should I do now?
  2. I have not tried. When brother comes to PC I will tell him to try.
  3. I can't, csgo.exe and steam.exe are not on list. I have already set Steam folders in excludions but same thing happens. Is there any other way?
  4. I know but why my ping jumps to 2000 and then falling to 50 ms with OA enabled? With Windows Firewall ping is 0-10.
  5. Hello everyone. A few days ago I have installed OA Free and I think it's great but there is a bug. My brother noticed that while playing games (CS: GO, lol ...) ping (latency) jumps to 2000 and down to 50 ms, and the problem is repeated every 5-10 minutes. With the firewall off the ping (latency) on server is 0-10 ms. Now I set up the game in exceptions and the problem still persists. How to fix this problem? I'm using Online Armor Free Thanks in advance. P.S. Sorry for my bad English
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