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  1. Well, I'm four or so years too late, but, my problem was same but worse. The cleaning program seemed to be ok.. What i did not like was it hostaged me. I was on a site I frequently use, somehow it said my page was not viewing properly, To upgrade my viewer, click. Then your Emisoft Emergency appeared, odd, it had nothing to do wth the viewer, so i left the page, and tried again. Back it came. I had done a cleaning, so it was not critical, and it had nothing to do with the page viiewing I continued with my work, and Emisoft came up a few unwelcome times, such right in the middle oof a critical edit.. I uninstaled it, Only to find it appear on my next boot. When i went to 'My Computer' to find it, I found that, my D Drive was now titled 'Emisoft Emergency Kit.. Any atempts to delete it, or change the icon, jepordized my entire drive, with couple hundred gigs of stored work files. I spent a considerable amount of my work timie going through all files and folders individually .. your program nestles in every nook and cranny. It can bring it self back when one thinks itis gone. However, I don't care so much about hat. I wany he Drive Icon back, and i can't remove yours. Your tech guy said it was not the programs's fault. Wlell, I am a very heavy user and use many different progroams. I am very familiar with such cleaning programs and this is the first time such has happened.. with any program. My only desiire is to get my HD icon back. As long as your icon remains, I am subject to it contacting your server and re establisxhing itself when I dont need it. I m not slamming the program it self. However I do think any program which forces itself on me, I tend to shy away from. Your help in getting my hard drive icon back to normal would be appreciated. This machine is using xp pro. So far, it has not appeared on my Other machines.. If it works I'd buy it.. I just want the choice. It is no secret many probrams are difficult to get rid of,and become counter productive to itis origina intnet. Thank you, Z