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  1. Hi bro I only want to thank you about the tips you give us I knew emisoft are very good piece of software but your help clarifing some topics are invaluable thanks again
  2. And you recomend use mail clients like outlook or windows live mail or not?
  3. The BSOD only occurs one time and never repeat include when i scan whith emsi play ageof empires and use chrome its only one time BSOD do you think necesary instal hotfix here says it was experimental
  4. Hey here is a link for minidup https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=B75B4C72FC6EEA96%2114063i send the mail latter
  5. BSOD runing Age of empires 3 Emsisoft and chrome 64 bits too many erro Hi friends i have a bsod and now i create a report whith blue screen viewer from nirsoft because have too many error codes. I was passing a full scan whith emsisoft playing age of empires 3 and chrome 64 bits at same time. When i analize pc first i see that error but when i open apps and then analize (full scan whith emsisoft) dont happen the BSOD appears one time on clean windows installs and only one time is that normal? did i have to do something more? i ran checksur and sfc/scannow and dont find errors. Te bsod never appears again i upload the reports from blue screen viewer to my one drive here are te links Thanks for your help and sorry bad englis https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resi...6EEA96%2114062 https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resi...6EEA96%2114061
  6. Fabian Dear friend i realy impressed for your answers really clarify all my cuestions. 1 Sometimes i ask because i format my pc and run emsi and i dont see anything blocks and perform direct access disk system scan and all goes fine. I think i not infected. Too much people says when you format a pc virus can persist i have data ond D and system on C and no exe files from cuestionable procedure. 2 If emsi dont scan my mails it means its better to use a web mail than a mail client? As i say you one time i run a full scan and found one of my mails are infected and emsi delete it and then redownload it and i have to go to web plataform to delete it but emsi never detect the mail when it redownload only when i scan bacause that whats your opinion? Sorry to dont answer i have too much work in that moths
  7. Tanks fabian i hope it will be solved in normal stable updates i see riskly use beta thanks and it wil never happen on clean windows install
  8. I realize emsi internet security install in clan windows and it appear i want to know what it is only appear one time affter install and run update ehat i must to do? reinstall emsi? Version : Date : Sun, 23 Nov 2014 21:01:03 -0600 OS : Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit) RAD : BDS 7.0 Dump : $8B $40 $08 $89 $45 $F8 $33 $C0 $5A $59 $59 $64 $89 $10 $68 $E3 $F3 $54 $00 $8B $45 $FC $E8 $F1 $DC $FF $FF $C3 $E9 $D3 $71 $EB Section : ExceptionHandlerHook Descr : Address : $0054F3C0 - [00400000] a2start.exe - - - - 0[0] Module : a2start.exe Exception : EAccessViolation Message : Access violation at address 0054F3C0 in module 'a2start.exe'. Read of address 00000008 Call Stack : 00 $0054F3C0 - [00400000] a2start.exe 01 $0054F3C0 - [00400000] a2start.exe LastAddr : LastModule : LastException : LastMessage : Call Stack : ActiveObj : (Non-Delphi exception) External exception C0000005 00000008 00000000 ActiveAddr : $00000000 - [00000000] a2start.exe - - - - 0[0] Bug report file is located here: C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\EMSISOFT INTERNET SECURITY\a2start.log Learn more about internal errors (for developers): http://www.eurekalog.com/help/eurekalog/internal_errors.php
  9. Hi Cristian i discover the incompatibility is whith ashap it installs a driver in hard drive to control and acces and its dont allow complete emsi install thanks and sorry
  10. I dont understand about blue screens of death and dont know what happen i ran a quick scan during install and appear two blue screns i send you the information of trust center and minidumps the 7zip file dont have password Origen AHDDC2_Main.exe Resumen Dejó de funcionar Fecha ‎21/‎11/‎2014 02:24 a.m. Estado Informe enviado Descripción Ruta de acceso de la aplicación con errores: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ashampoo\Ashampoo HDD Control 2\AHDDC2_Main.exe Firma del problema Nombre de evento de problema: APPCRASH Nombre de la aplicación: AHDDC2_Main.exe Versión de la aplicación: Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 5015c215 Nombre del módulo con errores: AHDDC2_Main.exe Versión del módulo con errores: Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 5015c215 Código de excepción: c0000005 Desplazamiento de excepción: 000029c5 Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601. Id. de configuración regional: 2058 Información adicional 1: c1c0 Información adicional 2: c1c023b67bae8d2a1d00e1467d157ae3 Información adicional 3: 45c6 Información adicional 4: 45c61f987fd351b8c45120edd236d3ee Información adicional sobre el problema Id. de depósito: 3104182183 El equipo se reinició después de una comprobación de errores. La comprobación de errores fue: 0x00000018 (0x0000000000000000, 0xfffffa80064e7040, 0x0000000000000002, 0xfffffa8007dc976f). Se guardó un volcado en: C:\Windows\Minidump\112114-31699-01.dmp. Id. de informe: 112114-31699-01. Firma del problema Nombre de evento de problema: BlueScreen Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601. Id. de configuración regional: 2058 Información adicional sobre el problema BCCode: 18 BCP1: 0000000000000000 BCP2: FFFFFA80064E7040 BCP3: 0000000000000002 BCP4: FFFFFA8007DC976F OS Version: 6_1_7601 Service Pack: 1_0 Product: 768_1 Id. de depósito: X64_0x18_CORRUPT_REF_COUNT_a2ddax64+1c7f Información del servidor: 9e517f45-6894-48f3-968b-25196ae92b0c El equipo se reinició después de una comprobación de errores. La comprobación de errores fue: 0x00000018 (0x0000000000000000, 0xfffffa80064cf040, 0x0000000000000002, 0xfffffa80046d015f). Se guardó un volcado en: C:\Windows\Minidump\112114-22167-01.dmp. Id. de informe: 112114-22167-01. Origen Windows Resumen Cierre inesperado Fecha ‎21/‎11/‎2014 02:35 a.m. Estado No reportado Firma del problema Nombre de evento de problema: BlueScreen Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601. Id. de configuración regional: 2058 Archivos que ayudan a describir el problema 112114-22167-01.dmp sysdata.xml WERInternalMetadata.xml Información adicional sobre el problema BCCode: 18 BCP1: 0000000000000000 BCP2: FFFFFA80064CF040 BCP3: 0000000000000002 BCP4: FFFFFA80046D015F OS Version: 6_1_7601 Service Pack: 1_0 Product: 768_1 Firma del problema Nombre de evento de problema: BlueScreen Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601. Id. de configuración regional: 2058 Archivos que ayudan a describir el problema 112114-31699-01.dmp sysdata.xml WERInternalMetadata.xml Ver copia temporal de estos archivos Advertencia: si la causa del problema es un virus u otra amenaza a la seguridad, el equipo se podría dañar al abrir una copia de los archivos. Información adicional sobre el problema BCCode: 18 BCP1: 0000000000000000 BCP2: FFFFFA80064E7040 BCP3: 0000000000000002 BCP4: FFFFFA8007DC976F OS Version: 6_1_7601 Service Pack: 1_0 Product: 768_1 irma del problema Nombre de evento de problema: BlueScreen Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601. Id. de configuración regional: 2058 Archivos que ayudan a describir el problema 112114-22167-01.dmp sysdata.xml WERInternalMetadata.xml Ver copia temporal de estos archivos Advertencia: si la causa del problema es un virus u otra amenaza a la seguridad, el equipo se podría dañar al abrir una copia de los archivos. Información adicional sobre el problema BCCode: 18 BCP1: 0000000000000000 BCP2: FFFFFA80064CF040 BCP3: 0000000000000002 BCP4: FFFFFA80046D015F OS Version: 6_1_7601 Service Pack: 1_0 Product: 768_1 Sorry if are in spanish i have nirsoft blue screen reader and see that Crash List Created by using BlueScreenView Filename Address In Stack From Address To Address Size Time Stamp Time String Product Name File Description File Version Company Full Path a2ddax64.sys a2ddax64.sys+4110 fffff880`03ed3000 fffff880`03edd000 0x0000a000 0x51396c04 07/03/2013 10:41:40 p.m. ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+1be14 fffff800`02a07000 fffff800`02fec000 0x005e5000 0x531590fb 04/03/2014 02:38:19 a.m. Microsoft® Windows® Operating System NT Kernel & System 6.1.7601.18409 (win7sp1_gdr.140303-2144) Microsoft Corporation C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe partmgr.sys partmgr.sys+1010 fffff880`01040000 fffff880`01055000 0x00015000 0x4f641bc1 16/03/2012 11:06:09 p.m. tcpipreg.sys tcpipreg.sys+9b8040 fffff880`05b17000 fffffe80`05b29000 0x0000060000012000 0x506c62be 03/10/2012 10:07:26 a.m. hal.dll fffff800`02fec000 fffff800`03035000 0x00049000 0x4ce7c669 20/11/2010 07:00:25 a.m. kdcom.dll fffff800`00b9b000 fffff800`00ba5000 0x0000a000 0x4d4d8061 05/02/2011 10:52:49 a.m. mcupdate.dll fffff880`00c46000 fffff880`00c95000 0x0004f000 0x4ce7c737 20/11/2010 07:03:51 a.m. PSHED.dll fffff880`00c95000 fffff880`00ca9000 0x00014000 0x4a5be027 13/07/2009 07:32:23 p.m. Sistema operativo Microsoft® Windows® Controlador de errores de hardware específicos de la plataforma 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255) Microsoft Corporation C:\Windows\system32\PSHED.dll CLFS.SYS fffff880`00ca9000 fffff880`00d07000 0x0005e000 0x4a5bc11d 13/07/2009 05:19:57 p.m. CI.dll fffff880`00d07000 fffff880`00dc7000 0x000c0000 0x4ce7c944 20/11/2010 07:12:36 a.m. Wdf01000.sys fffff880`00e4e000 fffff880`00f10000 0x000c2000 0x51c51641 21/06/2013 09:13:05 p.m. WDFLDR.SYS fffff880`00f10000 fffff880`00f20000 0x00010000 0x5010ab70 25/07/2012 08:29:04 p.m. sptd.sys fffff880`01070000 fffff880`0118e000 0x0011e000 0x527276bd 31/10/2013 09:26:53 a.m. ACPI.sys fffff880`0118e000 fffff880`011e5000 0x00057000 0x4ce79294 20/11/2010 03:19:16 a.m. WMILIB.SYS fffff880`011e5000 fffff880`011ee000 0x00009000 0x4a5bc117 13/07/2009 05:19:51 p.m. msisadrv.sys fffff880`011ee000 fffff880`011f8000 0x0000a000 0x4a5bc0fe 13/07/2009 05:19:26 p.m. vdrvroot.sys fffff880`01000000 fffff880`0100d000 0x0000d000 0x4a5bcadb 13/07/2009 06:01:31 p.m. pci.sys fffff880`0100d000 fffff880`01040000 0x00033000 0x4ce7928f 20/11/2010 03:19:11 a.m. compbatt.sys fffff880`01055000 fffff880`0105e000 0x00009000 0x4a5bc3b6 13/07/2009 05:31:02 p.m. BATTC.SYS fffff880`0105e000 fffff880`0106a000 0x0000c000 0x4a5bc3b5 13/07/2009 05:31:01 p.m. volmgr.sys fffff880`00f20000 fffff880`00f35000 0x00015000 0x4ce792a0 20/11/2010 03:19:28 a.m. volmgrx.sys fffff880`00f35000 fffff880`00f91000 0x0005c000 0x4ce792eb 20/11/2010 03:20:43 a.m. mountmgr.sys fffff880`00f91000 fffff880`00fab000 0x0001a000 0x4ce79299 20/11/2010 03:19:21 a.m. iaStor.sys fffff880`01206000 fffff880`0135a000 0x00154000 0x4d5e9a0a 18/02/2011 10:10:50 a.m. atapi.sys fffff880`0135a000 fffff880`01363000 0x00009000 0x4a5bc113 13/07/2009 05:19:47 p.m. ataport.SYS fffff880`01363000 fffff880`0138d000 0x0002a000 0x51fef9b5 04/08/2013 07:02:45 p.m. msahci.sys fffff880`0138d000 fffff880`01398000 0x0000b000 0x4ce7a416 20/11/2010 04:33:58 a.m. PCIIDEX.SYS fffff880`01398000 fffff880`013a8000 0x00010000 0x4a5bc114 13/07/2009 05:19:48 p.m. amdxata.sys fffff880`013a8000 fffff880`013b3000 0x0000b000 0x4ba3a3ca 19/03/2010 10:18:18 a.m. fltmgr.sys fffff880`013b3000 fffff880`013ff000 0x0004c000 0x4ce7929c 20/11/2010 03:19:24 a.m. fileinfo.sys fffff880`00fab000 fffff880`00fbf000 0x00014000 0x4a5bc481 13/07/2009 05:34:25 p.m. Ntfs.sys fffff880`0144e000 fffff880`015f7000 0x001a9000 0x52e1be8a 23/01/2014 07:14:50 p.m. msrpc.sys fffff880`016b2000 fffff880`01710000 0x0005e000 0x4ce79334 20/11/2010 03:21:56 a.m. ksecdd.sys fffff880`01710000 fffff880`0172b000 0x0001b000 0x5348920e 11/04/2014 07:08:30 p.m. cng.sys fffff880`0172b000 fffff880`0179d000 0x00072000 0x50194fb7 01/08/2012 09:48:07 a.m. pcw.sys fffff880`0179d000 fffff880`017ae000 0x00011000 0x4a5bc0ff 13/07/2009 05:19:27 p.m. Fs_Rec.sys fffff880`017ae000 fffff880`017b8000 0x0000a000 0x4f4eefd2 29/02/2012 09:41:06 p.m. ndis.sys fffff880`018bc000 fffff880`019ae000 0x000f2000 0x5034f6b2 22/08/2012 09:11:46 a.m. NETIO.SYS fffff880`01800000 fffff880`01860000 0x00060000 0x5294760d 26/11/2013 04:21:01 a.m. ksecpkg.sys fffff880`01860000 fffff880`0188c000 0x0002c000 0x543c7790 13/10/2014 07:08:32 p.m. tcpip.sys fffff880`01a00000 fffff880`01bff000 0x001ff000 0x533f5bd4 04/04/2014 07:26:44 p.m. fwpkclnt.sys fffff880`019ae000 fffff880`019f7000 0x00049000 0x533f5b09 04/04/2014 07:23:21 p.m. wd.sys fffff880`019f7000 fffff880`019ff000 0x00008000 0x4a5bc11b 13/07/2009 05:19:55 p.m. volsnap.sys fffff880`01600000 fffff880`0164c000 0x0004c000 0x4ce792c8 20/11/2010 03:20:08 a.m. spldr.sys fffff880`0188c000 fffff880`01894000 0x00008000 0x4a0858bb 11/05/2009 10:56:27 a.m. speedfan.sys fffff880`01894000 fffff880`0189e000 0x0000a000 0x50df59b7 29/12/2012 02:59:35 p.m. SpeedFan SpeedFan x64 Driver X2.03.11 Almico Software C:\Windows\system32\speedfan.sys rdyboost.sys fffff880`0164c000 fffff880`01686000 0x0003a000 0x4ce7982e 20/11/2010 03:43:10 a.m. mup.sys fffff880`0189e000 fffff880`018b0000 0x00012000 0x4a5bc201 13/07/2009 05:23:45 p.m. hwpolicy.sys fffff880`018b0000 fffff880`018b9000 0x00009000 0x4ce7927e 20/11/2010 03:18:54 a.m. fvevol.sys fffff880`017b8000 fffff880`017f2000 0x0003a000 0x5100a65c 23/01/2013 09:11:24 p.m. disk.sys fffff880`01686000 fffff880`0169c000 0x00016000 0x4a5bc11d 13/07/2009 05:19:57 p.m. CLASSPNP.SYS fffff880`01400000 fffff880`01430000 0x00030000 0x4ce7929b 20/11/2010 03:19:23 a.m. cdrom.sys fffff880`03d75000 fffff300`03d9f000 0xfffffa800002a000 0x4ce79298 20/11/2010 03:19:20 a.m. Null.SYS fffff880`03d9f000 fffff300`03da8000 0xfffffa8000009000 0x4a5bc109 13/07/2009 05:19:37 p.m. Beep.SYS fffff880`03da8000 fffff87f`03daf000 0xffffffff00007000 0x4a5bca8d 13/07/2009 06:00:13 p.m. vga.sys fffff880`03daf000 fffff87f`03dbd000 0xffffffff0000e000 0x4a5bc587 13/07/2009 05:38:47 p.m. VIDEOPRT.SYS fffff880`03dbd000 fffff880`03de2000 0x00025000 0x4a5bc58b 13/07/2009 05:38:51 p.m. watchdog.sys fffff880`03de2000 fffff300`03df2000 0xfffffa8000010000 0x4a5bc53f 13/07/2009 05:37:35 p.m. RDPCDD.sys fffff880`03df2000 fffff880`03dfb000 0x00009000 0x4a5bce62 13/07/2009 06:16:34 p.m. rdpencdd.sys fffff880`03c00000 04b77d84`03c09000 0x04b7850400009000 0x4a5bce62 13/07/2009 06:16:34 p.m. rdprefmp.sys fffff880`017f2000 fffff880`017fb000 0x00009000 0x4a5bce63 13/07/2009 06:16:35 p.m. Msfs.SYS fffff880`01430000 fffff880`0143b000 0x0000b000 0x4a5bc113 13/07/2009 05:19:47 p.m. Npfs.SYS fffff880`0143b000 fffff300`0144c000 0xfffffa8000011000 0x4a5bc114 13/07/2009 05:19:48 p.m. tdx.sys fffff880`00fbf000 fffff080`00fe1000 0xfffff80000022000 0x4ce79332 20/11/2010 03:21:54 a.m. TDI.SYS fffff880`00fe1000 fffff880`00fee000 0x0000d000 0x4ce7933e 20/11/2010 03:22:06 a.m. fwtdi64.sys fffff880`00fee000 01c9fcc4`00ff9000 0x01ca04440000b000 0x54219072 23/09/2014 09:23:30 a.m. afd.sys fffff880`03ee0000 fffff300`03f69000 0xfffffa8000089000 0x5388291c 30/05/2014 12:45:48 a.m. netbt.sys fffff880`03f69000 fffff300`03fae000 0xfffffa8000045000 0x4ce79386 20/11/2010 03:23:18 a.m. wfplwf.sys fffff880`03fae000 0064f8ed`03fb7000 0x0065006d00009000 0x4a5bccb6 13/07/2009 06:09:26 p.m. pacer.sys fffff880`03fb7000 fffff300`03fdd000 0xfffffa8000026000 0x4ce7a862 20/11/2010 04:52:18 a.m. vwififlt.sys fffff880`03fdd000 fffff300`03ff3000 0xfffffa8000016000 0x4a5bcc3a 13/07/2009 06:07:22 p.m. netbios.sys fffff880`03e00000 fffff300`03e0f000 0xfffffa800000f000 0x4a5bccb6 13/07/2009 06:09:26 p.m. wanarp.sys fffff880`03e0f000 fffff300`03e2a000 0xfffffa800001b000 0x4ce7a874 20/11/2010 04:52:36 a.m. termdd.sys fffff880`03e2a000 fffff300`03e3e000 0xfffffa8000014000 0x4ce7ab0c 20/11/2010 05:03:40 a.m. rdbss.sys fffff880`03e3e000 fffff300`03e8f000 0xfffffa8000051000 0x4ce79497 20/11/2010 03:27:51 a.m. nsiproxy.sys fffff880`03e8f000 0077f8e5`03e9b000 0x007800650000c000 0x4a5bc15e 13/07/2009 05:21:02 p.m. mssmbios.sys fffff880`03e9b000 fffff880`03ea6000 0x0000b000 0x4a5bc3be 13/07/2009 05:31:10 p.m. discache.sys fffff880`03ea6000 fffff880`03eb5000 0x0000f000 0x4a5bc52e 13/07/2009 05:37:18 p.m. dfsc.sys fffff880`03eb5000 fffff300`03ed3000 0xfffffa800001e000 0x4ce79447 20/11/2010 03:26:31 a.m. blbdrive.sys fffff880`00e00000 fffff880`00e11000 0x00011000 0x4a5bc4df 13/07/2009 05:35:59 p.m. AntiLog64.sys fffff880`00e11000 0b044d83`00e31000 0x0b04550300020000 0x545b4bca 06/11/2014 04:22:02 a.m. tunnel.sys fffff880`00dc7000 fffff880`00ded000 0x00026000 0x4ce7a846 20/11/2010 04:51:50 a.m. igdkmd64.sys fffff880`04248000 fffff880`04765740 0x0051d740 0x532b0bef 20/03/2014 09:40:31 a.m. dxgkrnl.sys fffff880`02e3e000 fffff87f`02f33000 0xffffffff000f5000 0x539e411c 15/06/2014 06:58:04 p.m. dxgmms1.sys fffff880`02f33000 fffff300`02f79000 0xfffffa8000046000 0x5164dc13 09/04/2013 09:27:15 p.m. HECIx64.sys fffff880`02f79000 fffff880`02f8a000 0x00011000 0x4cbe2ad7 19/10/2010 05:33:43 p.m. usbehci.sys fffff880`02f8a000 fffff880`02f9c000 0x00012000 0x52954db7 26/11/2013 07:41:11 p.m. USBPORT.SYS fffff880`02f9c000 fffff300`02ff2000 0xfffffa8000056000 0x52954db7 26/11/2013 07:41:11 p.m. HDAudBus.sys fffff880`02e00000 002ff8d4`02e24000 0x0030005400024000 0x4ce7a65e 20/11/2010 04:43:42 a.m. L1C62x64.sys fffff880`02e24000 8d4cf87d`02e39000 0x8d4cfffd00015000 0x4d3e3e09 24/01/2011 09:05:45 p.m. athrx.sys fffff880`04cbd000 fffff880`04f50000 0x00293000 0x4ced6882 24/11/2010 01:33:22 p.m. vwifibus.sys fffff880`04f50000 005bf8cd`04f5d000 0x005c004d0000d000 0x4a5bcc39 13/07/2009 06:07:21 p.m. CmBatt.sys fffff880`04f5d000 fffff300`04f61500 0xfffffa8000004500 0x4a5bc3b7 13/07/2009 05:31:03 p.m. i8042prt.sys fffff880`04f62000 fffff880`04f80000 0x0001e000 0x4a5bc11d 13/07/2009 05:19:57 p.m. SynTP.sys fffff880`05056000 fffff880`051b9000 0x00163000 0x4d9f2a2f 08/04/2011 09:30:55 a.m. USBD.SYS fffff880`051b9000 fffff300`051bae80 0xfffffa8000001e80 0x52954daf 26/11/2013 07:41:03 p.m. mouclass.sys fffff880`051bb000 fffff300`051ca000 0xfffffa800000f000 0x4a5bc116 13/07/2009 05:19:50 p.m. kbdclass.sys fffff880`051ca000 0038f8c3`051d9000 0x003900430000f000 0x4a5bc116 13/07/2009 05:19:50 p.m. avo3f3ax.SYS fffff880`05000000 fffff300`05051000 0xfffffa8000051000 0x522f24fc 10/09/2013 07:56:12 a.m. SCSIPORT.SYS fffff880`04f80000 fffff300`04faf000 0xfffffa800002f000 0x4ce7a419 20/11/2010 04:34:01 a.m. intelppm.sys fffff880`051d9000 0073f8ee`051ef000 0x0074006e00016000 0x4a5bc0fd 13/07/2009 05:19:25 p.m. CompositeBus.sys fffff880`051ef000 005ef8ad`051ff000 0x005f002d00010000 0x4ce7a3ed 20/11/2010 04:33:17 a.m. AgileVpn.sys fffff880`04faf000 206c5ccd`04fc5000 0x206c644d00016000 0x4a5bccf0 13/07/2009 06:10:24 p.m. rasl2tp.sys fffff880`04fc5000 fffff300`04fe9000 0xfffffa8000024000 0x4ce7a872 20/11/2010 04:52:34 a.m. ndistapi.sys fffff880`04fe9000 fffff300`04ff5000 0xfffffa800000c000 0x4a5bccd8 13/07/2009 06:10:00 p.m. ndiswan.sys fffff880`04c00000 fffff300`04c2f000 0xfffffa800002f000 0x4ce7a870 20/11/2010 04:52:32 a.m. raspppoe.sys fffff880`04c2f000 644d65f3`04c4a000 0x644d6d730001b000 0x4a5bcce9 13/07/2009 06:10:17 p.m. raspptp.sys fffff880`04c4a000 fffff880`04c6b000 0x00021000 0x4ce7a86f 20/11/2010 04:52:31 a.m. rassstp.sys fffff880`04c6b000 fffff300`04c85000 0xfffffa800001a000 0x4a5bccf1 13/07/2009 06:10:25 p.m. fwndis64.sys fffff880`04c85000 fffff300`04c8f000 0xfffffa800000a000 0x5421907a 23/09/2014 09:23:38 a.m. swenum.sys fffff880`05051000 67726cd3`05052480 0x6772745300001480 0x4a5bca92 13/07/2009 06:00:18 p.m. ks.sys fffff880`04766000 206459d6`047a9000 0x2064615600043000 0x4ce7a3f3 20/11/2010 04:33:23 a.m. umbus.sys fffff880`04c8f000 67726cd3`04ca1000 0x6772745300012000 0x4ce7a695 20/11/2010 04:44:37 a.m. usbhub.sys fffff880`052b8000 fffff300`05312000 0xfffffa800005a000 0x52954dd0 26/11/2013 07:41:36 p.m. NDProxy.SYS fffff880`05312000 004df8c1`05327000 0x004e004100015000 0x4ce7a864 20/11/2010 04:52:20 a.m. CHDRT64.sys fffff880`05c32000 004df8cf`05dc2000 0x004e004f00190000 0x4d78936c 10/03/2011 03:01:32 a.m. portcls.sys fffff880`05dc2000 fffff300`05dff000 0xfffffa800003d000 0x524e1b82 03/10/2013 07:36:02 p.m. drmk.sys fffff880`05c00000 644d65f3`05c22000 0x644d6d7300022000 0x524e24fe 03/10/2013 08:16:30 p.m. ksthunk.sys fffff880`05c22000 0025f8b1`05c27200 0x0026003100005200 0x4a5bca93 13/07/2009 06:00:19 p.m. crashdmp.sys fffff880`05327000 fffff880`05335000 0x0000e000 0x4a5bcabd 13/07/2009 06:01:01 p.m. dump_iaStor.sys fffff880`03c09000 fffff880`03d5d000 0x00154000 0x4d5e9a0a 18/02/2011 10:10:50 a.m. dump_dumpfve.sys fffff880`05335000 fffff880`05348000 0x00013000 0x4a5bc18f 13/07/2009 05:21:51 p.m. win32k.sys fffff960`00070000 fffff960`00392000 0x00322000 0x54372ef1 09/10/2014 06:57:21 p.m. Dxapi.sys fffff880`05348000 fffff300`05354000 0xfffffa800000c000 0x4a5bc574 13/07/2009 05:38:28 p.m. usbccgp.sys fffff880`05354000 fffff300`05371000 0xfffffa800001d000 0x52954dbb 26/11/2013 07:41:15 p.m. vm332avs.sys fffff880`05371000 fffff880`053a8b80 0x00037b80 0x4cc01061 21/10/2010 04:05:21 a.m. STREAM.SYS fffff880`053a9000 fffff880`053b9d00 0x00010d00 0x4a5bcbfa 13/07/2009 06:06:18 p.m. vm2uvcflt.sys fffff880`05c28000 0035f8b8`05c2a080 0x0036003800002080 0x4c6904d0 16/08/2010 03:28:48 a.m. monitor.sys fffff880`053ba000 fffff880`053c8000 0x0000e000 0x4a5bc58c 13/07/2009 05:38:52 p.m. TSDDD.dll fffff960`00460000 fffff3e0`0046a000 0xfffffa800000a000 0x4a5bce62 13/07/2009 06:16:34 p.m. cdd.dll fffff960`007b0000 fffff3e0`007d7000 0xfffffa8000027000 0x4d4a90a5 03/02/2011 05:25:25 a.m. ATMFD.DLL fffff960`00960000 fffff3e0`009c1000 0xfffffa8000061000 0x51b0026d 05/06/2013 09:30:53 p.m. Adobe Type Manager Windows NT OpenType/Type 1 Font Driver 5.1 Build 238 Adobe Systems Incorporated C:\Windows\system32\ATMFD.DLL luafv.sys fffff880`053c8000 fffff300`053eb000 0xfffffa8000023000 0x4a5bc295 13/07/2009 05:26:13 p.m. WudfPf.sys fffff880`05200000 fffff300`05219000 0xfffffa8000019000 0x5010aae5 25/07/2012 08:26:45 p.m. lltdio.sys fffff880`05219000 fffff300`0522e000 0xfffffa8000015000 0x4a5bcc92 13/07/2009 06:08:50 p.m. nwifi.sys fffff880`0522e000 fffff880`05281000 0x00053000 0x4a5bcc3b 13/07/2009 06:07:23 p.m. ndisuio.sys fffff880`05281000 002ff8d4`05294000 0x0030005400013000 0x4ce7a7e0 20/11/2010 04:50:08 a.m. rspndr.sys fffff880`05294000 fffff880`052ac000 0x00018000 0x4a5bcc92 13/07/2009 06:08:50 p.m. HTTP.sys fffff880`036f1000 644d65f3`037ba000 0x644d6d73000c9000 0x4ce793ce 20/11/2010 03:24:30 a.m. bowser.sys fffff880`037ba000 fffff300`037d8000 0xfffffa800001e000 0x4d649328 22/02/2011 10:55:04 p.m. mpsdrv.sys fffff880`037d8000 0000007f`037f0000 0x000007ff00018000 0x4a5bcc79 13/07/2009 06:08:25 p.m. mrxsmb.sys fffff880`03600000 fffff880`0362d000 0x0002d000 0x4db78226 26/04/2011 08:40:38 p.m. mrxsmb10.sys fffff880`0362d000 01cbf171`0367b000 0x01cbf8f10004e000 0x4e17c104 08/07/2011 08:46:28 p.m. mrxsmb20.sys fffff880`0367b000 0040f8cd`0369f000 0x0041004d00024000 0x4db781e9 26/04/2011 08:39:37 p.m. peauth.sys fffff880`05a35000 fffff300`05adb000 0xfffffa80000a6000 0x4a5bd8df 13/07/2009 07:01:19 p.m. secdrv.SYS fffff880`05adb000 fffff880`05ae6000 0x0000b000 0x4508052e 13/09/2006 07:18:38 a.m. srvnet.sys fffff880`05ae6000 fffff880`05b17000 0x00031000 0x4dba2aff 28/04/2011 09:05:35 p.m. srv2.sys fffff880`05b29000 fffff880`05b92000 0x00069000 0x4dba2b0a 28/04/2011 09:05:46 p.m. srv.sys fffff880`06ece000 fffff880`06f66000 0x00098000 0x4dba2b1e 28/04/2011 09:06:06 p.m. cleanhlp64.sys fffff880`06f66000 fffff880`06f77000 0x00011000 0x52495785 30/09/2013 04:50:45 a.m. a2accx64.sys fffff880`06f77000 fffff300`06f8c000 0xfffffa8000015000 0x536c7e7e 09/05/2014 01:06:38 a.m. a2util64.sys fffff880`06f8c000 fffff300`06f96000 0xfffffa800000a000 0x537059be 11/05/2014 11:18:54 p.m. a2dix64.sys fffff880`06f96000 0f0f078f`06fa5000 0x0f0f0f0f0000f000 0x5221c6af 31/08/2013 04:34:23 a.m. spsys.sys fffff880`06e00000 0066f8ef`06e71000 0x0067006f00071000 0x4a085e7a 11/05/2009 11:20:58 a.m. I hope my windows system are ok and wait for your help Minidumps.7z
  11. Hi again but i must tell you i am very happy whith emsi i dont see eureka log crash only one time and never happen again in clean windows install. Now i have a cuestions to you because i am software reviewer from hispasoftware.com an i want to wirte some of emsisoft 1.- I never ask this to another providor but what happen if i download emsi in heavy infected system? the emsi installer corrupts? 2.- If emsi runs in heavy infected systems can remove infections? (I know i can go to support) 3.- Why you dont have a booteable mode like bitdefender or resque cds like kaspersky, do you think its not necesary? why? 4.- What mens direct disk acces ¿What it does in custom analisis and why is slower agressive and better than normal scan? 5.- What criteria have paranoid mode to block something or send alerts? 6.- In paranoid mode more alerts means more protection? 7.-What will happen if i stay whith windows 7 when updates stops to relese? i will be insecure? 8.- is better to use a limited user account? 10.- I send you various files from the cuarintine as a false positives and infections and never recive answer why? 11.- Maybe that cuestion are .... but what happen whith compresed files, it means a risk if they have malware include if i dont execute or extract? what happen whith viruses downloaded who not are executed? 12.- One important one cuestion what happen if i have virus and have a suspect behavior in my machine emsi detects it and block and i can desinfect latter? or behavior shield dont detect nothing in that escenary?. And behavior shield protects the same one moth ago than now are the same equal or not? i have understand it dont requiere updates. 13.- I see a litle problem i have outlook mail client and download a malicious mail and emsi deletes but dont prevent it download incluse in maximum security seetings, and when emsi deletes it the malicious mail redownload and i have to delete from webmail to outlook mail client dont redownload i test it in windows live mail from windows live essentials 14.- As a sugestion why dont implement a virtualizartion feature. Emsi are very compatible whith sandboxie but i like to have one software and not two security soft 15 As a second suggestion why dont make emsi more colorful i mean green and red marks on safe or unsafe sites and a special color for banking mode 16.- What happen in dual boots? if on ubuntu catch something it affects windows? is preferible use only win and ubuntu on vm? 17.- What happen whith emsisoft usb stick it can desinfects include when emsisoft dont? how it works? what are the diference? i like to collect usbs from av companies but what advantajes and features gives that stick if i have the EIS. Sorry for too many cuestions but i like to ask for my review i dont ask privacy policy, data base reduction, i know how works dual motor and for my is a great product i will take notes from all my post to you see my review and i like to publish here. Thank you and good bless you..
  12. Hi I decide format my pc and install emsi in a clean windows system and download the emsisoft internet security most recent installer and I see a little bug I see the security center don’t detect it are active but I test all modules (Firewall, Web shield, Behavior and Antivirus) and all work well. That bug appears after the update you sayd me 9.0.04519 I only report to correct it as soon possible. I like emsi as a new product and a new costumer and be rewarded by the company for a bug in licence center. I only want to help and be secure and peace on mind emsi works well. I turn off all protection and then turn on and Windows Action Center turn back to normal. Other solution is activate it from windows action center I never have Eureka issue and i see it happen affter the update mentioned above. I dont think we have to wait one year for one correction please correct it. I trust on you. sorry What mean ETA?
  13. Logs.7z I want to know if Emsisoft Internet Security 9 can work alng side hitman pro mbam free and gdata keyboard guard (The tool to prevent Bad usb vulnerability) I use too Cibergosth VPN Now i send you my debug logs I only want to know if Emsi are working good i dont see issues but want you see my logs. Thanks Aditionaly i want to know what that means? It only appears one time Forgot to say When i collect logs going to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Emsisoft I see two folders Logs and Reports. May i cuestion thats are the only folders must have in that location? some times i worry to delete something by mistake when copy paste. Sorry for too many edits and the windows trust center report in spanish but my sistem are in spanish Descripción Ruta de acceso de la aplicación con errores: C:\PROGRAM FILES\EMSISOFT INTERNET SECURITY\a2start.exe Firma del problema Nombre de evento de problema: BEX Nombre de la aplicación: a2start.exe Versión de la aplicación: Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 540d86cf Nombre del módulo con errores: StackHash_2264 Versión del módulo con errores: Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 00000000 Desplazamiento de excepción: c000014b Código de excepción: c0000005 Datos de excepción: 00000008 Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601. Id. de configuración regional: 2058 Información adicional 1: 2264 Información adicional 2: 2264db07e74365624c50317d7b856ae9 Información adicional 3: 875f Información adicional 4: 875fa2ef9d2bdca96466e8af55d1ae6e Información adicional sobre el problema Id. de depósito: 112063778
  14. How can i remove adwarecleaner and FRT from my system i dont like to have here on my pc
  15. Hi i see a post where says what folders have to add to exclusions. I know are program files emsisoft and program data emsisoft but now shadow defender can add registry keys to exclusions. What registry keys and exactly folders have to add to exclusions to stay ever in shadow mode whithout afect emsisoft internet security?
  16. And you dont see traces of better installer key product finder who i install before reinstall windows with a system image?
  17. Hi Bro I show you the logs and affter run this tools Emsisoft IS tray icon disspear and i reinstall it again and detect that 2 things Am I in risk? By other side i dont see D:\Programas\DTLite4491-0356.exe on my computer i think emsisoft deletes it before And Finally I deleted the registry keys detected by emsisoft
  18. Excuse the bad english i try to explain easily. 1.- I install EIS and it block a program who i use to recover my windows 7 product key because my sticker (Calcomany) (calcomania=spanish) are damanged. 2.- The program seem suspicius and install a lot of things on my computer like youtube acelerator and another things 3.- I have 3 partitions C D and E i save and run the program from D Where are my data and before run suspicius program I put drive C: on shadow mode (I have shadow defender) and send the suspicious file to quarintine and delete it. 4.- I recovery windows whith system image before infection and use ccleaner to erase free space whith gutman 37 pass, dont delete registry keys or another thing only overwirte free space to elude trace of malware. 5.- I ran EIS whith acces to disk full scan and dont find nothing only a FP of daemon tools installer whith no risk, i send to quarintne and delete. 6.- I ran Malwarebytes and dont detect nothing only another fp of Photo Scape 7 Here are the logs of EIS full scan and Farstone, I dont know if have to run Emsisoft Emergency Kit. I can download and run but i dont run it because i have EIS and I think restore system whith system image on E: Drive reduces the posibility of infection 8.- Only want peace on mind and help before create a new system image because in the university gives me a licence of Win 7 pro and i have home basic. Plase Help and check my logs and tell me if i have to worry. Because i want to have a clean system image to restore when i want
  19. Please close this topic i stay whith Emsisoft IS and dont switch to security pack because my mother finds EIS more easy than the pack Thank you Cristian
  20. Chris dont know what time is it but i send you a mensaje you can proced to switch EIS to EIS security pack
  21. Hello Cristian I dont know if are more quick talk to you 1I buy Emsisoft Antimalware and upgrade to Emsisoft Internet security 2I hear behavior shield dont pass some test who online armor yes 3 Want to know if i can switch to internet security pack and then when a new version of internet security was relesed can switch again i have more than 700 days of licence 4 Want to know if internet security pack was be discontinued or sustitute for Internet security I want the better protection and Thomas and Arthur From mail support tells me The pack was better because pass some test who internet security dont I wait your answer If i can reswitch to internet security when a new version was relesed or in one year please tell me and help me to switch to pack Thank you Sorry Bad English
  22. I understand Behavior blocker are a replacement of hips I have now Internet Security but because the advanced features of online armor I plain to changue my licence if its posible, but you say not are diference in the protection status or level, its only a graphic interface and one function who substitutes another. Am I rigth?, If that the case i stay whith internet security thanks for your answer and hope you answer again, my english is not good and always have to explain me one and another time jeje
  23. I understand thank you i think that was the answer i want, not are usseful if are out to date thanks you can close the topic bro
  24. Hy I decide to upgrade to Emsisoft Internet Security but i see it dont have HIPS, and want to ask you if the security who brings internet security are equivalent to internet security pack (antimalware and online armor premium), I want the better security and if is need for that can i changue my licence for 717 days of internet security for internet security pack? Who is better? I read in the forum the pack brings better security and not have plans to integrate hips on EIS 9 they say "if you want hips" use EIS Pack thank you again for your quick answer and for your geat service to costumer.
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