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  1. Excuse my ignorance but hitman pro alert not are free? or ar hitman pro alert free?
  2. If you check windows security center you see 2 security products, as i say you you can use Emsisoft emergency kit to on demand scaners
  3. Ok only need where are Zemana folders to exclude it in emsi. I only found one on program files and other in user/local/roaming and thanks for your sugestion and atention cris
  4. Thanks Cris and I know the emsi quality but as we say in mexico "A caballo regalado no se le mira el diente" A gift horse you dont see his theeth I have a Life time licence. Thanks again
  5. I see Emsisoft folders on program data and program files x86 zemana folders i dont know where are i only find one on program files and another on user/local/roaming
  6. I only must tell you Cris EAM Comodo firewall slows down the system when execute some scripts to clean temp files or view even log and include the start up takes lot a time and notice a high usage of hd 5 minutes
  7. Hi Bro EAM is a complete antivirus solution they have real time protection as avast is like have two antivirusses. If you want to use EAM just use EAM if you want to use AVAST just use AVAST you can use Emsisoft Emergency Kit as a Second opinion scaner on demand and dont need exclusion try uninstall the program who do you dont want whith the official uninstall tool to dont leave traces
  8. Hi Aura I check how emsi Works whith comodo i dont like comodo slows downs my system crazy. I get rid from my system and use private firewall the old private firewall and i know how to use it. Now in Emsisoft what Zemana folders have to exclude I know Zemana antimalware Works well whith emsi whitout exclusions but i as jerky says maybe is better do exclusions. What Zemana folders have to add to whithe list and viceversa What Emsisoft folders have to add to whithe list. ?
  9. Hi Thomas i must publish here this results i call adguard Support and explain they i only have one Computer and not have Android devices they extend my licence to two years and let it in 1 Computer and 1 Android for users like me who dont need ad guard for too much devices you can ask they whith your licence number and a valid mail or call to their pone in their website. I really hope emsi mantain a relationship whith adguard because is a great complement to emsi.
  10. Hi brother i will catch it i suggest it in feedbacks and now i will take your method because i have too many games and apps and the learning was very slow and now i can solve more time I wish that post or metod will be published in a pined post David gives you a great support
  11. Hi can you tell me what process must to add in this softwares comodo emsi etc or at least central proces of emsi?
  12. Look Emsi team i dont know if its posible someone can Help me i have catch the offer whith renew and catch adguard its a great software and i like to have more tan a yearly licence i dont have Friends or more Computers of devicces to add. I only have one Computer. They say maybe you can send a request to extend my licence only for 1 pc more years or include life time. Thank you and hope its will be posible
  13. Hi happy. Today Zemana guys reactivated my lifetime licence. I recive adguard, you give me discounts and i can catch it. I use comodo firewall to virtualize a software who i need to work. I see all work ok whith hips or whitout hips but i see the start time has deelayed 180 seconds . I want to know if is safe add exclusions in all that softwares and if is necesary. I want to know if it improves perfomance. And finally What process. I use lasttest version of CFW. Thanks for your Support its good comeback to forum
  14. Thanks siketa i will ask to zemana let me ajust my licence if found incompatibilities i report it . Siketa on zemana you activate pandora?
  15. Now i am using lastest version first install emsi then comodo and all works ok i disable hips web filter an v scope on comodo i not use eam beta
  16. Thanks for youtr valuable expetience and i wait two more replies. i see you are tester. how can run that both products . Whats are the diference between they reqlntime protection
  17. Hello again first i apologize for one exabrupt the past year when i stop using emsi. I really think i going paranoid and stalker. I dont understand in the past how to live in Peace whith my pc and always search problems reinstalling one and another time or using unknow software. I sorry for that exabrupt i really like to recibe mensajes from your team again because is more quickly the Support and more personal. But for now i wait. Second one I think i will post this in Emsisoft feedback but congrat for your interface change is very cool. The program seems very modern. I think is a good idea integrate mail Support in the interface but i think is much better integrate fórum Support too whitouth the need to open the browser to go to fórum or see the FAQS. Independently you do a great job. Now the cuestión in the topic I catch a Zemana Antimalware Premium lifetime licence but i dont know if is compatible whith emsi because haves a real time protection similar to MBAM Premium . In emana they say are compatible I dont see any kind off issue but i think maybe not are compatible.. If someone uses that combo please let me know. Thanks again and wait your answers happy new year (late but happy)
  18. Hi bro I have a similar situation to you and i can not solve your cuestion. I only say you i think you can renew your licence. When i leave emsi they stop my counter licence and i return very happy whith all my days in my licence. I renew my licnece today whith a discount and catch ad blcok and is a wonderful product a very nice combination. I think you can renew or bougth a new licence. Respect emsi learning time i think you can not backup your seetings or carch a backup the emsi learning are slow but if you take the time your computer fly. I only took 1 hour runing all my programs and now whith the new improvements emsi shows less FP or alerts. I think the best way is using your computer normally and let emsi learn. I have 50 steam games but only play 10 i dont need emsi check the others while i dont play them. Welcome to home
  19. Ok really bad i apologize and feel very bad, sorry i am desesperated and hope to understand, i apologize and say sorry whith every member of staff who i disturb, when i recive a warning and when Arthur says me that not the way i have i stop to send mensajes and include wirte a mail. I think its not nice. And a Warning is a warning not a (castigo). I am think dont fault respect to anybody, dont use never altisonant words, and never talk bad about emsi or his team. 9 warning points i never see that it appears instantanely and now i have that rigth of pm revoqued. I will try using the forum as less posible. To dont inconformate you. Some one are kindly and give me a solution. And some one who dont know the desesperation of comon user and says. "Nobody haves your problem" baned me. Sorry maybe can say me before that i will use e mail support in mayor chases. And can delete that post. I plain to worte some ideas on feed back and recomend emsi to all my mates and affter recive a price from you and peace on mind i feel good, now i feel sad. That problem are solved please close my topic and if that incomodate you delete my coment
  20. Dear alternaxa Arthur wilkinson gives me a site where donload it, i like to know if you have an a copy of that. MS says things very bad 1 out servers down 2 dont provide that hotfix anymore 3 pay and we make changes who hotfix does 4 its your computer internet and isp 5 dont use emsi 6 emsi must give you our host fix
  21. Hi i still breve microsoft servers are down and they say discontinued the kb 2958399 and i can not download to install EIS can anybody help me?
  22. Hi i need the hotfix kbkb2958399 microsoft stops provide that the servers are down
  23. I have a long history of incompatibility problems whith EAM and comodo but i should fix using sandboxie now i want to back to EIS but the installer ask for the kb 2958399 but i know if dont install it it causes blue screens of dead and ms discontinued that hot fix. My custion is necesary that hotfix now? Microsoft link to that hot fix dont work and i can not install please if anybody have provide to me here thanks Thanks and sorry for my constant cuestions S.O Windows 7 x64 Edited MS dont provide the hotfix
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