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  1. Craaaaaaaaaaaash! here are the minidmp but i dont know what are the cause I invistigate and someone says are intel drivers but i have all drivers updated include the intel drivers are downloaded from intel page and not from hp here are the minidump because the another one weigth 4GB memory dmp The 7zip file are the same and dont have password 012816-25765-01.dmp 012816-25765-01.7z
  2. I will and i made a sys image previous a crash whitout emsi to discard any posibility
  3. Thanks bro and congrat for that fastest scaning It are a evidence about emsi center on prevention and not in cleaning (clean good but prevention better) IF i need i can reopen a post send you a e mail
  4. Yes i do it in my clean install full memory dumps and all another measures. For now all aprently are ok. The swap file are 8GB and have 50 GB of free space.
  5. Thanks bro I can not send you private mensajes because my warning points but for me is the same open close. I only ask close because i am done but if are more useful stay open for me is the same
  6. It means betas are tested before relese to normal users is like you test it before and try to guarantee we dont present major issues whith that. Its good to know you take care of that if i see a new sys crash i report to you and send dumps . I dont send it before because i dont have it . As i say the only dump i have are who crashed test but i report this for now all are ok
  7. Thanks again Arthur. For me is incredible 3 minutes i use webroot and never compares in speed, you solve mi inquiri if is need close the post but incredible really. I think something bad whith av for the speed but no. Thanks for confirm i never see a quicker scan.
  8. Sorry I dont see your answer. I really want to know if emsisoft stores a cache of analized files in real time protection to be smoth and ligther whith the use. Second is the same cuestion but in on demand. Today i perform a full scan whith direct disk access and it takes 3 hours but affter i perform a malware scan predefined and it takes less than 3 minutes is this normal? A malware scan in 3 minutes ? not quick scan
  9. I only want to say you have all reazon guys you can close the post i really feel litle bad to trash semana but i think not are a good product it sends me too much fps and its real time protection are too intrusive and i think can not work alongside whith emsi because too much FP i hope semana does a best job to sustitute malwarebytes pro. For now i feel ok whith emsi and Adguard. Thanks
  10. Hi Arthur Wilkinson thanks for your support i refrhesh windows and dont have problems aniymore but i take some measures. The first one are disable the fast boot feature, because it dont let emsi or another programs loads ok (Thats are for my especific model of pc hp pavilion 11x360 ) sedond one i always disable emsi cache to use more ram and run more smoth but this time i dont changue emsi seetings on configuration, third one i dont install another security product like zemana. It works for me and the version 11 are ok whitouth beta. I see the beta and are very quick i would like how safe is use the beta chanel ¿Really have too much critical errors?, ¿Why dont publish the posible bugs on beta versions changuelogs?
  11. Qrthur i know there not are windows support but who craahed dont found nothing about prevous crashes and in event log only says kernel power windows dont shutdown properly but dont see more info i dont know if emsi are the cause it dont happen whith norton or macafee but happwn whith emsi and defender
  12. No dont need nothing sorry i go a litle excited because have comboa eufory
  13. I only have 2 sys crashes now i will check can you tell me how to know why my sistem crash i dont have minidumps of that crash and in event log dont say nothing
  14. Sorry to be redundant but i dobt recice but i dont recibe a blue screen or adress error
  15. Arthur you say the languaje changue sends a error and it does not affect emsi. And say too my crash issues will dispear on beta version? I think my problem was more dificult. Tell me if i am rigth try
  16. Hi first i want to congrat you because emsi cames better every day and whit adguard promo i feel more protected . I forgot about the combos i only have emsi and adguard. I have a new hard drive. I install windows clean and then emsi and all my software. I know you not are windows support team but i have 2 crashes whith no error mensaje only system stop to respond i have a new hard drive . I run dism restore health command and sfc i know i dont have malware because i check my sistem and filw whith several tools . This system crash dont happen whith norton only whith emsi and defender. In event log dont say what causes crash. I use a tool called who crashed and dont find nothibg. I do a crash test tonsee if windows stores minidumps and it does. By other side whwn i try to changue emsi languaje it says have a error and send you a log... As i say that dont happen whith norton. I want determine if emsi are ok and why my sya crash
  17. I have a cuestión i see realtime scaner scans only new or modificated files by default but i dont know if on demand scaners do that. Realtime scaner stores a cache of no modifed files but on demand do that too? Maybe is a stupid cuestión but i like to know to set up my security seetings.
  18. I am sorry i am not english speaker. I am spanish speaker and i dont use a traslate program. I will try to say that things 1.-You can be infected in every place 2.- You can turn paranoid in security 3.- You can damange the system whith "combos" more tan whith a virus. 4.- I see too much people here uses MBAM Premium and EIS or EAM I think Zemana are a good alternative to that combo I will report you any issue. 4.1 I see some issues Zemana Catch some FP who emsi dont I dont see slowdowns or incompatibilities but maybe that are invisible for me. if i see one i report you 5 I not try to be ofensive. I try to Help and my content was helpful. 6 Sorry again my bad english
  19. I dont know about MBAM haves problema whith his driver maybe they have to solve this. As in my case i dont know if semana antimalware are compatible whith emsi, i am testing for now no crash no interventions whith one and other program, all work ok. Zemana at the same of mbam Premium detects files on execute, emsi detects files on the fly before they was wirte in your disk or in the read and modification (by default and recomended for peromance cuestions). In theory Zemana and emsi or mbam and emsi will be compatible if you not are an experienced user . Just use emsi and the malwarebytes free versión i see is very rare mbam catch something who emsi dont i test emsi and give my Word you are safe. I tell you something What do you thijng have to do when MBAM or emsi tries to quarintine same file or quarintine between they? its acomplex problem and if you dont know how to do exclusoins you maybe have several troubles
  20. Hi in theory zemana antimalware (i have this) and mbam not need exclusions but for precaution or perfomance is better do it In Emsisoft you can add all that folder to exclusions C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\ and the other one a file solely maybe they work well together dont worry .
  21. Maybe you are rigth debugging and see how to dont crash the system maybe can be more bad. The user can do a irreversible damange trying combos. Tell me to me I try EAM and comodo, I have to move to EIS. The fw industry falls down and now the only good options at my view point are EAM and Windows FW and EIS. About antiexploits i dont understand about that topic because in all my years of computer user i only catch a virus by a vulnerability in my av product (bullguard before emsi) and it disables BFE service and i have no internet but whith the eset tool againts that virus i be safe. I only see a criptolocker in my work place and no the comon variants. Then i see too much pirated software viruses or trojans but not in my pc. I have here some adawares or junk software, sometimes i will be paranoid and ask help for a unknow file or process. Whith the time i learn its not necesary will be too paranoid. The security practices are subjetive and obscure for example you can go to your university website and catch a criptolocker and can go to a porn site or pirate site and catch too. You have to trust in your software In that case emsi. Yes I agree whith you maybe i turn paranoid but i see too much people uses MBAM pro like you (Its not personal offensive comentary its just to describe a situation) and Zemana gives too much life time licences to much people and is litle economic than MBAM premium maybe will be a good alternative to EIS MBAM combo but i will check. I want to help me and help people in that way. I will report if i see some Zemana Issues whith emsi. If it dont maybe will be as i say a good alternative. I must tell about advanced security users jeje that makes me laugh really before emsi and before 2005 i have 3 or 4 security products and pass my time debugging and dont enjoy my pc. When the multi av cames i goes crazy and use products whith 3 or 4 av engenies like Quihoo like Trust port or the dispear Coranti. Now i have a steam suscription and a lot a games and i like to play games. I search a comprensive security software not intrusive and who let me enjoy while i feel peace on mind. I have a norton sucription who i will give to my cousin. I have a dns infection while i use it because i use edge browser for my homework and dayly using . Now i see emsi protects me better. If i found a Zemana Issue i will report here. I must tell you i have one but it was because i have a corrupt windows install because my iso was stored in a damanged external hd. Now i will check if the crash issue persist. Whith this new hd and clean windows install and good iso image. I hope my contributions and discusions helps For now the path of zemana files to exclusions are that what i say above Program Files Local Roaming
  22. Look bro i can do the exclusoins but my system was corrupt b ecause i use a bad iso, stored in a trash harddrive because that i think i have several crash in system and whith that combo as i say above on program files program data and local user raming have the zemana folders fi some one wants to experiment that combo on comodo by other side include whith exclusions i have slow down system i quit comodo . Zemana catch some FP who emsi dont i dont think necesary anymore.
  23. I have now EIS (yes i decide upgrade when i see now the firewall industry are down, agnitum crash, privacyware dont update from 2013 etc) i add zemana antimalware premium whith realtime proptection on execute I dont see any issue only FPS from Zemana and that was i have prereslesed games from steam and that not are know for zemana (Rarely they use cloud tecnology and emsi dont and emsi knows and lear the program and zemana quarintine directly) but affter doing the corresponden exclusions and restored zemana fps all work well. Hitman pro alert for me is a complex software good complement i dont think have any issue whith emsi but i stop use it a years ago. MBAE calls me i install now but maybe i will uninstall because it dont let add emsi to exclusions. Good combo EIS -Adguard My Combo EIS-Adguard-MBAE-Sandboxie Sorry i dont want to hijack a user post or broke rules, for me is interesting because i like Hitman pro in the past i use it whith emsi and don see conflicts and gives me another layer of protection really invisible to me. I hope contribute to this post
  24. Let me explain to you Calcu Emsisoft Antimalware or Internet Security are a complete security solution a substitute of antivirus, really antivirus is an arcaism, an old word, bad therminology because now all security software detects spyware, viruses, worms, etc (All there are called malware) because that emsisoft are called antimalware because it stop all, emsi not are a complement like malwarebytes premium or zemana premium. Emsi not are compatible whith another antivirus emsi was an antivirus antimalware, antiall
  25. Interesting i dont know because i get rid hitman pro alert a years ago, but i dont use java i only use embebed flash player on ie or chrome or edge and have adguard, i just curious ¿Is compatible Malwarebytes antiexploit whith emsi?. I think emsi alone does a great job whith no additions, adguard gives me some peace on mind. Is really necesary overload the system? Hitman pro, malwarebytes antiexploit, spywareblaster etc
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