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  1. Would it not have been possible to simply continue to maintain the white lists for OnlineArmor? The Emsisoft database will doubtless continue to be maintained. What you have done is to disconnect a lot of people who might or might not have gone on to contribute revenue to Emsisoft. This enlightened decision will detach almost all of those people from Emsisoft. The painful fact for us all is that OnlineArmor is the simplest most effective defence ever for many non-tech users. Once it is installed, it requires almost no effort and expertise to use thanks to the excellent white list drive
  2. One big plus with OnlineArmor for Windows XP users is the SafeRun feature. Unfortunately, when software is automatically updated, such as Mozilla Firefox, the new version is no longer forced to run as 'User'. This means that users are blissfully unaware that the application is not proteced by SafeRun. Of course, when the user becomes aware of this, he/she can go into program settings in OnlineArmor and restore SafeRun for the affected application. As a fall-back, I use DropMyRights but the default web browser may be invoked other than through DropMyRights. Shame that OnlineArmor
  3. It seems that you can't keep AdobeARM.exe quiet. I disabled the autorun and, blow me down, back it pops. If ever there was a better case for using SumatraPDF, I didn't know one this afternoon. Problem solved but I would rather not have needed to send Adobe Reader for an early bath (written in fond memory of the late Eddie Waring).
  4. Thanks. I did as suggested. Since the behaviour seems to have developed since the Adobe Reader update to 11.0.10 on Patch Tuesday, I guess that Emsisoft might not yet have caught up with the changed executable. I will try re-enabling autorun for AdobeARM.exe in a few days time to find out.
  5. After Adobe Reader was updated to version 11.0.10, OnlineArmor now queries the autorunning of AdobeARM.exe after each system startup (Windows 7). The autorun entry table shows AdobeARM.exe as trusted but fails to remember this at the subsequent startup.
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