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  1. Hi everyone and hibix my big x friend i see the problem of virtual kiosk persist as long as two versions i only hope t he development team help. Comodo is a large spread firewall and i think are a good combo please understand, and finally i decide to remigrate to EIS because i test qda software whith sandboxie and every thing goes ok. Can close the topic but still remember that problem i am not the only emsijo and anothers in comodo forum have the trouble
  2. Hi bro i follow the steps but for me are inecesary the logs of jrt and adwrecleaner, because dont find nothing, but for the situation i will like what you or kevin consider only will run the other tool,
  3. Hi as i say you its not my problem, its on my cousin computer we bougth a office 2013 licence they say was profesional but was profesional plus and the guy activate whith probably fake kms dont detected by emsi but yes by avast and ms essentials and another antivirus total defense and avira as a hacktool or trojan downloader we format the pc various times delete partitions restore files whith clean external media. We run jrt and adaware cleaner and malwarebytes and hitman pro and emsi am and ms safety scaner but we are worried to use gmail accounts or paypal in chase of remanent what do you think? only dont run frt o fstr or what ever t was? what do yuo think format and those scans can give us peace on mind? system works regulary whitout problms no kms folder no kms file, no extrange process on task manager
  4. Its very strange because the first time works i only tick behavior abd all ok . I am too desactivate all emsi components and comodo components except sandbox. I see irregular first start sometimes comodo dont load or sometimes emsi dont load properly I try too many scenarios and dont I think is emsi who cauaing conflict because uninstalling it comodo works I trust more in you than geek buddies Because i dont ask çomodo guys Maybe umbra polaris know sometjing And if he does not i truat more on emai solutions ans wait a proper way to solve whith that comodo 8 because on comodo 7 dont have this kind of troubles
  5. Noymt at all it only wirks in two reestartsreestarts and i decide first i tick all boxes and nothing then i decide restore image sys prevous comodo and emsi and tick boxes again and create trusted rules for every comodo file and nothimg do you have any idea?
  6. Thanks problema solve, the behavior shield from emsi conflicts whith comodo if add entire comodo folder to exclusions and only let exclsion from behavior shield all Works great i do all test posible on emsi behavior shield, fileguard and scaner and surf protection, thanks my friend bix x, i ask to support team to changue my licence from EIS to EAM i hope it dont be a problema and thanks very very thanks
  7. Well thats a clean windows install, i do the proper exclusions in both softwares and dont work, i am tired, i give up, i think is something whith emsi becase comodo works alone well. I hope you check it, thats a new version maybe are too buggy or incompatible i dont want to ask comodo guys, always conect to m pc and take it to ruin, always have to format. I only let here my screenshots in hope someone found solution
  8. Hi again and sorry i dont use traslate because are incomprensible and i have midle english skills i understand you maybe the problem was windows virtual pc or xp mode or the patch requiried by emsisoft IS i think thoae soft cauae conflicts i am reinstalling windows can you show me your exclusions? Screen shot and then i reproduce it and show you i like a team viewer sesion but if it is not posible show me your exclusions
  9. Hi i done all kind of test and dont found nothing to solve my problem . comodo stopa work properly ehen emai was installed include desactivating all comodo abd emsi features except kiosk . whwn i do that kiosk starts but free . i try use kiosk while install emsi and dont work. I dont see dumps because no bsd or sys error msg . i see behavior shield create rules for v kiosk . i create rules manually and dont see succes. Include emsi dont create rules for programs in protection windows that appears in logs and dont specify their naturally. I think that are no solution only emsi and comodo comunicate between . i know thats asking too much but the fw popularity and wmsinquqlity must be togethwr i dont. Think inam the only one whith this problem i only do one more try disabling the host fix requiered to emsi is config if it dont work can tell me if emsi is are compatible whith vmware or virtualachine soft i see dont are whith virtual box if eam are more compatible whith virtual machines tell me
  10. 1 yes i have i send you one but dont remember where are that, econd i desactivate all omodo strange things an all emsisoft protection and v kiosk are loading and no system crash,i am too much confused include i uninstall zemana antimalware hitmnpro clone) and sys explorer and go back to a sysrestore pont previous to install to more clean uninstall. I install first emsi and then comodo and ad exclusions and now i desactivate all are passed 5 minutes and dont see nothing advance only v kiosk initializing on the center of my screen. If need minidump tell m where found
  11. Yes is too much strange i have a several trouble. I must tell you for i am a windows install paranoid, i always install well my windows, prevent registry cleaners using, i dont use tuneup software (not now) i include see some tools like adawarecleaner or jrt prodce strange registry entries in clean windows installs and run windows sfc and checksur, i never have errors on my trust center, and when i install comodo fw and emsi (independent of the order) and exclude all i completly crash my system I do all you indicated, i stop all emsi protection, i stop all comodo protection, i use comodo v 7 before and all work well but the newversion dont, and the fw works great or i think but the vkiosk dont, i am very confused by that, because i dont see conflicts before. Now i use xp mode for my testing procedures but v kiosk are more confortable, but when i migrate to windows 10 i can not use XP mode and that worries me. Comodo works well whithot emsi and emsi works well whitout comodo rare. In default seetings, are a way to you see my sys specs or something. I know i am malware free
  12. Hi Fabian and Big X i will try but for me is something strange, because i disable all emsisoft modules and error persist and continously agrave to the completly crash. I dont like comodo because have too many modules but, for us are necesary. Look I tell you the trut we use QDA softwarees, freewares alternatives because QDA Miner are the most cheap in this context and it cost 300 USD the another ones cost 2000 to 4000 usd, we are well whith softwares like welft QDA but sometimes we looking for better alternatives and it are very dificult, we see too many cuestionable software pages and emsi save us, but we use that on virtual enviroments to prevent any alteration system, we are too many perfecionist in that cuestion. XP mode not are too safe and are too inestable and the vkiosk are a way to solve our problems, we plain to changue our combo security if emsi allows changue our licences to EAM and Comodo FW but we want to know all work well before format. I will try add those apps to whithe list but it dont afect the security? Can comodo files infect if i exclude from emsi?, If the escenary are other excude emsi from another protection software dont vulnerate it? I will try your solutions, sorry i like to have some screen shots and i will ask to comodo guys the important files to exclude on emsi before asking for my licence change and my cousin licence changues, plase as a friends (you are cool) stay in eye whith me, and finally i must tell you i see emsi relatively incompatible whith win 7 x 64, and not in 32 bit version include i think sacrifice 1 gb and go back to 32 bit version . I will try yourr soutin and i will report to you Bix I like your explications, fabian, as we say in mexico "una bala como siempre "
  13. I see some kind of incompatibility between comodo fw and emsisosft antimalware on my cousin pc, i see when emsisoft was installed some functions, especially virtual kiosk dont work, i dont know if another functions dont work i tell my cousin go back to EIS, but i want to report it and hope you solve, because we work whith virtual enviroments, i dont know if another components of comodo dont work, but i see eventally system crashes. I try desactivate all comodo functions and all emsisoft funcitons and comodo dont work properly, like emsisoft interfers, when i uninstall emsi comodo works normally. thanks for your help an if i can count whith me
  14. Hi dear kevin i ran those tools and not see nothing and respect the script it refers to nextus dock and thats not malware, i ask you check or scan my iso file because its my installation resource and its much necesary to me, please, i plain to format my machin whith that source because i want to have a windows clean install to desing a website on 1 and 1 and want to have a good windows install whithout optimizers or that things who crash windows please check my iso
  15. Here are the logsa2scan_150112-061131.txtAddition.txtFRST.txtShortcut.txt
  16. Hi bro i will atach but in emsi full scan whith direct disk acces dont see nothing i will post that but i like you check those files and those web sites because all work well but that inquietes my and i plain store especifically iso file to format againt when its necesary
  17. Hi i lost my windows 7 iso and download from here http://xxx.identi.li/index.php?topic=189002i put the X where must have www i see that site on virus total and dont find nothing and windows works well https://www.virustotal.com/es/url/01108111546caa6260ffa4cecd6138c3f90c9d8eaf0036f9b57c046e74b7e870/analysis/1421070430/ i upload the iso to my dropbox i like you check if are infected or something like that please for obvious reasons i can not upload to virus total again i put xxx where have www https://xxx.dropbox.com/s/hl2urjw4778hpdk/X17-58859.iso?dl=0 Finally i purchace a software to make spots whith flash but i see somethings suspects on quterra reports and soft never installed https://xxx.dropbox.com/s/o0f5rw75bfv11xb/flashlogowizard_full.exe?dl=0 Finally here the virus total report about that last file and the web site https://www.virustotal.com/es/file/8c76c085e63b86b85731a268b6865bb0a70b73e3c0567774c0604a16081eb119/analysis/1421052597/ https://www.virustotal.com/es/url/f6b55761ee183a05e37c83490eb5110e760f06e5524d94fe117b8608aa66287d/analysis/1421052235/ http://quttera.com/detailed_report/www.freeflashlogos.com I ran emsi and malwarebytes and dont see nothing but i still worry emsi are in agresive mode on access and pup are activated and behavior shield are 100% block Thanks for your assistense and happy year
  18. Hi kevin t here are solved i can remove this virus I will ask you i enter in this website i post the virus total link mbam detects open candy emsi dont detects nothing did i have to worry sorry if are another ting but if i have to open a new post tell me but answer me before https://www.virustotal.com/es/file/51518c20c283ee08b2ea4e0969543995f5ccd1a19630e40dd10756db9bcfa7fc/analysis/1420790360/
  19. Hi kevin i was never noticed about your answer i am a litle worry I did well runing that tools? Do you think are drangerous. I see if i run emsi and then those tools new registry values are created and if i only run emsi nothing more happen. Here are the log filesShortcut.txtFRST.txtAddition.txt
  20. Hi i decide to realice another scan whith emsi after run those tools and appear that Emsisoft Internet Security - Versión 9.0 Última actualización: 07/01/2015 05:17:27 a.m. Cuenta de usuario: Esperanza-PC\Esperanza Configuraciones del análisis: Tipo de análisis: Rápido Objetos: Rootkits, Memoria, Trazas Detectar PUPs: Activado Análisis de archivos: Desactivado Análisis ADS: Activado Filtrar las extensiones de archivo: Desactivado Caché avanzada: Activado Acceso directo al disco: Desactivado Inicio del análisis: 07/01/2015 05:26:40 a.m. Value: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1652539205-370837149-1654767665-1000\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\SYSTEM -> DISABLETASKMGR detectado: Setting.DisableTaskMgr (A) Value: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1652539205-370837149-1654767665-1000\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\SYSTEM -> DISABLEREGISTRYTOOLS detectado: Setting.DisableRegistryTools (A) Analizados 58200 Encontrados 2 Fin del análisis: 07/01/2015 05:27:16 a.m. Duración del análisis: 0:00:36 Value: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1652539205-370837149-1654767665-1000\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\SYSTEM -> DISABLEREGISTRYTOOLS En cuarentena Setting.DisableRegistryTools (A) Value: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1652539205-370837149-1654767665-1000\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\SYSTEM -> DISABLETASKMGR En cuarentena Setting.DisableTaskMgr (A) En cuarentena 2 I see if i run those tools they create that values again and again and again i dont knw if are drangerous
  21. Hi i reinstall windows affter some moths and i see two extrange registry values detected by emsisoft internet security. I normally install all my soft and emsi at the end, never has viruses on this pc, i think are adaware, but i want you tell me if i have to worry i atach te emsi scan and FRT and JRT and adwcleaner. I wait your answer JRT.txtAdwCleanerS0.txtAdwCleanerR0.txta2scan_150106-184105.txta2scan_150106-184224.txtFRST.txtAddition.txt Check thats is a Emsi quick scan after quarintine it i dont see nothing in post full scans Emsisoft Internet Security - Versión 9.0 Última actualización: 06/01/2015 06:34:26 p.m. Cuenta de usuario: Esperanza-PC\Esperanza Configuraciones del análisis: Tipo de análisis: Rápido Objetos: Rootkits, Memoria, Trazas Detectar PUPs: Activado Análisis de archivos: Desactivado Análisis ADS: Activado Filtrar las extensiones de archivo: Desactivado Caché avanzada: Activado Acceso directo al disco: Desactivado Inicio del análisis: 06/01/2015 06:41:05 p.m. Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\MICROSOFT\TRACING\AU__RASAPI32 detectado: Application.Win32.InstallExt (A) Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\MICROSOFT\TRACING\AU__RASMANCS detectado: Application.Win32.InstallExt (A) Analizados 58276 Encontrados 2 Fin del análisis: 06/01/2015 06:41:29 p.m. Duración del análisis: 0:00:24 Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\MICROSOFT\TRACING\AU__RASMANCS En cuarentena Application.Win32.InstallExt (A) Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\MICROSOFT\TRACING\AU__RASAPI32 En cuarentena Application.Win32.InstallExt (A) En cuarentena 2
  22. The imei seeting not are required? and i have only do that on ongoing ? sorry i dont want he uses that app while i am aucent
  23. Hi bro i dont know if that are your cuestion but its simple if you changue the file or you know are know file an ie update for example or windows update office update etc you can allow but if its suspicious update not on demand and not know dont allow, Its more simple say alow when i update steam i have to allow or update rule
  24. Hi in concret thats are the cuestion are if my cousin tell me he wants my laptop and he wants to browse on internet and i dont want he does can i stop all web traffic to google chrome, i want to block all kind of web traffic, Another topic for example my cousin wants to use my steam cloud and i dont want how can i block steam.exe whith EIS firewall I want to block all kind of traffic. In online armor you have a list of apps who says allow or block all, but here are more complex create custom rules to block all kind of web traffic in a single file
  25. Hi again and happy year i only want to ask you about how can i block an exe file to conect internet manually can you say me i see firewall seetings very confusing for manual magnament for example if i want to block internet acces to X.,exe fie how i can i create custom rule because that dont appears in protection tab but are a easiest way i create a rue who says block tcp/udp and another to lock another trafic thans again
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